Wedding Idea We Love: Writing Letters to Guests

Handwritten Thank You Note

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Your guests have traveled from near and far to celebrate with you on your wedding day, and it’s important to express how much you appreciate them being at your celebration.

Aside from writing thank-you notes after the wedding—an etiquette must—there are many ways to show your gratitude on the actual wedding day. You could take the microphone to offer a toast to your guests at the reception, but some of our favorite ideas involve putting pen to paper in the form of a letter to your guests.

One idea would be to write your sentiments on a chalkboard to display at the wedding ceremony or reception; some couples, though, have gone so far as to handwrite letters to each and every guest (this requires advance planning but will be well worth the effort, we promise!). Keep reading for some of our favorite noteworthy ways to show your appreciation.

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Welcome Sign

India Earl

Upon arrival at the wedding ceremony, guests were greeted with a welcome sign in the form of a letter to guests, thanking their loved ones for being a part of their celebration and encouraging them to make themselves at home and explore the wedding venue’s sprawling property.

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Escort-Card “Love Notes”

Jenny Smith & Co.

Before the wedding, this couple wrote short notes to each of their guests thanking them for being at their celebration. Then, their wedding planners placed each letter in a colorful sleeve printed with the guest’s name and table number to create a vibrant escort-card display.

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Printed Thank-You Notes to Guests

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If the thought of writing a personal letter to each guest by hand seems a little daunting, then print your sentiments on a card and display them at each place setting.

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Welcome-Bag Note

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Are you planning to put together welcome bags (or boxes) for your out-of-town guests? It’s always a thoughtful idea to create goody bags containing a few treats and snacks for guests to enjoy as they settle in. Be sure to include a letter from you and your fiancé, welcoming them to the city and thanking them for traveling all the way.

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Handwritten Notes-Turned-Escort Card

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This couple wanted their large wedding to feel more intimate, so in lieu of traditional escort cards, they hand wrote personalized letters to each and every one of their 300 guests. Mic drop.

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Message on Guests’ Plates

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Instead of a letter, you could keep the sentiments short and sweet by writing a quick-but-thoughtful message to guests on each salad or bread plate using an edible ink pen.

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Typed Notes for Every Guest

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Once guests arrived at the reception, they located their dinner table and were greeted with place cards at each seat that also included a personal note from the couple, typed out on a vintage typewriter.

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Chalkboard Sign

Take the time to compose a thank-you letter to guests and write the message on a chalkboard. Display the sign at cocktail hour or near the reception entrance so guests won’t miss it—they will definitely be touched by your heartfelt sentiments.

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