18 Absolutely Stunning Wedding Escort Card Ideas

Create a clever display to get the party started.

blue leaf escort card display

photo by lauren fair

If you’ve carefully crafted a seating chart for your reception dinner, then escort cards are an important piece of the puzzle. Escort cards direct wedding guests to their specific table. At that point, they may find a place card with their name on it, or they’re free to choose their own seat. But just like any other key wedding detail, there are so many ways to arrange these placards in order to set up a beautiful escort card display. It may be a chart, but it certainly doesn’t need to be boring!

“As with any and all wedding design elements, it’s important that your escort card display be a cohesive addition to the overall aesthetic,” says Becca Atchison, founder and creative director of Rebecca Rose Events. “Don’t be afraid to have a lot of fun with this, as the interactive nature of an escort card display can be such a fun highlight of the guest experience.”

Meet the Expert

Becca Atchison is the founding partner and creative director of Rebecca Rose Events, a full-service wedding planning company based in North Carolina.

The options for putting together a clever escort card display are pretty much endless. “Anything that can be personalized with a name can serve as an escort card. It’s also okay to ditch the ‘card’ and focus on a more interesting tangible item that will double as a gift,” says Atchison.

But as you’re determining the ideal escort card display, it’s also essential to consider just how it will be set up in your reception space. “It’s important not just to focus on the cards or items themselves, but also the broader background or surroundings,” adds Atchison. “If you use a wall, furniture piece, or table to set up an interesting display, make sure it will look fabulous on its own and serve a purpose, or be able to be swiftly removed, once all the escort cards are removed.”

Materials for escort card displays can be found through rental suppliers or even craft stores if you’re planning to go the DIY route. However, Atchison strongly suggests bringing in expert help for this part of the planning process and the day-of execution. “A great escort card display is well worth it, but the truth is that it may take many hours and some engineering expertise to make sure that it is set up beautifully in a way that is both safe and secure,” she says. Because escort card displays often stand on their own or hang, they require collaboration between a professional designer, florist, stationer, and rental supply company. After all, it is one of the most prominent elements that will welcome your guests to your reception and truly make a statement.

Ready to discover options for your big day? Below, find 18 awe-inspiring escort card ideas to get the planning started.

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Raise a Toast

champagne escort card display

Photo by Gretchen Gause

Kicking off your dinner reception with a toast is a classic addition to the celebration. Establish a structure, such as a large shelf, and pour your favorite champagne. Add a marker to each glass to let guests find their table.

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Feature Fresh Fruit

strawberry escort card display

photo by Jana Williams Photography

What if you handed out a little treat? We love this clever idea! Baskets of fresh strawberries are paired with escort cards for the sweetest display.

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Give Useful Gifts

Luggage tag escort card display

Photo by Chris & Ruth Photography

Escort cards can absolutely double as favors, and this display certainly offered something useful! Especially if you're planning a destination wedding, this is the perfect fit. Use luggage tags for guests to find their table and keep their cards with them when they head home.

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Make It Bloom

escort display with baby's breath

Photo by Amanda k photography

Hosting an outdoor garden party? Go for blooms! These escort cards featured bespoke floral illustrations, and on the table, there's an abundance of beautiful baby's breath and other white flowers to make a statement.

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Go Tropical

coconut escort card display

Photo by Bruno Rezza

Give your guests something to sip to kick off the reception. We love these fun coconut cups, marked with the name of each guest. Serve up a cocktail, or even hydrate with coconut water, as the perfect addition to a tropical or beach wedding.

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Feature Favorite Photographs

Photo Escort Cards

Photo by Larissa Cleveland

Want to make your display ultra-personal? Use polaroids! This personalized display featured a photo of each guest or family member. Guests found their photos with the couple to be able to find their seats.

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Make It Modern

black and white chair escort display

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography

Planning a modern wedding? Choose an escort card display to match. This structure was created to stand alone, with black chairs against a white background for stunning contrast.

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Go Bold With Citrus

Escort Cards

Photo by Larissa Cleveland

This is such a sweet and simple idea, but it certainly pops! Choose vibrant citrus such as clementines, lemons, or limes. Attach calligraphed scrolls with a pin for a fun, colorful option.

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Share Scented Candles

candle escort card display

Photo by corbin gurkin; planning and design by rebecca rose events

Escort card-meets-favor? We're all about it. Something sweet and simple like a candle can be a lovely gift for your guests. Include their names and table numbers and arrange the custom candles on a beautiful display table.

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Play With Petals

floral escort card display

photo by Kaley from Kansas

If you prefer a hanging escort card display, a white scroll with black lettering is lovely on its own. But to make a splash, why not add florals to the mix? These hanging flowers were the perfect way to tie this look together to match the rest of the wedding's aesthetic.

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Keep It Classic

monogram escort card display

Photo by Judith Rae Photography

Your escort card display can be entirely functional and beautiful at the same time. Consider a structure with simple white cards, but dress it up with pretty floral installations or even add your monogram for a classic look.

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Nod to the Season

fall leaves escort display

photo by lance nicoll; planning and design by rebecca rose events

If you're planning an autumn wedding, consider bringing leaves into the mix. This escort card display utilized a variety of leaves with hand-lettering to create a look with plenty of texture and seasonal color.

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Make It Grow

mini plant escort card display

photo by KT Merry

Bring your escort card display to life with plenty of plants. This display featured plants in mini terracotta pots. Each table assignment was placed with a small pick to look just like a plant marker in the garden.

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Take a Shot

tequila shot escort display

photo by Natalie Bray Photography

Want to keep spirits light and fun? Serve up shots! Pour shots of tequila, or any other favorite liquor, and match the theme with adorable markers in each glass for your guests.

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Theme a Structure

stereo themed escort display

photo by Matoli Keely Photography

If you're planning a dance party right after dinner, give a nod to your celebration schedule with your escort display. We love the shape and design of this set-up to mimic a stereo—with a clever saying to match.

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Nod to a Locale

limoncello escort cards


The destination of your wedding is the perfect place to find design inspiration. These charming mini bottles of limoncello were on display for a wedding in Tuscany at a venue called La Limonia. Talk about the perfect fit.

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Go for Acrylic

acrylic sign escort display

photo by Natura Collective

A simple option? Stick to signage, but make it stand out. Acrylic signs are such a stunning addition, and they work for a huge variety of themes. Use white lettering, or look to black or gold, and add a floral installation to make it pop.

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Turn to Textiles

blue summer textile escort display

Photo by Studio This Is

Keeping a design consistent throughout your wedding planning? Turn to a textile that matches your invitations, plates, and more. This framed structure made a beautiful statement during a late summer wedding.

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