12 Reasons Why It Rocks to Be a December Bride

bride and groom at winter wedding in jackets

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When you're newly engaged and contemplating what month to have your wedding, let's face it, December isn't exactly the first month that comes to mind. December generally means holidays and celebrations and food and family time—not necessarily wedding dates. But if you love all of the things that make this month so special, that's precisely why you should seriously consider getting married in December.

For starters, if he proposes around the holidays, having a December wedding date means you'll have 12 months for wedding planning—an ideal timeline—and you can start checking out venues stat!

Keep reading for more great reasons to be a December bride.

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Venues Are (Already) Decked out to the Nines

bride and groom kissing in front of lights

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Strands of lights; fresh (or faux) seasonal greenery; bows, ribbons, candles, and more—many venues are dressed in their holiday finest during the month of December, which makes for great photo ops!

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Décor Decisions Are so Much Easier

Christmas ribbon escort cards on holiday tree

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If the venue is already decorated for the holidays, that's one less thing December brides have to think about. Resourceful DIY brides can utilize on-site décor in creative ways—we love the idea of tying strands of ribbon with names and table assignments onto a decked-out tree!

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Your Colors Are a No-Brainer

Christmas wedding tablescape

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Red, green, gold, silver, blue, white—the holidays have a distinctive color palette. December brides most definitely take cues from the season when deciding on invitations, bridesmaids dresses, tabletop decor, and flowers, of course.

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Finding Inspo for Your Playlist Is Easy

wedding guests dancing at reception

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Naturally, December brides embrace the sounds of the season, which give the reception a festive feel. Looking for ideas? Spotify has dozens of holiday music channels to explore; we like the idea of instrumental or jazzy renditions of the classics, which are perfect for such an elegant occasion as your wedding reception.

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...Ditto for Your Guest Favors

champagne wedding favors

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Keepsake ornaments, holiday sweets, mulling spices, splits of Champagne—when it comes to guest favors, December brides take their cues from what they love about the holidays. In the spirit of the season, brides may decide to make a donation to a charitable organization, in lieu of spending funds on favors. The bottom line: When it comes from the heart, guests are sure to love it.

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Because a Cozy Cover-Up Is Just so Right

winter bride and groom in warm clothing

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Whether the wedding is in Florida or Philadelphia, every December bride needs something cozy to wrap around her shoulders. Real or faux fur; cable knit or hand-knit; a shrug, a shawl, a caplet or full-on coat—it's all about personal style and what looks best with the dress. An added bonus: This special garment will keep you warm and cozy for many years to come.

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Photo Ops in Winter Wonderland

winter bride and groom in snow outside

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December brides in cold-weather climates aren't worried about the possibility of snow—in fact, they're hoping for it! What better excuse to ditch the heels for a bit, slip into some comfy boots, and cuddle up with your spouse for a quiet, intimate moment surrounded by jaw-droppingly gorgeous scenery?

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Or, Hit the Beach, If You Can

bride and groom on the beach kissing

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For December brides lucky enough to live in a sunny climate—or are in some gorgeous, warm-weather location for their destination wedding—a photo session on the beach is an absolute must! While beach and tropical weddings tend towards light and bright colors, there's no reason why you couldn't have some holly or evergreen sprigs in your bouquet, or place poinsettias around your ceremony structure, in a nod to the season.

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Your Guests Are Already in a Great Mood

wedding guests toasting champagne flutes

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As far as calendar months go, December is a joyful month, marked by social outings, quality time spent with loved ones, and some of the best eating of the year. December brides have it easy as generally, wedding guests will arrive in good spirits and in the mood to celebrate—and that's before the first glass of bubbly has even been poured.

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Holiday-Themed Photo Booth Pics

bride and groom in photo booth

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Santa suits, ropes of garland, New Year's Eve accessories—December brides have no shortage of possible props for their photo booth. Keep it simple with a backdrop of metallic fringe, or create a more elaborate setup (holiday mall décor, anyone?) for added silliness.

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Three Words: New Year's Eve

Bride and groom celebrate New Years Eve wedding with guests

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What could be better than ushering in the New Year surrounded by your nearest and dearest? While New Year's Eve weddings do come with added costs due to the high demand for vendors (and venues) that night, there's something undeniably special—and memorable—about a New Year's Eve wedding.

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Three Last Words: The Best Anniversaries

bride and groom Christmas ornament

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For December brides, the chance to celebrate your wedding anniversary during the holidays makes the whole feeling of the season that much more special. Plus, with the extra days off around the holidays, it's the perfect month for planning anniversary getaways—sun and sand, snow and slopes, or a weekend city escape, you've got options.

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