The 8 Shots You'll Definitely Want of Your Wedding Shoes

Those killer heels can't go unnoticed

Photo by The Grovers

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then shoes are a close second. That said, your wedding shoes should share the spotlight with your wedding dress and engagement ring when it comes to photographing your bridal style. Whether you're donning lace wedges, sparkly heels, elegant flats, or rustic cowboy boots, the camera needs to let your kicks have their moment.

Give those splurge-worthy shoes a chance to shine with these eight ideas.

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The Detail Shot

Pink Bridal Shoes with Bows

Jose Villa

Memorialize your wedding shoes in all their glory with a still shot of their untouched beauty. Incorporate creative elements for an artsy feel, like this vintage manuscript, which sets a dramatic and romantic mood.

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The "With The Dress" Shot

Bridal Shoes with Wedding Dress

Brandon Aquino

Before you breathe life into them, pair your shoes underneath your wedding dress on its hanger to capture the full bridal ensemble as a precursor to what's ahead.

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The Chair Shot

Wedding Shoes Sitting on Chair

Cassidy Carson Photography

Give your shoes the regal attention they deserve with their own throne. This ornate and queenly chair acts as the perfect complement to a pair of pearly satin bow pumps.

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The Getting Ready Shot

Bride Putting on Wedding Shoes

Almond Leaf Studios

Every Cinderella has her glass slipper—capture yours as you put it on. Prince Charming may not be the one to do it for you in this case, but he's just down the aisle.

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The Tulle Shot

Bridal Shoes Wrapped in Tulle

Photo by Rachel Elaine Photography

Nothing adds a bridal touch quite like tulle. Weave it around your shoes for a whimsical look or drape it over them completely for an elegant finish.

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The Hemline Shot

Bridal Shoes Under Wedding Dress

Twah Dougherty

Channel your playful side by lifting up your dress's hemline for a sneak peek at what's behind it. Rockstuds like that can't go unnoticed.

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The Back Shot

Badgly Mischka Bridal Shoes

Anna Delores Photography

Sometimes, it's all about the party in the back. A shot from behind captures the most intrinsic details of your heels, like these dazzling Badgly Mischkas just asking to be photographed.

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The Heels in Hand Shot

Bride Walking with Heels in Hand

Darin Images

As much as we love our stylish heels, they always end up coming off at the end of the night. Take advantage of the moment for a dreamy candid of you carrying them in your hand that tells the tale of a wedding well done.

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