Cute and Creative Card Boxes to Stash Your Cash

These card boxes are so darn pretty, they're bona fide wedding decor

<p>Suitcase Wedding Card Box Idea</p>

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Many of your wedding guests will arrive at your wedding bearing cards and gifts, so you'll want to create a spot where they can drop them off. That way, guests won't have to worry about carrying an envelope around all night and can focus on celebrating.

It's also a good idea to designate someone you trust to keep an eye on the cards and presents and then later store them away for safekeeping.

Use this as an opportunity to personalize your wedding day and collect guests' cards in a container that also does double duty as decor. Choose a cute and creative vessel that will complement your overall wedding decor, then position it on your welcome table, right near the ceremony entrance so your guests cannot miss it.

From repurposed old-school mailboxes and vintage suitcases to an actual lobster trap, here are several creative alternatives to a basic card box.

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Glass Jewelry Display

<p>Glass Jewelry Display Wedding Card Box</p>

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A brass-and-glass jewelry box as elegant as this looks beautiful on the welcome table. Display it with the lid open so guests know to leave their wedding cards inside.

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Lobster Trap

<p>Lobster Trap Wedding Card Box</p>

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If you're marrying by the ocean or hosting a nautical wedding, continue with the seaside theme by using an old lobster trap as your card holder. Be sure to also display a sign so guests know they're supposed to leave their cards inside.

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<p>Mailbox Wedding Card Box</p>

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An old-school aluminum mailbox makes for a great wedding-card catch-all. Display it open and with the little flag raised upright so guests know to slide their card right in; flowers and a cute sign will help make this card drop-off spot come to life.

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Vintage Suitcase

<p>Vintage Suitcase Wedding Card Box</p>

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If you're hosting a destination wedding, turn a vintage suitcase into a clever card-collecting container. Prop the suitcase open and have it on display at the welcome table, along with a banner spelling out "cards." This is also a great idea if you and your groom love to travel!

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Wood Lantern

<p>Wood Lantern Wedding Card Box</p>

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For this couple's tented seaside reception, they turned a chic wood-frame lantern into a card-collection vessel. Guests could open the lantern's latch and drop their well wishes inside.

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Wire Basket

<p>Wire Basket Wedding Card Box</p>

Jake & Heather

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones. Repurpose a wire basket for your guests' cards and small gifts; be sure to affix a hand-lettered sign so guests know to drop them inside.

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