Wedding Cakes All Wrapped Up in Sugar Wreaths

Here are our favorite takes on this chic and sophisticated cake trend

Updated 06/08/17

Photo and Cake by Earth and Sugar

Hair crowns made of flowers and greenery are always in style—and now, the trend has crossed over into wedding cakes. Many talented bakers these days are fashioning beautiful wreaths and laurels entirely of sugar as an elegant wedding-cake embellishment.

Start with simply frosted tiers—either using buttercream or fondant—then have your baker make a wreath or laurel using gumpaste, which is a pliable sugar dough that can be rolled out to form shapes like leaves. Stick with just a sugar wreath of greenery for a simple-yet-elegant look, or add other edible decorations like handmade sugar flowers or berries for a more lush and textured look. Prefer something more glamorous? Have the sugar leaves painted a shimmery gold or cover each one in edible gold leaf for added shine. You could even add your monogram to the design by hand-painting your initials onto the tiers in the center of the wreath.

Whatever you decide, adding a sugar wreath is an elegant way to decorate your wedding dessert. Need some inspiration? These examples below are our favorite takes on this chic and sophisticated cake trend.

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Soft Pastels

Soft, watercolor-pink tiers are decorated with an elegant sugar wreath made of handmade leaves, roses, and navy-blue privet berries.

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Peach, Mint, and Gold

A sweet wreath of sugar leaves, berries, and roses helps balance out the gilded sequins and quatrefoil pattern on the lower half of the cake design.

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Wreath and Monogram

The pale-green marbled cake tiers are decorated with a calligraphed monogram and an elegant laurel wreath made of individually handmade gumpaste leaves and berries that were wired and taped together.

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Gilded Tier

Chris Clark

A delicate trail of sugar wildflowers, white Icelandic poppies, and blush-pink café au lait dahlias are carefully arranged on the cream-colored tiers to create a subtle and elegant floral garland.

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Gilded Wreath

For something spectacular and a little unexpected, we love this cake design that features graceful wings made of sugar soaring above a wreath of sugar leaves that were covered in edible gold leaf.

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Spray of Greenery

Wedding Cakes with Sugar Wreaths

Photo and Cake by Earth and Sugar

Since greenery garlands and wreaths have become popular wedding decorations, it's no wonder they've also made their way onto wedding cakes. A simple wreath of sugar olive leaves, lavender buds, parrot tulips, and stephanotis enlivens the pale-blue cake tiers.

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