14 Wedding Cufflinks You Can Gift Your Groom

Because who doesn't love a shiny present in the accessory department! ?

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Ok, ladies—you've thought long and hard about what to gift your guy for your big day, and we did the legwork for you. Two words: wedding cufflinks. Sure, it may come off as cliché, but our argument comes well-backed. A set of cufflinks, no matter the style, lasts a lifetime, meaning plenty of post-wedding wear on his part (and a worthwhile investment on yours). Plus, major reality check: Your groom's wedding day fashion is JUST as important as yours. Add to his ensemble in style with something that complements your bridal bling, or even his wedding ring. And, if he doesn't consider himself much of a jewelry guy, there's still a personalized set of cuff accessories with his name (or initials, quite literally) written on them.

Not sold yet? Well, we rounded up fitting picks for every groom's style. For the classic gent, there's mother of pearl set against silver, or simple black onyx against gold. The sentimental guy will love cufflinks decked out with his initials, or a compass design that commemorates your many upcoming adventures (so corny, yet so cute). Seemingly too cool for cufflinks? He'll think again once he tries on Alexander McQueen's nontraditional skull set. And not to spoil too much, but we even found an ultra incognito pair that fits a small note (lay your love out on paper!).

Forget heart on the sleeve—these 14 wedding cufflinks make for much more mod big-day wear, while still screaming "I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ALL THE CUFFLINKS IN THE WORLD." Bonus: These fab finds don't exceed $275, perfect if you're setting partner price parameters.

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Sutton by Rhona Sutton Men's Silver-Tone Compass Cuff Links

Courtesy of Sutton by Rhona Sutton

All signs point to...a stellar wedding gift for your soon-to-be spouse. A prime choice for the adventurous pair to start the big day in the right direction.

SHOP NOW: Macy's, $65

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Ox and Bull Trading Co. Knot Cuff Links

Courtesy of Ox and Bull Trading Co.

What's more appropriate for tying the knot with one another? Depending on his wedding style, you can go for a gunmetal, gold-tone, or rhodium finish.

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $50

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Personalized Copper Cuff Links

Courtesy of Chanchala

So special, he can wear them time and time again. Go the extra mile and have your wedding date engraved on the back.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, starting at $40

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Cufflinks, Inc. Ribbed Mother of Pearl Cuff Links

Courtesy of CuffLinks, Inc.

It doesn't get more timeless than a mother of pearl setting against silver. This wedding cufflink set can up the ante on any suit or tux.

SHOP NOW: Neiman Marcus, $250

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Montblanc Meisterstück Onyx Round Cufflinks

Courtesy of Montblanc

Also erring on the classic side: an onyx and gold combo. The high contrast adds a decidedly modern look while still feeling polished.

SHOP NOW: Bloomingdale's, $210

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Secret Messaging Cufflinks

Courtesy of UncommonGoods

This pair looks like a gift in and of itself, but just wait until he opens them. Yes, these wrist accessories that put James Bond's sleek spy attire to shame have the capacity to store a tiny note. Pen your future spouse sweet nothings, draw an image, or jot down a joke to ease his nerves—whatever your fancy, it's a fun surprise.

SHOP NOW: UncommonGoods, $50

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Fleuron Cuff Links

Courtesy of Brooks Brothers

A little something blue for your groom? We're all about it, and especially love the idea of a small pop of color for his wedding day look.

SHOP NOW: Brooks Brothers, $275

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Miansai Silver-Plated Anchor Cufflinks

Courtesy of Miansai

Seafaring spouses, this set's for you. They may be small, but they're still a stylish nod to a nautical wedding theme.

SHOP NOW: Todd Snyder, $115

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Alexander McQueen Skull & Stone Cuff Links

Courtesy of Alexander McQueen

Contrary to popular belief, cool-guy cufflinks do exist. Set the record straight when he opens this pair of badass accessories, infused with distinctive skulls against an onyx setting.

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $175

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Silver Type Key Cufflink

Courtesy of UncommonGoods

Commemorate his first and last names, or your guy can wear your own first initial on one of his sleeves. Get even more playful with a "XO" set.

SHOP NOW: UncommonGoods, $80

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Tiger's-Eye Round Cuff Links

Courtesy of Brooks Brothers

No matter his style preferences, tortoise is always a safe bet. Sleek silver stripes also add a fresh take on these wedding cufflinks for your groom.

SHOP NOW: Brooks Brothers, $245

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Cufflinks, Inc. I Love You/I Know Cuff Links

Courtesy of Cufflinks, Inc.

There's no better scenario than your wedding to call on the force to be with you.

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $65

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M-Clip Rose Gold Tone Inlay Round Carved Cufflinks

Courtesy of M-Clip

You know what they say—tough guys wear pink! If you've taken to this cheerful hue for your wedding bouquet or even bridesmaid dresses, keep up a consistent look without coming across as too matchy-matchy.

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom Rack, was $119, now $70

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Roundtree & Yorke Fleur-de-Lis Cuff Links

Courtesy of Roundtree & Yorke

You don't see the fleur-de-lis motif all too often, making this men's cufflink set all the more memorable for your sweetheart. Small crystal embeds also amplify the wow factor.

SHOP NOW: Dillard's, $40

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