27 Must-Take Photos of the Cutest Kids at Your Wedding

Your tiniest wedding guests are often the subjects of some of the sweetest big-day pics — here's proof!

Cydney Edwards

 Photo by Joey Willis

It's no secret that your smallest wedding guests often do unpredictable (not to mention adorable!) things, so you'll want to have your photographer poised and ready to capture their sweet ceremony and reception antics. While the idea of someone stealing the show on your big day might make some brides balk, we're sure you'll be happy to share the spotlight at least for a moment with your spunky flower girl or shy ring bearer.

So what makes for a great photo of these pint-sized guests? First and foremost, the less staged they are, the better. From photos of your flower girl watching you get ready and the ring bearer starting to make his way down the aisle to your young attendants twirling on the dance floor and cuddling up with a blanket as the night winds down, these candid shots of little ones will help you remember the vibe of your big day. Of course, you'll want a few posed shots with your bridal party, too, but you can't fake the incredible spontaneity of your flower girl admiring your gorgeous bouquet.

Your photographer will have plenty of tricks and tips to capture those small guests in a way you'll cherish forever, but it's a good idea to know just what kind of moments you'll want for your wedding album. To help inspire your own big-day shot list, we found 33 adorable photos of the littlest wedding guests. Get ready for a serious dose of cuteness.

Letting your flower girl and ring bearer walk in together? This cute pair seen here made their trip down the aisle fun and festive — a perfect opportunity for photos!

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Capture the Moment

Liesel Henrichsen of Photo Pink

Since you will likely miss your flower girl's walk down the aisle, remind your photographer how important it is to you to capture this moment. Your guests will probably snap pictures of the girls from the front, but this unique vantage point makes for a memorable shot.

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Catch Candids

AMW Studios

Little girls will love to play with their big, fluffy dress. Capture shots of the flower girl playing with her skirt, twirling, and showing off her fancy footwear. Bonus points for photographers who capture her doing so along side the bride.

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Find Sweet Moments

Ben Yew Photography

Don't miss the opportunity to get photographs of any future love connections. This super-sweet photo of the ring bearer and flower girl stealing kiss is wedding photography gold.

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Catch Silly Moments

Dave Robbins Photography

This is a moment you would miss without a great photographer on hand to document it! Your attendants will likely do silly, sweet, and funny things on their walk down the aisle, just like this shy ring bearer who hid from guests before getting to the altar.

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Showcase Friendships

onelove Photography

An (adorable) overload of tulle! These flower girls are the best of friends as they turn their congratulatory hug into a photo-op.

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Capitalize on Cuteness

Aaron Watson Photography

Capturing photos of your ring bearer in their formal wedding wear is a must, but it's especially important if the outfit is this cute. This little guy doesn't seem thrilled about his plaid kilt, but it's a photo the bride and groom will love for years to come!

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Get their Grand Entrance

Anna K Photography

No matter how your flower girl makes her way down the aisle, you'll want to have photos of her grand entrance. If you've created a fun banner or sign, remind your photographer about it so they can be in place to shoot it.

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Get the Giggles

Tess Pace Photography

Most brides will want a well-behaved flower girl at their ceremony, but when she breaks out into a fit of giggles, you'll love that your photographer captured these silly moments.

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Double Duty

Carly McCray Photography

Your photographer will want to photography your wedding stationery, including your ceremony programs and any little extras you've created like this cute "Hooray!" flag for guests to wave. Ask your ring bearer show them off for a fun way to capture these important details.

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Display the Rings

Nicole Berrett Photography

You'll definitely want a memorable shot of your flower girl cradling your wedding band before she walks down the aisle. This ethereal little one slips the ring into an owl mug for safe keeping.

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Work with Whimsy

Heirloom Collective

Some of the funniest wedding moments obviously involve kids. This little guy left the ring box behind as he took off down the aisle!

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Capture from Afar

Rebecca Gosselin Photography

Just like you and your groom will want a little alone time, so will your flower girl and ring bearer. These two snuck off for some kid time, and the photographer captured a lovely photo from afar.

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Prepare for the Spontaneous

Kelly Sweet Photography

Some of the sweetest moments happen in the blink of the eye. This adorable flower girl curled up behind the bride's veil after seeing her all dressed up for the very first time.

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Capture their Personalities

M Three Studio

They may have big jobs, but they are kids after all! This adorable photo of a ring bearer cuddling his stuffed bear is too cute for words.

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Work with Wonder

Donna Von Bruening Photographer

These little flower girls peek through the window for a glimpse of the bride all dressed up. If they're getting ready separately than you, a "first look" with your little attendants will make for fun photos.

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Find New Friendships

Jade + Matthew Take Pictures

Whether they're brother and sister, two young cousins, or complete strangers, your flower girl and ring bearer will like form a bond over their important role in the ceremony. So when the cute pair spends the rest of the evening playing at the reception, you'll want to make sure your photographer is on hand to capture it all!

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Snap Quiet Moments

Jana Williams Photography

In the moments before your ceremony, you'll likely have a alone time with your flower girls. This photographer captured a gorgeous shot of the bride swooping in for a last minute good-luck kiss.

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Include All Angles

Jen Jar Photography

These two flower girls are picture perfect for their walk down the colorful aisle. You'll have formal portraits to showcase the front of their outfits, but a shot from behind as they make their way to the groom is one to remember.

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Play with Props

Jennings King Photography

The kids in your wedding will likely manage to get into everything. Case in point: This couple offered parasols to keep guests cool during the ceremony, but this little flower girl took off with one for the reception, too.

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Look Out for Helpers

Katy Lunsford Photography

This young flower girl is a natural! When your adorable attendant steps in to keep your veil off the floor, you'll want your photographer ready to snap a photo of it.

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Highlight All the Emotions

Tess Pace Photography

Whether he's bashful about your first kiss or keeps catching sight of a favorite family member in the crowd, this little ring bearer can hardly keep a straight face through the ceremony.

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Showcase the Silly

Kansas Pitts Photography

Capturing silly, candid moments of kids is an absolute must. These two flower girls cuddled up under a blanket while they waited for the big day to kick off.

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See All the Signs

Kina Wicks Photography

There's bound to be one attention seeker in the group of your young attendants. You'll want photos of all his funny antics, like this young man who holds his flag right in front of his companions face!

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Capture Tender Moments

onelove Photography

Your attendant's interactions make for such sweet memories. These two flower girls hug during cocktail hour!

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Create Memories

Ashley Sawtelle

Whether he's your son, nephew, or best friend's little one, you'll want memories of your ring bearer getting all dressed up for his walk down the aisle.

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Include the Pets

SMS Photography

Including pets in your wedding is a great way to personalize the event. Of course, you'll need someone to guide your four-legged friend, and a little flower girl is the perfect person!

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Get the Shot While You Can!

onelove Photography

Not all kids will want to hang out at your reception all night. This flower girl snuck out for some fun of her own.

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