10 Pieces of Modern Wedding Jewelry On Etsy We're Loving This Week

Cool-girl pieces you won't believe aren't from a boutique

Updated 04/06/18
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When it comes to wedding accessories, there are so many different routes to go. Some people have heirloom pieces passed down from generations, special pieces that might be your "something borrowed"—classic and timeless jewelry that you can treasure until you pass it down! Others go for the "something new" route (or maybe do a mix of the two), in which case you have to have decided on what style bride you are. Are you classic, opting for pearls, and innocuous, dainty pieces? More fashion forward with bolder, statement-making jewelry? Or maybe you just want to feel like yourself and wear a pair of earrings or necklace you wear all the time (totally understandable!).

For the super modern, minimalist bride, searching for the ideal wedding jewelry amongst pieces that are labeled as quintessentially "bridal" can certainly be a challenge. Even the most modern of much bridal jewelry isn't quite bold or minimalist enough for all of us. And what better place to find cool, indie, modern accessories then the one-and-only Etsy?? Aforementioned, however, sometimes finding the best of the best on Etsy is the ol' needle in haystack situation. Here are ten of our favorite modern and minimalist pieces of jewelry on Etsy this week!

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Pearl Earrings With a Twist

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A modern take on a classic, these black pearl earrings are made a bit more dramatic with an arched metal backing--and also come in white and pink pearls if black isn't your thang.

$108+ (SHOP NOW)

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Rose Gold Posts

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For the gallerina, these earrings are like wearable pieces of modern art.

$80 (SHOP NOW)

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Moon Ring

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Want something modern but also understated? This rose gold moon ring is right on trend (celestial everything, please), but isn't hit-you-over-the-head bold.

$175+ (SHOP NOW)

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Statement-Making Ring

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Pair this bold ring with a simple and sleek slip dress for a modern look that doesn't overwhelm.

$238.63 (SHOP NOW)

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Tri-Colored Earrings

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These look like the earring version of a sophisticated mobile, for adults. That makes sense, right? In any case, we're obsessed.

$36.55 (SHOP NOW)

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Geometric Earrings

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Architectural and sleek, these almost remind us of a phase of the moon. Pair with a perfectly fitting jumpsuit or pantsuit, naturally.

$144.23 (SHOP NOW)

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Something Blue

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You don't need blue shoes or a blue garter--get a little more out-of-box with this modern, sculptural lapis ring.

$60 (SHOP NOW)

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Gold Ear Jackets

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Simple and minimalist, these ear jackets are great because they are sooo easily wearable post-wedding.

$35.54+ (SHOP NOW)

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Silver Orbs

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For the gal that doesn't mess with gold or rose gold, these silver ball earrings come in a few different sizes, are sterling silver, and super versatile.

$36+ (SHOP NOW)

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Oxidized Silver Necklace

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Sporting a plunging neckline and want an accompanying necklace that is statement-making in a way that isn't trying too hard? We gotcha. This oxidized silver necklace does just that, and the black would look pretty cool next to a stark white architectural dress.

$232.36 (SHOP NOW)

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