45 Creative Wedding Welcome Signs

Make a big first impression on your special day with these creative wedding welcome signs

Wedding welcome sign

Jess Jackson Photography 

When you're putting together the details of your big day, one of the things you can start with is the first piece of décor your guests will see: your wedding welcome sign. And there are a variety to choose from.

Couples looking for an easy and inexpensive DIY project will love the classic look of monogrammed chalkboard easels. If you're throwing a seaside bash, go for calligraphed pieces of driftwood. You can also adorn a sign with colorful, blooming florals for a festive summer wedding, or hang eucalyptus garlands for a bohemian affair. While city-based couples can opt for sleek graphics and cool typography for a modern twist.

And these welcome signs aren't just for show, they also provide an important service for your guests. Many couples use them as a master itinerary—from displaying times for the evening's cocktail hour to serving as a map to direct guests to the next stop of the night. Couples who want to see their Instagram feed flooded with their wedding photos should remember to write their wedding hashtag on the sign so guests can be sure to use it while sharing all of those candid moments.

Meet the Expert

Guerdy Abraira is an event stylist and the founder of Guerdy Design.

They also offer a taste of what your guests can expect from your wedding, as Guerdy Abraira, event stylist and founder of Guerdy Design explains. "Welcome signs have been recognized as a key element to introducing a theme or tone to the event," she says. "It's an identity mark that helps to set the 'mood.'" Along those same lines, Abraira adds that it's important to tell a complete design story. "So ensuring that the font, color scheme, or overall design matches other printables would be the best bet so that it is cohesive with other wedding tokens," she says.

No matter what your theme is, we found a sign to complement your wedding's overall vibe and style. Scroll through our roundup of 45 creative wedding welcome signs to get inspired.

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Drift Away

Brandon Kidd Photography

This rustic driftwood sign gives us all of the seaside feels.

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Bridal Party Intro


Instead of having a program, highlight your wedding party on your welcome sign. It's serviceable and looks cute.

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Chalkboard Poetry

Chalkboard eisel

onelove photography

We love how the pink blooms give a fresh burst of color to this chalkboard sign, while the gold frame complements the romantic vibe perfectly.

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Youthful Love

Engraved wood plank

Mariel Hannah Photography

The doodle-like writing engraved into the wooden planks reminds us of scratching our first love's initials into our classroom desks. How cute.

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Paper Banners

Wedding welcome sign

The Nickersons

Banner signs have been making a big splash in wedding décor inspo for a while now. This sign constructed out of butcher paper is perfectly sweet and full of whimsy.

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In Full Bloom

Chalkboard sign

Jess Jackson Photography

These colorful chalked blooms and vintage easel are the perfect addition to a garden wedding.

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Directional Sign


As you welcome your guests, also let them know the rules of the day. Like, in this instance, that they should turn off their phones and cameras and live in the moment.

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Garlands of Green

Greenery adorned sign

Paige Jones Photography

The garland of greenery draped over this simple sign adds a whimsical, storybook feel.

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Shot Through the Heart

Wedding welcome sign

Well, Hello Photography

Let Cupid's arrow lead the way to your happily every after with this sweet sign.

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Industrial Gold

Wedding Welcome Sign

Paperlily Photography

This gold frame and elegant writing give a soft, romantic touch to the industrial elements. A perfect blend of masculine and feminine components.

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Laser-Cut Wood

Welcome Sign

A laser-cut sign is an unexpected twist on the typical wood version. We wouldn't recommend DIY'ing this yourself, it's a project best left to the professionals.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrored welcome sign

Joseba Sandoval Photography

Mirror signs are huge trends in wedding décor, and for good reason (swoon-worthy insta-photos, for example). We love the antique frame and garland of blooms encircling this one.

Abraira suggests placing welcome signs at the arrival area of the ceremony or the cocktail hour entrance.

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Pretty in Pink

Chalkboard sign

Mariel Hannah Photography

Who wouldn't love some pastel pink chalk font like this?

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Lovely Lucite

Lucite Wedding Sign

Frame a lucite sign with pampas grass to add a bohemian twist.

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Wedding welcome sign

Floataway Studios

This is exactly how you let that carefully crafted wedding hashtag be known.

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Rustic Elegance

Wedding sign

Loft Photography

In case you haven't realized it yet, wooden signs and garlands of greenery make for a stunning mix.

