11 Winter Wedding Details From Etsy

Baby, it's cold outside!

Updated 11/15/18
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Sure, everyone may want to tie the knot in the spring and summer, but there are many perks to having a winter wedding date. First, they're usually more budget-friendly since less brides are clamoring to marry during the colder months. Plus, guests won't likely have to choose between your celebration and another wedding invite. But chief among them are the unique style details that work best for wintry nuptials!

These pretty details are the perfect way to transform your wedding into a winter wonderland without making your reception feel like a holiday party. The trick to making winter details feel formal and refined is to use them wisely and sparingly. Pick and choose the ideas the work best in your space and don't feel required to transform every wedding detail into something seasonal.

Some of our favorite ways to add a hint of the festive season to your big day include evergreens, hints of metallics (without going overboard), and cozy knits. From favors and escort cards to centerpieces and ceremony decor, there are endless ways to highlight your holiday-esque wedding date. Consider vintage ornament escort cards that double as favors or a signature drink in a fun mug (think: spiked hot cider or a make-your-own hot chocolate bar). Looking for something more statement making? Also, using translucent materials in unexpected ways—like vellum or lucite for escort cards and menus—feels icy and wintery without being overtly holiday. Similarly, a gorgeous display of lush wreaths will drive your winter theme home but still look tasteful.

Don't know where to start? We've got you covered! We've found 11 of our favorite winter wedding products from Etsy to help you get going.

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Acrylic Place Cards

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Using acrylic or lucite touches in your decor adds that icy texture that is a subtle nod to winter without being too overt. Especially in geometric shapes like these place cards—it's essentially the shape that a snowflake would be without being an actual snowflake.

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Velvet Guest Book

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Velvet is a material oft associated with winter, which makes it a perfect fabric choice not only for bridesmaid dresses, but for extras like the guest book! Almost any color of velvet will do, but we like this pretty taupe shade.

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Rose Quartz Cake Stand

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Who says a cake stand has to be round? The shade and vibe of this rose quartz has that icy feel we were talking about before, and we love the organic shape that still feels modern. Repurpose it later for perfumes on your vanity or a cheese platter for when guests come over!

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Vellum Menus

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Vellim is another material that gives that icy/frosted look that we think is a perfectly modern way of punctuating a winter wedding. And you don't have to stick with just white! Any pastel color works and will still give that frosty effect.

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Gold Photo Booth Backdrop

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It doesn't get more festive than gold foil! This shimmery, playful backdrop is perfect for your winter wedding photo booth!

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Crystal Crown

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If you're a modern bride who craves a little drama, then this crystal headpiece is perfect. The shape of the individual wire mixed with the beads give the illusion of sparkly, abstract snowflakes.

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Evergreen Matches Favors

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Matches are a perfect favor—they're compact and useful and you can get super pretty designs without breaking the bank! These feel wintery and modern and come in a ton of colors.

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Faceted Glasses

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In lieu of traditional toasting glasses, consider these modern stemless wine glasses—again, their faceted, geometric shape mimics the feel of a piece of ice.

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Poppy Crown

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If you feel in your bones that you're in need of a flower crown and aren't sure what feel seasonally appropriate, this crown made of poppies and berries is perfect.

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Modern Wreath

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Wreaths are the perfect touch to add that wintery/seasonal touch without feeling too overtly holiday. We love this modern version of a wreath with asymmetrical greenery on a gold hoop.

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