35 Pretty Table Number Ideas

Table numbers don't have to be boring. Skip the standard numbered card in favor of one of these more original options for your wedding reception.

Pink salt block table numbers


Table numbers are certainly one of the most practical details you can add to your reception, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Table numbers can be a stylish addition to your wedding reception, all while helping guests find their assigned seats.

How to Design Table Numbers

When choosing your table numbers, you'll want to make sure they’re legible and easy for guests to notice—they should be large enough to grab your guests’ attention. And while table numbers can certainly make a statement as a standalone piece of décor, it's also important to consider how your table numbers will look if you're incorporating centerpieces into your design as well.

“It’s a great idea to pair table numbers with centerpieces to make sure the number doesn’t block the arrangement,” says Lidia Stupak and Amanda Theodoropoulos of Twisted Willow Flowers. “It’s also important that the numbers and the vessels the flowers are in have a cohesive look."

Meet the Expert

Lidia Stupak and Amanda Theodoropoulos and are the mother-daughter team behind Twisted Willow Flowers, a floral design company specializing in garden-style floral arrangements for weddings and events.

Stupak and Theodoropoulos suggest talking to your florist about wedding table number styles you love, from framed and scripted to acrylic, to make sure the overall vibe on the table works together.

Ready to start thinking up your own table numbers? Here are 35 ideas we love. 

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Keep It Simple With Framed Number Prints

Gold framed table number

 Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Planning and Design by Matthew Oliver Weddings

You can opt to keep things simple with paper table numbers, but consider adding them to small frames. This June wedding incorporated a palette of neutrals, paired with gold detailing and light blue for a pop of color. We love the way this look complements every other detail of the tablescape.

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Go Natural With Wood Table Numbers

Painted wood table number

Laura Gordon Photography

Planning a rustic fall wedding, or decking out an outdoor table for summer? Opt for simple wooden square table numbers with white writing. Using square wood blocks and a white paint pen will make this an easily achievable DIY project.

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Aim for Simplicity With Acrylic Table Numbers

Acrylic table numbers

 Photo by Anya Kernes; Planning and Design by Rekindle Creative

Go with a sleek, simple look with acrylic. These little acrylic signs serve as the perfect, noticeable table numbers without blocking or drawing attention away from stunning floral centerpieces.

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Have Fun With Monograms

Monogram symbol table number

Photo by Katch Silva Photography; Paper Goods by Xander Keeping Design

Have a little fun and make your table numbers whimsical with a custom monogram. This design included the couple's initials paired with a pig for a unique design.

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Use Geodes for a Modern Vibe

Painted geode as table numbers


Go modern with the look of geodes, pairing perfectly with your color palette. This is such a great look for a romantic, outdoor wedding, utilizing geodes cut open at the center and a paint pen for lettering.

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Try Florals and Gold

Gold and floral table number

Photo by Jasmine Star Photography; Paper Goods by Julie Song Ink

Is there anything better than a splash of gold detailing? We love the way this stunning gold foil design pairs with a gorgeous floral centerpiece. This look would work well for a late summer wedding, embracing the bounty of harvest, or even switch up the color palette to incorporate the look into fall.

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Stay Rustic With Table Numbers Painted on Logs

Hand-painted wooden table number

Studio 623 Photography

This is another gorgeous rustic option, but this design is a bit bolder. We love the look of this wooden table number for a boldly colored fall wedding. Opt for rustic, stained wood and large painted numbers to pull off this style.

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Go Modern With Marble Table Numbers

Marble table number

 Photo by Nicole Leever Photography; Planning and Design by Vanessa Loel Events 

Go for a modern look with marble. This is a dreamy idea for a winter wedding, but it can be utilized with any color palette. Search for pieces of marble in a shape you love and have numbers printed on top. You could even use a white paint pen if you're up for the DIY route.

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Experiment With Color

Pink watercolor table number with gold writing

Photo by Katelyn James Photography; Paper Goods by The Weekend Type

There's just something so soft and stunning about watercolor details. We're all for them. This look paired a hand-painted watercolor design with stunning, bright florals—perfect for a summer wedding.