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Blue and Bold

Welcome sign

Really catch your guests' attention with this bold royal blue sign.

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Best Day Ever

Wedding welcome sign

Lauren Fair Photography

Our sentiments exactly. There's nothing wrong with letting your enthusiasm show.

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Colorful Creation

Wedding welcome sign

Christine Farah Photography

Don't be afraid to play with color, as it's a great way to make a bold impact.

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Photo Backdrop

Wedding sign

Lena Kozhina Photography

For the love of all that is Insta, we are heart-eyed over this welcome-sign-turned-photo-backdrop. You'll need to make sure guests arrive extra early for this one, lest everyone be held up snapping pics.

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Sweet and Simple

Wedding welcome sign

Lauren Fair Photography

We love the the sweet seating arrangement explanation accompanying this simple welcome sign.

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Party Signage

Party Wedding Sign

It's pretty clear what's meant to happen once you enter this room. The waterfall of balloons are a great complement.

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Fairytale Romance

Wedding welcome sign

Larissa Cleveland Photography

This simple wooden sign framed by a garland of baby's breath is the stuff of fairytales.

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Antiqued Mirror

Welcome Mirror

To recreate this vintage-inspired welcome sign, simply write out your message with a marker (freehand or with a stencil) on an antique mirror.

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Small but Mighty

Wedding welcome sign

Natalie Franke Photography

This small sign gets the job done without competing with the stunning, oceanfront vista.

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Whimsical Eucalyptus

Whimsical Wedding Sign


Eucalyptus is a great accent to this welcome sign's otherwise neutral palette.

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Make It 3D

Wedding welcome sign

Taylor Lord Photography

Three-dimensional elements add some extra depth and visual interest to this simple welcome sign.

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Map It Out

Wedding welcome sign

Carla Ten Eyck Photography

Adding a visual map is an excellent way to make sure guests know exactly where to be for each event.

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Ivy Galore


An ornate frame wrapped with ivy and fall friendly flowers are perfect for a September or October wedding.

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Peachy Keen

Wedding welcome sign

Well, Hello Photography

Using fruit in lieu of traditional flowers is a fun way to inject some personality and flair into any wedding décor. This peach-filled bowl is the perfect accompaniment to the cutest little sign.

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Wedding welcome sign

Michelle Fiona Photography

If your sign doesn't include a lot of information, you can add some visual touches to incorporate the rest of the wedding style and décor.

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Rustic Palette

Wedding welcome sign

Bethany and Dan Photography

This wood palette sign is perfect for a rustic backyard event or barn wedding.

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Linen Banner

Wedding Banner


Include a sweet quote on your welcome sign to set the loving mood for the evening. This sign was printed on a frayed linen banner and hung from a branch at the ceremony entrance.

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Fall Foliage

Wedding welcome sign

Purrington Photography

All of the autumnal vibes. Who would have thought that fall greenery and a chalkboard sign would make for such a stunning visual?

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Minimalist Chic

Chapel Wedding Sign

The messaging can be straight-forward, directional, and to-the-point like this welcome sign.

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Matchy Matchy



Match your welcome sign to the overall theme of the wedding like this couple who kept a rustic, vintage feel throughout.

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Pink Neon

neon signs


Really have your wedding décor shine bright with a neon sign featuring your initials. If it's a night wedding, you can place it toward the entrance of the reception to direct your guests toward the party.

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Modern Altar

welcome altar


We love this modern installation. The flowers climbing up the altar perfectly complement the color-blocked sign.

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A Mini Glass Garden

garden wedding


A garden-themed affair calls for lots and lots of flowers artfully and strategically placed in a glass container. It's almost like a mini greenhouse.

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Welcome Sign Turned Guestbook

welcome and guest signage




Make extra use out of your welcome sign and repurpose it as a guest book where family and friends can write messages.

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Magical Mirrors

Magic Wand


Instruct your guests on various reception activity with a welcome mirror. Place it on an easel for all to see.

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Marbled Details

pink marble


Pink marble offset with gold text adds a sense of class and style to any wedding sign.

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Wedding Sign Rules



Put the (light-hearted) rules for the day on your welcome sign so guests know what to expect.

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Love Letter


Photo by INDIA EARL 

Greet your guests with a letter thanking them for being there and encouraging them to explore the venue.

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Holographic Cool





A holographic array of colors is a great way to get your sign to stand out. If you have a wedding hashtag, this is a great place to display it.

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