12 Wedding Table Decorations and Centerpieces to Spruce Up Your Reception Venue

Here's to the prettiest tablescape of them all.

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You've booked your venue, rented the tables and chairs, and now comes the not so easy part—weeding through the endless supply of wedding table decorations to curate your own original décor combo. Even if you've hired a wedding planner specifically to take care of said nitty-gritty organizational details, you're not completely off the hook just yet. There's the oh-so important matters of pegging your specific wedding vibe, vision, and budget, then tackling the décor department from there. Once you've checked these off the list, you're officially ready to start designing your wedding surfaces.

Whether round, square, rectangle, or any other creative formation in between, every bare table present at your nuptials, no matter the finish, needs some form of decoration to make it look truly wedding worthy. Even starting with something as simple as a tablecloth or natural centerpiece will instantly elevate your tablescape from a bore to wedding reception galore.

And, to help take the work out of your décor planning, we rounded up 12 pretty wedding table decorations fit to match any style. From table number card ideas to tropical placemats to floral wedding centerpieces, these picks make designing the perfect table setting an absolute breeze. Mix and match with colors, mediums, fabrics, and more for beautiful wedding table designs that are uniquely yours.

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Faux Eucalyptus Garland

Eucalyptus Garland

Courtesy of Which Goose

A garland of faux or dried eucalyptus can also achieve the same effect as a table runner. Snake this greenery down the middle of any rectangular tables, and surround with small decorative candle votives for the finishing touch.

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Gilded Lantern

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Set the vibe with some romantic mood lighting, alternating between lantern heights for a balanced mismatched effect. Don't just confine them to your tables, either—every corner and crevice of your venue, whether indoors or out, could use a little décor treatment (just don't go too overboard).

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Copper Wire Candleholders

Courtesy of Eleven Decor Shop

Or, go even smaller with barely-there geometric votives to modernize any table setup. These will pair wonderfully with larger decorations, especially interspersed between oversized floral arrangements.

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Modern Wedding Seating Chart

Table Numbers

Courtesy of Wishful Paperie

Naturally, you'll need some way to denote each of your gorgeous, carefully-decorated tables. That's where these table numbers come in. Both elegant and minimalist, each stylish card ensures guests will have no problem locating their seating assignments.

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Pressed Copper Frames

Courtesy of BHLDN

Signage should never stand alone, so incorporate vintage-esque frames into your table scheme to display any decorative papers. With three different sizes, you have the option to reserve guest seats with mini frames, or show off table numbers with larger versions.

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Mixed Mercury Votives

Courtesy of BHLDN

Stay within the same color scheme but play with shape for unique candle supplements, fit to accessorize any variety of floral arrangement. Plus, if you're hunting for wedding table decorations on a budget, these are right up your alley.


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Beeswax Tea Lights (Set of 24)

Courtesy of Food52

These statement stubs can revamp any table on their own, but toss some form of greenery into the mix and the color contrast alone will be astounding, especially against a dark wood surface.

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Digitally Printed Blue Watercolor Placecards

Courtesy of Seniman Calligraphy

Up the color factor with these incredibly cool watercolor place settings, especially ideal for nautical or seaside ceremonies. Set one dreamy card, customized with the guest's name, on each plate for the perfect pop of color your table was missing.

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Natural Teak Serving Stand

Courtesy of Terrain

Let's not forget about dessert table décor, as well. Cupcakes, cookies, and other bite-sized confections will look all the more delicious served on this cool wooden structure.

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3 Piece Roundabout Taper Candle Holder Set

Courtesy of CB2

If your tables would be better suited for less sizable tapers, turn to simple brass-plated candle holders instead. Individual candles and holders in assorted heights give you more room to experiment with placement and the overall table aesthetic when paired with the rest of your table décor.

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Monstera Leaf Placemats (Set of 12)

Courtesy of Food52

Add a dash of whimsy and tropical vibes with quirky, true-to-size monstera leaf-inspired placemats, which you can situate underneath each set of dinnerware or simply scatter sporadically down the table.

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Marble Lazy Susan

Courtesy of Terrain

Standard serving trays, Lazy Susan's, or even cake stands, can help pull attention toward your centerpieces and unify them at round tables. Stack your flowers, leaves, or candles atop a basic circular marble design for a look that is both elegant and modern.

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