Where You Should Honeymoon in 2020 According to Your Zodiac Sign

It was written in the stars

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Why follow travel trends when you should be following the stars (and your heart) when organizing one of the most meaningful trips of your life? When it comes to honeymoon destinations, narrowing down the list of possibilities to “the one” is a daunting task, so we tapped astrologist Miz Chartreuse of the Venus Academy to help decode the planetary alignment and lead you in the right direction. Whether it’s a tropical island in the middle of nowhere that’s calling your name or an urban escape fit for lovebirds, don’t even think about booking those flights before reading your honeymoon ’scope.

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“This year is all about the adventure, Aries, and a destination wedding would be smart so that you’re already abroad for the honeymoon ahead. Think international with a touch of learning, to activate your higher mind and expand your horizons.”

Prepare to live La Dolce Vita in Roma, where you can do Lady and the Tramp with big bowls of homemade pasta for two, make joint wishes at the Trevi Love Fountain, and tour the Spanish Steps hand in hand. When you’re ready to be swept off your feet (again), check into the legendary Hotel Eden. They boast unbeatable sunset views over the eternal city after a 17-month restoration and a partnership with Imago Artis, an elite Italian tour operator that creates custom itineraries catering to twosomes.

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“A great honeymoon for Taurus is one that shakes up the monotony of your usual stomping grounds. You’ll still want to be connected to Mother Earth, so think green—perhaps a rain forest setting or a jungle excursion.”

Venture beyond your comfort zone in Peru, where you can literally take your marriage to new heights with Mountain Lodges of Peru’s excursion offering. Choose from a seven-day lodge-to-lodge Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu along the historic Inca trail or à la carte activities in the Sacred Valley and Lares Adventure, and take advantage of 1:1 jacuzzi moments in swanky digs when you want to be alone.

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Pierre Monetta

“Your romance sector is illuminated by Jupiter and the land of love will entice your natural desire for twinning.”

Paris is up for the task when it comes to providing newlyweds with everything they need for an unforgettable getaway, and your new life should begin in an over-the-top honeymoon suite at five-star Le Meurice or Plaza Athénée. Treat yourselves to long leisurely lunches with plenty of vino and stolen kisses, stroll along the river Seine, and roam the manicured gardens of Versailles before sauntering over to the Eiffel Tower for a mandatory photo underneath the twinkling lights. Afterwards you can retire to your quarters until the morning croissants arrive.

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“Health and inner peace come to the forefront for you, so a meditative remote villa will offer you an opportunity to cultivate a new feeling of home with your honey.”

Costa Rica is teeming with exotic flora and fauna, so blending into your natural surroundings comes easy at Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas, as does living la pura vida (the pure life). The sustainable 39-room boutique hotel near Tamarindo Beach has it all: organic dining, a wellness-focused outdoor spa, complimentary yoga and fitness classes, and plenty of opportunities to mingle with the locals...monkeys.

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“Your natural courage is calling for your creativity. Seek out a city that offers color, culture, and party vibes to bring you and your partner all the spice of life.”

Call Cartagena home (until you return to yours) and fill your days sampling delicious Colombian cuisine, shopping for one-of-a-kind artisan treasures, breathing in the Magic City’s fragrant flowers, and stopping to admire the vibrancy of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. As for where to stay, you’ll fall even more in love at the Sofitel Legend Santa Clara inside the walled city and at the Conrad Cartagena, a beachside oasis 25 minutes from downtown.

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“Feelings of emotionality, home, and family are highlighted, and any place that offers a great view of the moon with water will attract your soul.”

Phuket, Thailand, it is! Thrill seekers will relish the endless list of adrenaline-fueled options here, but when you crave a bit of downtime with bae, your private villa awaits at the Racha. And if you really want to go all out, request the Lighthouse—a separate five-story pool retreat with 360-degree views of Batok Bay from the observation tower.

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“Your communicative and social realms are calling for activation this year, and a locale where you’ll get your sun, but also opulence and the high life in a domestic setting is preferred.”

Head to Napa Valley for a taste of the finer things in life vineyard hopping at Realm Cellars, PlumpJack Winery, and Odette Estate, where you can compare viticulture notes and say cheers to your future together. Auberge sister resorts Solage and Calistoga Ranch are tops as far as the area’s most stunning properties are concerned and their honeymoon packages will surely pique your intrigue when planning a few days of undisturbed R&R.

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Michael Kleinberg

“You’ve taken the plunge, now it’s time to honor your values. Think about visiting a less-popular island of Hawaii and chasing waterfalls. Being attuned to the earth and keeping it simple and serene will remind you of your inherent power and all the planet has to provide.”

Oahu with its white sandy shores and bountiful wildlife is a no brainer for Scorpio. Swap event planners and in-laws for bird sanctuaries and off-the-beaten-path beaches, and when you’re ready to be behind closed doors, look no further than Alohilani Resort for their 280,000 gallon Oceanarium, VIP pool deck cabanas, and tranquil rooms that really support that whole Mr. and Mrs. lifestyle.

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“This year is highlighting the truth of who you are, and that is somebody who loves fun and freedom.”

A cruise with multiple Caribbean island ports of call and various adventurous excursions will reflect your global perspective and honor your appreciation for multiculturalism. Book Princess Cruises to snorkel the Eastern Caribbean islands of St. Kitts, Antigua, or St. Thomas; discover mysterious Mayan ruins in the Western Caribbean; or spend a few days in unspoiled Bonaire and Curaçao in the Southern Caribbean.

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“You’re one to work hard in your daily life, so the ultimate honeymoon for you is something that awakens your spiritual side. Take some time to nurture your soul and set the proper foundation for wedded bliss.”

Why not India for an occasion that calls for a little Eat Pray Love? Ancient temples, palaces to marvel at, and souks and bazaars made for sourcing spices and odds and ends for your new casa all make this magical country come alive when experienced with your true soulmate. Embark on a Tastes of India Trip with award-winning adventure travel company Wild Frontiers, on which you will get to know Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, and Hyderabad through food tours, cooking classes with acclaimed chefs, and high teas.

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“Community and connection are highlighted for Aquarians this year, and you can set the tone for your marriage by being out in the world with others.”

There’s no place like Ibiza, with its magnetic energy, music festivals, and toes in the sand soirées; and hotels like ME Ibiza, Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, and Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel are at the center of the action. Expect to see international DJs galore, cascading infinity pool parties that go all day (and night)—and bottle service prices that will definitely make a dent in the honeyfund so go prepared. #YOLO

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“A honeymoon with a semblance of structure can set a nice adventure for someone who lives life largely in flow.”

Tokyo is an ideal honeymoon getaway where you can find yourself immersed in a new world with a bevy of technological landmarks to witness as a pair. The fresh seafood offerings from the waterside speak to your Piscean nature, and the futuristic city dazzles your naturally imaginative mind. As for where to stay, Palace Hotel Tokyo and Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo will proudly serve as honeymoon HQ.

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