10 Wellness Registry Items You Need Right Now

Make sure you have these on hand to feel healthy and energized

Updated 03/14/18
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We all know the importance of taking care of ourselves with healthy food, exercise, and and some major doses of self care. Keeping healthy in mind, body and spirit is essential to combat both wedding planning drama and the everyday stresses of life together after the big day. But it's all too easy to get caught up in our busy lives and get overwhelmed. So why not set yourself up for success and register for some healthy-living gear? You may think your fiancé is not the relax-at-the-spa type, but you may be surprised—we all need a little TLC every now and then. And when you take that spa vibe into your home, you may never want to leave again.

Here are our 10 favorite products to bring wellness into your life.

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Moon Juice

Adaptogens and mushrooms are all the rage right now. These plant based supplements from Moon Juice—the LA shop with a cult following—can be mixed into almond milk, smoothies or water and are designed for every activity, including anything from an energy boost for sex to brain support for a high-stress moment at work.

Moon Juice Full Moon Collection, $180, available at Moon Juice.

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Cap Beauty

The practice of dry brushing is great for increasing circulation, which helps to eliminate cellulite and toxins. The handmade, natural look of this brush makes it a pretty addition to hang on a bathroom wall.

Dry brush, $40, Cap Beauty.

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ABC Home

Organic buckwheat is mixed with fragrant lavender and chamomile flowers in these ultra-soft, washed linen bags. Get one for each of you for the perfect at-home spa moment—it's just what you need after a long day of work.

Bodha linen eye pillows, $38, available at ABC Home.

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This sleek machine removes a crazy amount of allergens and pollutants from your living space, and doubles as a cooling fan for hot summer days.

Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Fan, $350, Dyson.

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Gravity Blankets

This blanket uses gentle weight (just like being swaddled as a baby!) to help soothe and increase serotonin and melatonin levels, guaranteeing restful sleep.

Gravity blanket, $249, Gravity Blankets

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This is a splurge for sure, but this luxe incense burner also doubles gorgeous objet d'art for your coffee table or bookshelf. Bonus: Rose quartz is a stone that represents love (what could be more perfect to add to your registry?).

Cinnamon Projects Rose Quartz Burner and Incense set, $295, available at Goop.

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Bring in relaxing (or energizing!) scents into any space with this sleek essential oil diffuser (which also happens to be one of our favorite Registry Awards winners for 2017).

Vitruvi White Stone Diffuser, $119, Vitruvi.

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These pretty pastel sheets are made of washed 100% organic cotton (which happens to also be Fair-Trade certified), making them both super-soft and feel-good for the planet.

Organic Crinkled Percale Sheets, $148 and up, Coyuchi.

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If you're a yoga-loving couple, you'll adore these high-tech (and colorful!) mats. Made of plush, biodegradable natural rubber, this mat is better for both your body and the earth.

Eko Yoga Mat, $92, Manduka.

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Instead of a jarring alarm, this modern lamp simulates the rhythms of nature (both sunrise and sunset) with a gradual progression of light. Turn on one of the soothing nature sounds and you'll be starting the day off relaxed and rejuvenated.

Philips Wake up Light, $98, available at Amazon.

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