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Stay Simple With Painted Bottles

Clear glass bottle painted as a table number

Natalie Watson Photography

Even the simplest of table number looks don't have to be boring. We love the minimalistic look of pairing clear glass bottles and white calligraphy for table numbers. Plus, this serves another purpose as a water pitcher for the table as well.

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Incorporate Table Numbers Into a Vase

Using wooden leaf in a vase as a table number

Photo by Luna De Mare; Planning and Design by Gold Leaf Event Design

To be certain your table numbers don't clash with your centerpieces, you can pair them together. We love the way this spring wedding look incorporates simple bud vases with rustic table numbers popping out.

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Consider Matching Florals

Floral table number

Photo by Let's Frolic Together; Planning by Frankly Weddings; Paper Goods by Gubbagumma studio

While it's important for florals and table numbers to have a complementary, cohesive look, you can also go all-in, opting for a matching look. Consider incorporating small, framed table numbers that feature hand-painted replicas of your floral centerpieces. We love this idea for a garden-inspired summer wedding.

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Forego Numbers: Use Table Themes Instead of Table Numbers

Elephant illustration as table number

Photo by James X Schulze; Planning and Design by Calluna Events

What about forgoing table numbers altogether? However, this option still plays a role in helping guests find their seats. Opt for meaningful symbols such as sweet illustrations of animals for a unique idea.

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Go Rustic With Painted Rocks

Etched stones used as table numbers


We can't get enough of this unique, nature-inspired idea. Bring the outdoors in with a variety of rocks, hand-painted with each table number.

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Go Modern With Handmade Table Numbers

Handmade string-and-nail table numbers

Dear to My Art

Go for a modern, unique look with string-and-nail table numbers. This style can be incorporated into any wedding with the option to swap out your color palette for any season. This DIY project can be accomplished with squares of wood, nails, and string in the color of your choice.

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Incorporate Gold Detailed Salt Blocks

Pink salt-block table number

 Photo by Taylor McCutchan; Planning and Design by Roque Events 

This is such a gorgeous look for a late summer or fall wedding. We love how bold and beautiful these pink Himalayan salt block table numbers are while pairing perfectly with a romantic floral centerpiece.

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Try Hand-Painted Detailing

Hand-painted pink table number

Photo by Gantes Co.; Paper goods by Sweet Paper

We love the sweet look of a hand-painted card, and this table number idea pulls that off perfectly. While this look is stunning for an outdoor spring wedding, it can be incorporated into many seasons.

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Transform Everyday Items

White Pitch used as table number

Kara Miller Photography

We love the rustic simplicity of this look, and it's so easy to recreate on your own. Perfect for a farm-inspired wedding, this idea requires pitchers and a little bit of paint to pull off a table number that acts as a centerpiece as well.

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Add Signage to Your Floral Centerpieces

Table number in floral arrangement

Alexandra Roberts

Add your signage right in with your floral centerpieces if you want to make sure you can accomplish a cohesive look. Be sure to work with your florist on colors and textures to achieve a table number design that will complement your florals, all while still being eye-catching for your guests.

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Opt for Hand-Painted Frames

Handpainted frame as table number

 Lelia Scarfiotti

For a romantic, rustic look, why not hand-paint picture frames on your own? This is a lovely idea for a moody evening wedding, and you'll only need empty frames and a gold paint pen to pull it off.

Use everyday items such as picture frames to DIY your wedding table numbers. This will allow for a rustic, customized look, and you'll save big on your budget.

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Consider Vintage-Inspired Table Numbers

Vintage floral table number

Photo by Whitney Neal Photography; Paper Goods by Bri Bowers

Paper table numbers certainly don't have to be simple and boring. Opt for a vintage look with cross-stitched numbers and burnt, frayed edges.

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Experiment With Neutrals

Neutral paper table number

Marianne Wilson Photography

If you want your floral centerpieces to truly shine, consider a table number that's a bit more neutral. Kraft paper with lettering and lovely designs makes for the perfect complement to a stunning floral piece, creating a lovely romantic look.

