20 Wedding Ring Photography Ideas for Your Big Day

Get inspired by these photos showcasing real bridal jewelry moments.

Two wedding bands and an engagement ring displayed on top of a drawing of a wedding venue.

Photo by Eve Yarbrough

Wedding photography is all about the details—from capturing the happy tears in your eyes to the velvety petals of your blooming bouquet. Another one of those unforgettable big day details? Your engagement ring and wedding bands, of course! Your photographer is sure to have all the shots of your big-day VIPs covered, but your wedding-day bling deserves its own moment in the spotlight—it's the symbol of your forever love, after all.

Wedding ring photography is about capturing that special symbol in all its sparkling glory while telling a larger story about you and your partner. So before (or after) those bands are slipped onto your fingers, have your photographer snap a sweet shot of those diamond dazzlers where they can truly shine. Have them take pictures of your rings sitting amongst your getting-ready gear, nestled within your bouquet's blooms, or resting in its beautiful box.

You can also have the rings photographed with your other wedding-day jewelry and accessories, like earrings and cufflinks. Or, have them assembled on or beside your stationery, set in the same frame as a telling architectural detail at your venue, or even on one of your pieces of carefully chosen décor.

Many ring shots are macro photographs—extremely close-up photos of small objects to expose detail—and getting a beautifully sharp photo that close is an art. Make sure you find a photographer who can show you examples of other wedding ring photographs they've done.

Below, we've rounded up 20 wedding ring photography ideas for some serious big-day inspiration.

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Create a Trifecta

A golden wedding band, diamond wedding band, and diamond engagement ring stacked.

Photo by Lisa Poggi

Consider placing your rings all together in this balanced stack, which shows off the style and design of each individual ring while also creating a cohesive image of the three together.

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Flaunt During the First Dance

Bride's hands with engagement and wedding ring crossed around groom's neck

Photo by Larissa Cleveland

Have your photographer snap a ring-centric pic as you take that first wedded spin on the dance floor. With both hands on the back of your partner's neck or around their waist, it provides the perfect opportunity to zoom in. They can also get a shot of your partner's rings from the opposite side.

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Include Lettering

An engagement ring and two wedding bands displayed in front of a letter box.

Photo by We the Romantics

We love the way that this photographer incorporated the couples' first letter of their last name into the image. The three rings (two wedding bands and an engagement ring) are placed in a row in front of a jewelry box which is engraved with a letter—the soft focus of the box in the background is stunning behind the rings.

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Incorporate the Invites

Wedding rings displayed on a wooden background with a wedding invitation.

Photo by Pbichara Photo

Photographing the rings on top of the wedding invitation or wedding announcement, alongside other small items (like these stunning earrings and coins) is a great way to display the jewelry and emphasize the event. We love this solid wooden background, too, which provides an elegant accent to the photograph.

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Boast With Your Bouquet

Engagement and wedding rings on hand of bride holding bouquet

Photo by Elisa Bricker

While this bride's bouquet is undeniably lovely, her wedding ring still takes center stage. With a shot like this, you can show off your beautiful rings while also incorporating your bouquet, manicure, bracelet or watch, and even part of your gown.

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Incorporate Plants

Engagement ring and wedding band on top of a succulent

Photo by Kara Jean Weddings

Utilize the succulent trend by adorning their crisp leaves with your wedding rings. A popular décor option at tons of weddings, succulents come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so customize your assortment based on the venue and style of your celebration. Rings fit perfectly on those sturdy little leaves!

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Use Your Gown as a Backdrop

Bride's hand with engagement ring resting on the skirt of her wedding dress

Photo by Bia Sampaio

What's a more beautiful backdrop than your bridal gown? To achieve this popular wedding ring photography style, have your photographer snap a shot of your hand resting against the skirt, lap, or bodice of your wedding gown. It's a great way to get a ring picture while also showing off some of your dress's tiny details.

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Go Modern

Engagement ring and wedding bands atop a glass box

Photo by Ashley Sawtelle

Surrounded by bridal tulle and displayed atop a glass keepsake box, this wedding ring pic is ultra-feminine. It's a modern take on the staged wedding ring photograph. Another option is to set your rings atop a glass mirror for a reflective effect.

