The Best Wedding Hairstyles Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Let the stars decide your wedding look.

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Deciding how to wear your hair on your big day is a huge decision. Aside from wanting to look and feel your best, there are so many options to choose from! Add on the pressures of passing down wedding day photos for years to come, and you might have a hard time deciding between long and loose or an intricate up-do. Why not look towards your zodiac sign for some inspo? If you're not sure where to start, we're here to help.

We chatted with hairstylist Lumi Pelinku of the Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa and astrologer Suzie Kerr Wright for their expert insight into what the stars might suggest for your wedding hairstyle. Want to figure out your wedding beauty horoscope? Read ahead to see what styles might be written in the stars fo ryou.

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Aries are adventurous, so you need a style that doesn't take a lot of care. Sleek looks that can take a lot of movement work well as the ram takes to the dance floor.

The style: You can be the most versatile with your hairstyle choices. A decorative headpiece or barrettes can help keep your sleek style in shape and out of your face while also bringing elegance to your look. As the zodiac's cardinal sign, own your strength and beauty with your hairstyle.

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bride with flowers in her hair

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Taurus women love things that feel luxe, comfortable, and sensual. However, they don't like anything too complicated or messy.

The style: Try including flower barrettes or real flowers in your hair like this chic ponytail. The natural elements will help you feel grounded on your big day.

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Geminis are fun, flirty, and full of surprises. The most highly sociable sign in the zodiac needs to be able to move around freely to visit with all her guests.

The style: Your sign rules duality and polar opposites. You can rock so many hairstyles, from bobs and pixies to long and sleek styles. Find something that feels comfortable to you and will take you through the evening as you play host.

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Bride with glam curls putting on earrings

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Traditional, feminine, and romantic, Cancers may like vintage looks that hold family and traditions near and dear.

The style: Classic old world Hollywood glamour hairstyles as timeless and sophisticated as you are. As the most sentimental sign, perhaps include a hair clip or jewels from a close family member as your something borrowed.

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Leos exude confidence and can rock anything bold. Embrace your inner lion for your wedding day and show off your look with pride.

The style: Loose, wavy hair like a lion’s mane or voluminous, natural curls will match your personality, and we know you'll wear it proudly.

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Eshaan kissing Meredith's cheek during their first look

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Simple and exquisitely perfect. You are meticulous about your appearance and would rather have something simple than something that will look sloppy after a few dances.

The style: Styles with intricate detail and sleek perfection may be best suited for your sign. A clean bun or updo is the perfect fit for a Virgo.

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Super feminine but uncomplicated, Libras are generally well-dressed and kind. A hairstyle that compliments your need for harmony and balance will work well.

The style: Try styles that are loose and wavy, as well as looks with perfect symmetry. Dreamy waves with a middle part like this bride wore can fit the bill.

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Bride's natural curly updo with delicately embellished hair pieces

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Scorpio is sexy, mysterious, and full of drama. You love to be in control and know how to play up your femininity.

The style: Enhance your mystique by sporting a chic style that allows pieces to hang loosely around your face, keeping you partially out of view.

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bride with braided updo hairstyle

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Sags can be world travelers, and your personal style can incorporate many looks from many worlds. Think bold with flair.

The style: You have the confidence to try anything that reflects your frame of mind. Be adventurous with your style or even change things up throughout the evening to keep it fresh between the ceremony and reception.

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Bride with curly ponytail and birdcage veil

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A Capricorn is traditional, sleek, and a classic beauty. You like to be in charge and often preferring a professional appearance.

The style: Aim for a simple hairstyle that entails a no-nonsense approach to keep up with your ambition.

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Bride with head wrap and statement earrings

Amy Anaiz; Event Planning by We Do! Collective by Fallon Carter; Bridal Styling by Vainglorious Brides; Hair by Modimel; Makeup by Danielle Henry; Jewelry by Lingua Nigra 

Unusual, very unique, with an affinity for colors and unique accessories, Aquarians probably don’t care much for traditions or rituals. You think of yourself as a free spirit.

The style: You have the eye to see and embrace future trends. You might want to try out many hairstyles until you find your perfect style match.

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two brides with braided updos kissing

Photo by Kristin Sweeting

Dreamy and ethereal, creative Pisces love highly romantic fairytale weddings.

The style: Bohemian hairstyles, or styles that resemble the waves of the ocean, best reflect your dreamy nature. Braids also can be a nice touch to your look.

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