20 Wedding Party Attire Ideas to Help Style Your Best Friends

We've rounded up some of our favorite looks from real weddings.

wedding party

Photo by 515 Photo Co

Gone are the days when bridesmaids walked down the aisle in matching dresses, while groomsmen escorted guests wearing traditional black tuxes. Today, wedding party attire is often chosen as a reflection of a couple's style and personality, with some couples also allowing their closest friends to select their own looks.

More specifically, bridesmaid dresses that mix and match have become a popular trend within many modern-day nuptials, in addition to groomsmen in lightly hued, summer-appropriate suits. And for those searching for a few visual examples of unique and trendy wedding party styles, we thought it might be helpful to round up some of our favorite real weddings that featured amazing wedding day fashions.

From designated color palettes (think ombré or jewel tones) to variations of a central theme (a roaring 1920s bash, anyone?), our real brides and grooms know how to pull together their inner squad to create the ultimate inspiration for bridesmaids and groomsmen. Ahead, here are our favorite wedding party looks for a little inspiration on how to style your own crew.

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Free Reign

mismatched bridal party attire look


Your bridesmaids are a big part of your life because of the individual light they each bring to the table. So, let them reflect their personalities by giving them the complete freedom to wear whatever their hearts desire.

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Be Bold

bride and bridesmaids wearing orange dresses

Photo by Alexandra & Vladimir Nadtochiy

This bride totally nailed her modern Montenegro wedding aesthetic when she asked her ladies to sport orange-hued halterneck gowns. The vibrant, punchy color brings so much personality to the trendy dress silhouette.

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Something Blue

bride and bridesmaids wearing navy blue dresses

Photo by Brandon Lata Photography

Can't find the perfect something blue to fulfill the tradition on your big day? Outfit your best friends as your lucky charms instead. We absolutely adore the navy blue color scheme for this black-tie, South Carolina wedding.

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Embrace the Drama

bride and bridesmaids

Photo by IVASH Studio

We know that black is not the first color to come to mind for wedding attire, but we would urge you to reconsider. The look radiates timeless sophistication, as exemplified by the above bridal party. Bonus: An LBD is absolutely something your girls can wear again.

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Full Glitz

bride and bridal party


You can never go wrong with a little bit of shimmer. Prime example: The warmth of these glimmering bridesmaid dresses allows each lovely lady to shine, while still maintaining her own individual sparkle in different shades and silhouettes.

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Shades of Blush

bride and bridal party

Photo by Caroline Lima Photography

Shades of blush tones are the ultimate combination for a soft, romantic aesthetic. The mixtures of various textures, styles, and finishes add a poetic touch to this camp-inspired wedding.

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Metallic Silver

bride and bridal party

Photo by Jana Williams

The silver metallic hue of these dresses evokes a sumptuous opulence with a modern-day approach. What's more, we love the variety of silhouettes juxtaposed with the uniform floral bouquet arrangement.

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Mix and Match

bride and bridesmaids


Prints aren't for everyone, but that doesn't mean you have to completely nix the idea for your own bridal party. This blend of various designed dresses creates a charmingly whimsical yet modern effect.

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Shed the Ties

Groom and groomsmen with no ties

Photo by Aimee Silver

If your wedding has a relaxed feel, consider letting the groomsmen go sans tie for an unquestionably cool aesthetic. They'll also appreciate the relaxed fit once they're on the dance floor busting a move.

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Personality Is Key

groom and groomsmen

Photo by Anna Delores Photography

Mix and match patterned ties to bring out each groomsmen's personality in an otherwise cohesive look. You can also draw inspiration from the above crew and have your best men sport different suits to truly break with tradition.

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Cozy Up

bride and bridesmaid wearing green dresses

Photo by K.R. Moreno Photography

Winter brides, rejoice! We've got the perfect accessory to keep your girls looking divine while keeping them warm. These furry stoles are the perfect piece to pull together a cold-weather ensemble.

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Classic but Modern

wedding party portrait

Photo by Dos Más En La Mesa

You can never go wrong with a classically modern vibe for your wedding party. The monochromatic look of these groomsmen suits is sharp and classy, not to mention an oh-so-elegant complement to the bridesmaids' jewel-toned dresses.

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Get Creative

wedding party

Photo by Tara Johansen

Interested in having the most unique wedding party? Get creative and let your closest friend wear looks of varying complementary shades.

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grooms and groomsmen

Photo by Liron Erel & Co

A coastal celebration basically begs for a nautical theme. These groomsmen nailed the contemporary preppy look with individual ensembles that play off the wedding's main backdrop—the ocean.

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Complement the Venue

bride and bridesmaids

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Lean into the color scheme of your locale and ask your bridesmaids to wear an ensemble that complements the wedding day scene. As seen by the bridal party above, each member donned a look that perfectly brought out the lush green hues of the venue.

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Pretty Pastels

wedding party

Photo by 515 Photo Co

This bridal party certainly did not shy away from a pastel color palette, and rightfully so! From light sages and pinks to nude suits, all of the tones remained complementary and cohesive in the best way possible.

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Matching Hues

bride and bridesmaid

Photo by Beatrice Howell

These bridesmaids may not be fashioned in the same dress silhouette, but they are sporting similar colors that adhere to this bride's terracotta-hued wedding in California.

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Blend In


Photo by Shelly Anderson Photography

If your wedding is taking place at an outdoor venue that features palm trees and a desert landscape, why not outfit your best men to blend in with the environment? These dapper groomsmen wore suits in shades of charcoal that appear almost olive green in color, a perfect choice for a moody celebration.

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Ethereal Lace


Photo by Melissa Fuller Photography

Break from tradition and have your girls wear white lace for a dreamy look. Equal parts ethereal and classic, this is a timeless look you'll remember for years to come.

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Blended Prints

bride and bridesmaid

Photo by Jake Anderson

How lovely is this bridal party squad in their mixed array of printed dresses? They remind us of the popular prairie trend, showcasing styles that are sweet yet entirely refreshing.

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