6 Insanely Creative Wedding Details Based On Your Professions

Your guests will LOVE adorably fitting accents

Updated 02/21/18

Photo by Sargeant Creative

When it comes to planning your wedding, we’re all about adding personalized details. After all, you want your celebration to be a reflection of your individual personalities as well as who are as a couple.

But how do you even know where to begin? Well, why not start with your profession? After all, your job is likely a big part of your life (and where you spend the majority of your day), so highlighting what you do during your 9 to 5 makes a whole lot of sense.

We’ve seen so many couples take this idea and run with it—from raw-crystal escort cards (as a nod to the bride, who is a jewelry designer) to take-home toothbrush favors (from a pair of dentists!). Keep reading and you’ll be inspired by these creative ways to pay homage to what you do for work.

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Bookmark Escort Cards

Jessica Antola

If you or your fiancé are a librarian (or maybe are just a pair of bookworms), we love the idea behind these bookmark escort cards. Each one was letter-pressed and then hand-calligraphed with attendees’ names and table assignments.

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Crystal Escort Cards

Max & Friends

Raw quartz, which the bride (a jewelry designer) frequently uses her collections, weighed down colorful escort cards that were printed with everyone’s seating assignments.

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Olive Oil Favors

Megan Welker

If you or your fiancé is a chef, it’s only fitting to send guests home with a parting gift they’ll be able to cook with at home. Some favorite examples we’ve seen: bottles of your favorite olive oil (you could even infuse them with aromatics like rosemary or garlic for a handmade touch), your famous hot sauce or jam, or even jars of pickles that you’ve made just for the occasion.

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Prescriptions Guest Book

Roey Yohai Photography

Instead of signing their names in a book, guests were invited to share their prescription for a happy marriage—a clever nod to the bride’s and groom’s professions (they’re both doctors).

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Earning Their Wings

Jose Villa

This bride and groom are both licensed pilots, so as a nod to their love of all things aviation, they gave each guest a pair of wings. The shiny pins were engraved with guests’ table numbers and affixed to a card that was calligraphed with their names.

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Toothbrush Wedding Favors

The Grovers

When two dentists decide to tie the knot, you can bet their celebration will feature a toothy theme. Their signature-cocktail menu featured “The Crown” (Crown Royal whiskey and coke) and “The Gingervitis” (ginger beer, vodka, bitters, and lime), and guests were given toothbrush favors at the end of the night.

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