Wedding Décor Inspiration From the Runway

Creative ideas for your reception and ceremony from the minds of fashion greats

Updated 09/19/17

Christian Dior Spring Summer 2014; Catwalking/Getty

If you’re feeling a little lackluster on the inspiration front when it comes to your wedding décor, it may seem like an easy thing to put on the back burner in light of everything else you have to deal with on your to-do list (vendors, music, flowers to name a few). But don’t give up hope! One of our favorite ways to pull décor inspiration is by looking to the runways and the amazing set designers and florists that build dreamy, creative catwalks that transport and immerse you. Although clearly over-the-top and on much more grand scale than what you’ll be doing for your wedding, the takeaways can be translated perfectly for your ceremony or reception. After all, an aisle and a runway are quite similar!

We’ve seen lots of instances of runway set trends translating to wedding trends—for instance, take the Jason Wu Spring/Summer 2017 show: those large glass boxes filled with artfully arranged florals that seemed to be growing organically (by Putnam+Putnam) soon trickled into the wedding world (imagine pillars with acrylic boxes and a smaller scale as aisle markers). Or how about the amazing Christian Dior Fall/Winter Haute Couture 2012 show with those insane flower walls? Now, you can’t throw a bouquet and not hit a flower wall at a wedding! Because Dior is just amazing and creates the most incredible massive floral installations, they wowed at the Spring/Summer 2014 Couture show with a huge, wild canopy of flowers—and how many similar installations have you seen just like it from real weddings on Pinterest? We’d venture to guess a lot. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite runway set designs from the past year to get your creativity flowing—get ready to pin all of these to your wedding board!

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Wildflowers and Concrete Pillars

Peter White/Getty Images

At the Jason Wu Spring 2018 show these amazing, wild, but intentional florals topped large concrete pillars (by Putnam and Putnam, of course) for the perfect juxtaposition of sweet/tough. We can see a much smaller version of this working, using two as a frame for your ceremony structure.

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A "Wishing Tree"

Dominique Charriau/Getty Images

At the Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017 in Paris, a "wishing tree" (hanging with charms and lights) provided the most magical enchanted woodland maze as a runway. We love the idea of using glorified shrubs as circular seating with the tree serving as your ceremony structure—just put twinkle lights in the branches and if you're feeling ambitious some sort of colorful hanging décor.

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Asymmetrical Arrangements

Estrop/Getty Images

Seemingly untamed but beautifully asymmetrical, the runway at the Rodarte Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2017-2018 show was a lush garden dream. We imagine using similarly scattered, smaller floral arrangements scattered down your aisle, so that it looks like the flowers have popped up on their own.

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Mixing Patterns

Photo Courtesy of @BureauBetak on Instagram

For the bride that wants something a little less subtle, the Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2017 runway shows exactly why you shouldn't be afraid of mixing patterns at your reception or ceremony. Stick to one palette and a similar scale for the prints (think: a lounge area at cocktail hour with oversized floor pillows and maybe even throw in some patterned tiles as place cards for good measure) and mix with rich fabrics like velvets for a perfect setup.

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Concrete Planter with Contemporary Flowers

Victor VIRGILE/Getty Images

The elevated concrete planter bursting with florals at the Viktor & Rolf Spring Summer 2017 were breathtaking and a mix of both modern (grasses! branches! greenery!) and traditional (the shape of the planter). Have your florist do something similar on a smaller scale for a bar arrangement or centerpieces—the key here to keeping this modern is to make sure each type of plant or floral element is properly segmented off from the others to give this a piecey, contemporary vibe.

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