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Create a Collage of Mementos

A collage of photos, accessories, and mementos with an engagement ring and two wedding bands

Photo by Biancca Wallace

Get inspired by this couple's collage of mementos. With items like a music festival wristband, photo booth pictures, concert tickets, a wedding invitation, and handwritten notes, it's the perfect picture of a love story. Of course, the rings are front and center against the white background of the RSVPs.

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Spread the News

Wedding bands on top of a New York Times newspaper

Photo by Craig Paulson

On the morning of your nuptials, place your wedding rings above the date on a newspaper to always remember the day in history on which you were wed. Really personalize it by utilizing your hometown paper, especially if it will include your wedding announcement, or just pick your favorite daily read.

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Have Fun With Florals

Engagement ring in the enter of a flower with a butterly

Photo by James & Schultz 

Nestle those precious rings amongst the lush blooms of your bridal bouquet, or pluck one pretty flower from your floral arrangements for a more pared-down look. Include props like this fake butterfly to enhance the picture, or stay simple with a close-up of your rings at the center of a blooming rose or flower of your choice.

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Go Hand in Hand

Bride and groom holding hands showcasing the bride's engagement ring and wedding band

Photo by Lindsey Gomes

You may be all wrapped up in your new spouse, but all eyes are on your rings! Have your partner wrap their hands around your waist and clutch them as your photographer snaps a close-up.

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Try Sparkle on Sparkle

Engagement ring and wedding bands on top of white sequins

Photo by onelove

Get the party started (and let those rings shine!) with a handful of sequined confetti—the perfect, glittery complement to your sparkly diamonds! Silver sequins will create a reflective effect, but you can also use colorful confetti, beads, petals, or other small, scatter-able decorations to use as a backdrop.

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Utilize Your Surroundings

Engagement ring and wedding band on a piece of white coral

Photo by Christa Strick

For seaside nuptials, rest your bridal bling on a piece of pure, white coral. You can also use a seashell, some sand, or a smooth rock. Of course, this option isn't limited to beach weddings—use any naturally occurring detail to rest your rings on, depending on your location.

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Zoom In

Close-up of wedding band and engagement ring

Photo by Elisa Bricker

You can't go wrong with a classic close-up. Zoom in on your bridal bling with this must-have shot. Any simple, solid background will do, as long as it doesn't interfere with the main focus—those rings!

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Incorporate Bridal Bling

Two wedding rings with earrings and a bracelet beside two plants

Photo by Sylvie Gil

This shot captures the bride's wedding and engagement ring with her other big-day jewelry. The photo is enhanced by two botanical accents pulled from the wedding florals. This type of wedding ring photography is a great way to capture a few different details from the day, including any jewelry that was gifted or borrowed.

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Capture Details

Bride with henna tattoos crossing her hands in her lap showcasing her engagement ring

Photo by Sherri J. Photography

Capture any cultural traditions your wedding includes, like this bride who's showing off her intricate henna tattoos alongside her bridal bling. Depending on your culture's wedding traditions, the options are basically endless for showcasing your rings while also highlighting an important part of your identity.

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Match Your Accessories

Two pins in boxes with above two rings in boxes on table with foliage poking through

Photo by Trevor Akanger

This artistic shot utilizes two accessories, the design of the table, and some lush greenery to create a super aesthetically pleasing frame. For two groom's rings, like the ones in this photo, place them side by side in coordinating ring boxes beside two other details you'll both wear on the big day, in this case, pins. Have your photographer get creative with placement to really make the photo pop.

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Use a Dish

Wedding rings in ring dish surrounded by wedding stationery and envelopes

Photo by Sergio Sandona

A classic yet creative concept, placing your rings in a lovely dish is a great photo setup. Set the dish at the center of some wedding-day keepsakes, like your save-the-dates, invitations, envelopes, or other stationery. This photographer used a single flower to enhance the simple dish in a minimal way.

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Include Your Vows

Wedding rings on wedding vow books

Photo by Tony Wodarck 

What better way to tell your love story than by placing your rings atop your vow books? Vows are arguably the most important part of your wedding ceremony, and matching vow books are totally in-trend. Simplistic black-bound notebooks with gold writing like these make a great backdrop for your rings.

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