35 Stunning Wedding Hair Accessory Ideas for Every Kind of Bride

Dress up your bridal 'do with one of these chic hair accessories

Tyler Branch Photography

So, your wedding-day look is almost complete, but it's just missing a certain finishing touch. We may be able to help. What about a gorgeous hair accessory? These little guys are known to give a major upgrade to any given hairstyle, not to mention they serve multiple purposes. Aside from being totally beautiful, a chic hairpin (or comb) can tuck away loose strands from your face from ceremony to reception, which is something especially important for the long-haired brides out there. We totally understand that flowing waves are utterly gorgeous, but constantly flicking strands away is not. Are you rocking a shorter 'do? These little wonders can still add that something special to your overall look.

Bohemian brides, try a detailed hair chain. For the romantics, an embellished floral hairpin will make guests swoon. And, for our minimal brides, a tiny accessory can add major style. Ready to find the one for you? Take a look through some of our favorite hair accessories, fit for any bride.

Jordan Voth Photography

A delicate pearl headband.

Photo by Kate Weinstein Photo

A gold left wrap-around headband.

Tyler Branch Photography

A dazzling jeweled gold hairpin.

Sara Lobla Photography

A detailed floral hair chain.

Jordan Voth Photography

A stunning jeweled floral headband.

Lauren Fair Photography

An intricate vintage jeweled headband.

A delicate leaf embellished hairpin.

James & Jess at jamesandjess.com

A small jeweled hairpin.

James & Jess at jamesandjess.com

A gorgeous jeweled floral headband.

Tyler Branch Photography

A vintage-inspired bembellished headband.

Lauren Fair Photography

A romantic floral headband with rose gold and silver.

Photo by Dan Petrovic

An embellished floral hairpin.

Bride and Groom Kiss
Photo by Sally Pinera

A minimal gold headband with diamond embellishments

Bride Wearing Diamond Earrings and Hairpiece
Photo by Bonnie Sen Photography

A gorgeous floral hairpin with embellishments.

Heather Hawkins Photography

A delicate gold headband with floral and leaf embellishments.

Kate Romenesko Photography

A vintage-inspired beaded bow-shaped hair clip from Lacielle Roselle.

Belathée Photography

A crystal branch and flower-shaped hair comb from Jennifer Behr.

Brett & Tori Photographers

A curved hair clip with beading and crystal details.

Koby Brown of Archetype Studio Inc.

A gold and crystal headpiece from Sibo Designs.

Greg Finck

A brass hair clip with layers of delicate leaves from The Wild Rose.

Loft Photography

A crystal-embellished headband from Bride La Boheme.

U Me Us Studios

A gold leaf hair clip with crystal flower details from One World Design.

Zosia Zacharia Photography

A sheer floral headpiece from Cherished.

Brklyn View Photography

A glamorous crystal-embellished floral headband from Dolce & Gabbana.

Becca B Photo

An ornate vintage headpiece from Shop Gossamer.

Carrie Rodman Wedding Photography

A silver hair clip with crystal-embellished floral accents.

Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography

A vintage-inspired headband with dangling gold chains and crystal accents.

Brandon Kidd

A feather-inspired hair comb with crystal details from Twigs & Honey.

Branco Prata

Two gold leaf-shaped hair clips with beaded accents.

Imogen Xiana

A gold crown with leaf details from Kelly Spence.

O'Malley Photographers

A delicate gold-and-crystal hair clip.

Koby Brown of Archetype Studio Inc.

A gold crown with crystal accents from Sibo Designs.

Carrie Rodman Wedding Photography

A delicate silver headpiece with floral designs.

Lauren Fair Photography

A minimal gold floral and leaf hairpin.

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