How to Make a Grand Ceremony Entrance With Repurposed Vintage Doors

Vintage ceremony doors in front of a large tree

Feather & Twine Photography

Antique wooden doors pop up everywhere on Pinterest and it's no wonder—a pair of old, weathered doors is a clever way to add rustic charm to your wedding. They can be incorporated into your celebration in a myriad of ways—used as a charming DIY ceremony backdrop, repurposed into an antique tabletop, or turned into a surface for wedding signage like a cocktail menu or ceremony program.

Or, you could simply use the doors as, well, doors. One of our favorite ideas is to use them to create an entrance to your ceremony venue. It's a genius idea, especially if you're tying the knot outdoors in an open setting—the doors will help define the ceremony space. If you're up for a DIY project, you could source a set of doors from your local thrift stores or salvage yard; then, add a coat of paint or intentionally distress them for a vintage, aged look. Inspired by this idea? Check out our favorite takes on this ceremony décor trend.

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Freestanding Weathered Doors

Freestanding weathered wood doors with dogwood flower decor at the top of the aisle

Photo by Adam Barnes

If you're tying the knot in a large, open field, it's a nice idea to have some decorations to help anchor the ceremony space. This couple set up a pair of weather wood doors at the top of the aisle; the door frame was adorned with dogwood blossoms.

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Wooden, Lift-Away Doors

Bride and father ready to walk the aisle behind wood doors

Photo by Ryan Ray

As beautiful as an outdoor ceremony may be, one tricky thing is that it's challenging to pull off the bride's grand entrance since it's difficult for her to stay hidden from guests. One way around it? A pair of doors and a couple of gamely ushers! Such a sweet idea that's sure to elicit a ton of "awwws" and amazing photos.

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Ceremony Doors With Boxwood Hedges

Open ceremony doors within boxwood hedges lead to intimate wedding ceremony

Photo by Mi Belle Photography

This couple wanted their outdoor ceremony to feel small and intimate, so their wedding planner framed the seating area with boxwood hedges and found antique white barn doors for the entrance. Their florist added a heart-shaped floral wreath on the door to help welcome guests to the celebration.

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Church Doors and Pews

Church doors free standing outside, leading to wedding aisle with pews

Photo by Kat Wilson Photography

If you love the idea of an outdoor ceremony as well as the formality of exchanging vows in a traditional church, then this idea is the perfect blend of the two. Instead of ceremony seats, this couple used church pews for rows and marked off the beginning of the aisle with a pair of freestanding whitewashed doors. The pointed, arched shape is reminiscent of Gothic church doors and adds a touch of solemnity to the alfresco ceremony.

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Weathered Blue Doors

Weathered blue wedding ceremony doors with flowers and a burlap aisle runner

Photo by Green Door Photography

This couple also had a similar idea, to create an outdoor church ceremony in the middle of their Montana prairie wedding setting. A pair of weathered blue doors, decorated with fresh greenery and white blossoms, created an entrance to the ceremony space; they added a lace-trimmed burlap runner to mark the aisle.

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Arched Doors With Wood Shutters

Open arched ceremony doors with wood shutters and orange and green plants

Photo by Taylor Lord

This ceremony set-up designed by The Nouveau Romantics featured wood-shuttered doors that opened to a lush, inviting ceremony scene: mismatched kilim rugs that formed the aisle and a fall-themed entryway featuring a variety of potted plants and foliage in autumnal tones.

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