Go Green With These Wedding Cakes Decorated with Fresh Ferns

We’re officially obsessed with ferns!

Jen Huang Photography

We love the look of an earthy wedding overflowing with greenery—especially ferns. While the leafy deep-green beauties look stunning mixed into wedding floral arrangements like bouquets and centerpieces (and even boutonnieres!), you can also incorporate ferns into pretty much every other aspect of your wedding decor.

We’re seeing fern-themed wedding invitations, fern-filled ceremony backdrops, table runners made entirely of ferns, and even fern-embellished wedding cakes. When it comes to your wedding dessert, the feathery, delicate greens are a great decoration option because they’re striking and sculptural (not to mention more affordable than fresh flowers or sugar flowers). And while ferns are the perfect choice for rustic- or woodland-themed weddings, you definitely do not need to be tying the knot in a forest to incorporate them into your celebration. Sleek and elegant, ferns are a versatile greenery element that can be worked into all types of weddings.

Need some fern-filled inspiration? Check out a few of our favorite wedding cakes decorated with fresh ferns.

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Buttercream-Frosted Cake With Ferns

Courtesy of Belle and Beau

While fondant icing is a classic choice for clean, perfectly smooth cake tiers, more couples are opting for textured buttercream finishes. This intentionally messy look is perfect for more-casual weddings, with natural-looking swirls and strokes of frosting that look delectable and unfussy. Finish off the rustic look with a few fresh ferns.

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Square Cake Tiers

Landon Jacob Photography

With clean, elegant lines and crisp 90 degree angles, wedding cakes with square tiers are a modern alternative to traditional round cakes. This example features just the addition of a few fern fronds. Wrapping the leaves over the corners is a simple way to embellish a clean and minimalist cake.

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Fresh Ferns and Dogwoods

Jen Huang Photography

Something as simple as a handful of cinnamon fern fronds and a couple of dogwood blossoms give this two-tiered confection by Brooklyn-based Nine Cakes a stunning sculptural look.

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Copper Tiers With Ferns and Thistles

Kristin La Voie Photography

While fresh ferns naturally have an earthy walk-through-the-woods feel, they can also work as embellishments on more glamorous cake designs. Here, the copper-colored bottom tier adds a dose of shine and glamour, while the fern and thistle embellishments balance the overall look.

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Ferns and Nigella

Marcie Meredith Photography

If you’ve got an ornate cake stand, like this gold version decorated with crystals, keep your cake design simple. All you really need? Minimal embellishments—like a few fresh ferns and a couple of nigella blossoms—to add a hint of sweetness.

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Naked Wedding Cake With Ferns

Photo by Hights Photography

“Naked” or partially frosted wedding cakes are a unique alternative to traditional fondant-covered confections. Somehow, getting a peek at the cake layers beneath the frosting makes the overall design all the more delectable. If you’re going the naked-cake route, simply add a sprig or two of asparagus ferns for a chic yet rustic look.

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