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Go 3D With Standing Table Numbers

Gold 3D table number

 Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Planning and Design by Toast Santa Barbara

A simple way to make sure your table numbers are seen is by going 3D. This option, utilizing standing gold numbers, pairs perfectly with romantic pinks and whites for a summer wedding. And if you can't find standing numbers in the color of your choice, consider spray painting them for a fun DIY project.

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Introduce an Earthy Feel With Wood Tree Slices

Tree slabs used for table numbers


Go rustic and embrace your love for the outdoors with this look. Pair tree slices in multiple sizes with floral vases and paper printed table numbers for a sweet, spring wedding.

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Incorporate Lettering Into a Terrarium

Table number in a terrarium

Photo by ANASTASIIA PHOTOGRAPHY; Planning and Design by Rosemarie Peluso

Who says table numbers need to stand on their own? For an ocean-inspired wedding or a summer bash, consider including your table numbers in a terrarium as a unique idea.

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Use a Variety of Vessels for a Backyard Feel

Vases used as table numbers

Photo by NICOLE LEEVER PHOTOGRAPHY; Planning and Design by Vanessa Noel Events

For a rustic, backyard feel, we love the way this couple opted for a variety of vessels. Multiple types of vases, paired with plants, served as the perfect vessel to write table numbers and guest's names right on the front.

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Pair Numbers With Hand-Painted Designs

Calligraphy wedding table number

Photo by Carina Skrobecki; Planning and Design by Greenwood Events

Pair colored paper, hand-painted numbers, and a sweet design to bring the look of your tablescape together. This color palette is stunning for a fall wedding, but this idea could be applied to any season by swapping out the paper color and symbol.

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Pay Homage to Home States

California table number sign

Photo by I HEART MY GROOM; Planning and Design by Jaime Kostechko of Wild Heart Events

Another choice, if you're not interested in using plain numbers, is to incorporate states. We love the way this couple incorporated all of the states their guests traveled from to pay homage to their dedication to the couple.

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Keep Things Visible With Hanging Stands

Hanging wedding table number

Photo by WHITNEY NEAL STUDIOS; Planning and Design by Laurel and Rose

Be sure your table numbers don't get lost in the mix of your tablescape. Opt for hanging vessels to hold your signage while guests find their seats. According to Stupak and Theodoropoulos, it's totally okay to ask your venue or a friend to help remove them once your guests are seated.

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Go Bold With Roman Numerals

Bright orange table numbers with roman numerals

 Photo by JAMES & SCHULZE; Planning and Design by Bluebird Productions

Play with numbers and opt for an old-school look with Roman numerals. These little cardstock numbers make a bold statement, while still tying into a stunning September color palette.

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Celebrate Your Love for Travel

Table numbers using travel destinations


Celebrate your love for travel and opt for symbols instead of numbers. We love the way this couple decided to utilize names and symbols to represent the places they had traveled to together to bring something meaningful into their table numbers.

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Bring Together Your Theme With Cacti

Cactus table number


A summer wedding calls for warm, desert-inspired details. And this look hits the nail on the head, utilizing a piece of cactus with hand-painted numerals.

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Play Around With Elegant Fonts

Table number with calligraphy

Photo by CHI-CHI ARI PHOTOGRAPHY; Planning and design by Tiffany Rivera of Simply Breathe Events

Play around with elegant fonts to find the perfect design you're looking for. This table number option utilized several fonts to pull off a look that felt cohesive with the romantic floral centerpieces on the table.

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Paint Table Numbers on Agate Slices

Pink agate table number


Create a unique, modern look with agate slices. We love the way these bright pink slices were painted with gold numbers to match the rest of the table décor perfectly. This is such a fun idea for a desert-inspired or summer wedding, adding a splash of color along the way.

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Tack Numbers Onto a Sign for a Farm-Inspired Look

Table setting with tacked table numbers

Photo by JEREMIAH & RACHEL PHOTOGRAPHY; Planning and design by Greenwood Events

This design incorporates a wooden block, with paper table numbers affixed with thumbtacks. We love this farm-inspired look for an outdoor wedding.

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