15 Pretty Table Number Ideas

Table numbers don't have to be boring. Skip the standard numbered card in favor of one of these more original options for your wedding reception

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Table numbers: They're a necessary evil, but that doesn't mean they can't also be a stylish addition to your wedding reception. Of course, they have to serve their purpose of helping guests find their assigned seats, but when executed well, a table number be seamlessly worked into your décor while still directing guests where they need to go.

For the classic couple, an elegant, hand-written card with gold-foil touches looks sleek and enticing. Hosting more of a garden party bash? We love a clear glass bottle with table numbers written in scrawling calligraphy that reads as totally chic. If you are throwing a more rustic celebration, pretty greenery twisted into numbers will look fresh and bright against wooden tables.

The one important thing to remember when picking or designing your table number? You want it to be clear, legible, and easy for guests to notice. That doesn't mean the number needs to be glaringly large, but it does need to grab guests attention. Consider making your table numbers in a color that pops against your centerpiece and linens or visually (or spatially!) separated.

Whatever type of table number you select, just make sure you pick something that fits with your overall wedding style and will feel like an extension of your reception, not a strange addition.

Ready to start thinking up your own table numbers? Then click through to see more styles we love!

Photo: Foliage table numbers created by JL Designs.

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Try Florals and Gold

Jasmine Star Photography

Floral table numbers with gold foil details created by Julie Song Ink.

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Experiment with Color

Katelyn James Photography

Pink watercolor table number with gold writing, created by The Weekend Type.

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Stay Simple

Natalie Watson Photography

Simple table numbers made from clear glass bottles with white calligraphy.

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Go for Rustic

Studio 623 Photography

A hand-painted wooden table number.

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Have Fun with Monograms

Katch Silva Photography

Custom printed table numbers with animal-inspired monogram, created by Xander Keeping Design.

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Consider Florals

Let's Frolic Together

A floral table number created by Gubba Gumma Stationery Studio, arranged by Frankly Weddings.

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Go Modern

Dear to My Art

Handmade string-and-nail table numbers.

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Try Hand-Painted

Gantes Co.

Hand-painted table numbers created by Sweet Paper.

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Go with Nature

onelove Photography

A rustic, wooden table number with custom calligraphy from T&S Craft.

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Transform the Everyday

Kara Miller Photography

Handmade table number centerpieces in white flower pitchers.

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Consider Vintage

Whitney Neal Photography

A vintage-inspired cross-stitched table number created by Bri Bowers.

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Experiment with Neutrals

Marianne Wilson Photography

A rustic kraft paper table number with white writing.

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Go Natural with Wood

Laura Gordon Photography

Simple wooden table number with white writing.

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Incorporate Nature

A Brit & A Blonde

A moss table number created by Seasons in the Country.

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Try Painted Wood

Birds of a Feather Photography

A rough-cut wooden table number with white writing.

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