19 Wedding Updos Perfect for Long Hair

Keep those tresses pinned up and out of the way all day!

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Brides, we're gonna call it: Having long hair is a labor of love, without a doubt. And while your everyday maintenance and style routine is something you could probably do in your sleep, plenty of other factors come into play when we're talking about your wedding day hairstyle.

Of course, we love those hair-in-the-wind moments, but how to keep tresses from accidentally whipping in front of your face if you go for a hair down wedding 'do? Even with a half-up, half-down hairstyle, would your lustrous locks inadvertently be covering pretty details of your gown's neckline and bodice?

Updos resolve all of these questions and offer long-haired brides so many elegant options. Whether a sleek ponytail, a beautifully braided, woven or twisted 'do, or even a low maintenance wedding bun, a wedding updo will keep those strands in place and focus everyone's attention precisely where it should be—on your radiant smile, of course. Keep scrolling for all sorts of wedding updos that are particularly perfect for long hair.

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Put a Twist (or a Braid) On It

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Courtesy of La Memoir Photography

We love when brides get creative with the classics—adding small details, such as twists or braids, to make the look all their own. Can you spot the peek-a-boo French braid this bride had woven above her classic chignon? What a subtle (but oh so lovely!) detail.

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The Polished Pony Tail

Back of bride's wedding gown with bow detail

 Photo by Kent Drake Photography; Hair by Tamara Makeup + Hair Artistry

For an updo that puts your gorgeous long locks in the spotlight, but still keeps your hair pulled back and in place, you can't go wrong with a pony tail. Soft waves infuse this polished pony with an added dose of romance, which feels just so right with this stunning, blush-hued trumpet gown.

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Say Yes to Side-Swept

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Photo by Lisa Poggi

So timeless and just so chic! We love the look of a side-swept wrapped bun, which works beautifully for all kinds of hair textures and all sorts of bridal styles, too. Case in point: This lovely bride kept hers polished (and pretty much perfect) for their stunning destination wedding in Tuscany.

If your hair has some natural texture, ask your stylist to keep the 'do a bit more wavy and slightly undone for a more bohemian, romantic vibe.

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Wraparound Milkmaid Braid

<p>milkmaid braid</p>

Photo by Laurken Kendall 

Boho brides will swoon over this milkmaid braided updo, which is such a perfect choice for outdoor ceremonies of all types, from rustic retreats to desert chic weddings to barefoot on the beach. Add a bit of charm to the style with a small bloom.

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Embrace Asymmetry

bride and groom exiting ceremony with bubbles in the air

Photo by Stoffer Photography

This couple's rustic, music festival-inspired Michigan wedding had plenty of bold pops of color—and the bride's glamorous, side-swept updo was no exception. Her gathered strands are offset with an eye-catching floral creation that's anchored by a deep red bloom, plus greenery and berries, too.

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Make a Floral Statement

Updo with flowers

Photo by Mackensey Alexander 

Talk about a stunning floral creation! Draped just so over this bride's finished updo of woven plaits and pinned-up curls, we love how the delicate blooms and greenery are so perfectly composed and wildly romantic, all at once.

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The Relaxed Updo

Courtesy of The Image Is Found

There's no rule that says an updo has to have every strand perfectly in place. In fact, it's one of the reasons we love this bride's unfussy updo, which is finished with a few face-framing waves. Easy, breezy, and positively beaming—wouldn't you agree?

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Veil a French Twist

<p>brides in wedding dresses</p>

Photo by Thierry Joubert

For a chateau wedding in the south of France, what could be more perfect than a classic French twist? The volume of this updo will depend on the length, thickness, and texture of your hair, but it's always a showstopper—and the perfect base for a cascading veil.

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Go for Maximum Volume


Photo by Rachael Osborn Photography

When you have long tresses with a ton of natural volume, by all means, work that to your advantage! We love how freeform this updo is, too—from those beautiful sculptural twists to the cascade of volume in the back.

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Embellish a Plait

Bridal hair

Photo by O’Malley Photographers; Event Planning by Valley and Co.; Hair by Misbehaven Spa & Salon 

Whether you opt for fresh florals, sprigs of greenery, or delicate hairpins—we love the beaded, nature-inspired pins this bride wore at her vineyard wedding—there are so many ways to dress up a loose braided 'do so that it's wedding worthy.

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Braids All the Way

bride and groom portrait

Photo by Callaway Gable Studios

We love that this bride went all in with a wholly braided updo for their chic restaurant wedding in Los Angeles—which happens to be the same venue where they'd had their first date and where they got engaged, too! Plus, being so intricately braided, this 'do is sure to last all night, even after hours on the dance floor.

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Make a Statement with Accessories

Courtesy of Katch Silva

Hair accessories and updos are a match made in bridal heaven. This bride's pearl-encrusted hair comb ensures flyaways will be kept at bay—and is an eye-catching statement, too.

With such visible placement, hair accessories are a perfect opportunity to incorporate your something old, new, borrowed, or blue. Take your pick!

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The Voluminous Pony Tail

Courtesy of Almond Leaf Studios

For a pony'd up 'do with a bit of retro glamour, go for big volume up top and finish with long, loose curls. How perfectly fitting is this updo, paired with this bride's beaded, cap-sleeved gown, which has such a vintage vibe itself?

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Try a Woven Floral Updo

Courtesy of Larissa Cleveland

One fresh twist on how to incorporate flowers into your wedding hairstyle? Instead of working with your florist to construct a custom floral creation that's then pinned into place, see if they'd be willing to collaborate with your stylist to weave florals and greenery into the strands themselves for a more unconstructed (but still flower-centric) updo.

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Pair a Crown with a Veil

Courtesy of Ang McCabe

Wondering how to pull off wearing a flower crown and a veil? It absolutely can be done, and an updo is the perfect base for such an utterly romantic look. The key here is to ensure your floral headpiece connects with your veil, so the look is cohesive. Also, when choosing your botanicals, go for smaller, more delicate options—they're being paired with materials such as lace and chiffon, after all.

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Keep It Classic

Courtesy of Ross Oscar Knight

An open-backed dress and low bridal bun are a classic pairing. The bridal bun is a deceptively simple wedding hairstyle—we absolutely adore all the twists and texture of this bride's bun, which clearly took a stylist's creative know-how to construct.

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The Carefree Pony Tail

Courtesy of Sara Lobla

Completely unadorned and purposefully a bit undone, this bride's pony is understated but still so chic—which just goes to show, less can be more.

You need not show off a hair tie if it isn't part of your bridal look. After your pony is set, take a piece of hair from the bottom and work it around the tie, securing the last bit of remaining hair with a pin underneath the elastic.

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Channel Your Inner Goddess

Vow exchange

Photo by Lauren Alexandra 

How stunning is this bride's wedding updo, wrapped in this vine-laced hair accessory? Choosing an elegant accessory to frame your wedding hairstyle can give your 'do that much more of a wow factor.

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Design Your Own Updo

Courtesy of Sara Lobla

Lengthy tresses are a stylist's playground, especially when it comes to designing a one-of-a-kind wedding updo. So why not have some fun? Gather your inspiration, and after a bit of trial and error with your stylist, you might just end up with your dream variation of an updo that's all your own. Twists, curls, braids, more formal, more undone... the options are all yours.

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