The Biggest Wedding-Cake Trends for 2017

Bakers are taking fondant and buttercream to a whole new level

Updated 10/15/19

Ryan Johnson Photography

Your wedding cake is more than just the first sweet bite you share as newlyweds. It’s a centerpiece, a focal point, and another layer to your wedding’s design and decor (that tasty flavor you’ve chosen helps too!). And while naked cakes have been all the rage—and are a super pretty and relaxed style choice—sometimes you just want more: more color, more texture, and more frosting. So to bring cake trends firmly into 2017, we’ve turned to top bakers from around the country, asking them to share what’s new and exciting in the world of buttercream and fondant. Need wedding-cake inspiration? Look no further...and bring a fork!

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Geode Cake

Claire Marika Photography

“Geodes are the most exciting thing I did in 2016, and as word spreads, I’m getting more and more requests for 2017,” says Carrie Biggers-Burnett, owner of Carrie’s Cakes in Sandy, Utah. She combines rock sugar and gold leaf to create the illusion of a natural geode surrounded by sweet fondant.

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Metallic Ombre Cake

Courtesy of City Sweets

Metallics aren’t just for your tablescape! “I’ve been getting a lot of requests for metallics, namely a metallic ombré look,” says Deborah Lauren, founder of City Sweets in New York City. The combination of gold sugar leaves, soft gilded paint, and pearlescent white is subtly sparkling and so stunning.

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White on White

Courtesy of The Butter End

“I am so happy that the trend is swinging back to beautiful cakes and away from small plates and dessert bars. It’s the first thing guests see at the reception and the last thing they taste. Let it shine!” says Kimberly Bailey, chief cake officer of The Butter End. She is excited to see her clients heading back toward sleek fondant and lots of sugar work. “It’s not a one-size-fits-all trend like the way ruffled cakes were,” says Bailey. “Instead, we’re getting really detailed and dimensional, all while keeping the cake monochromatic.” For a contemporary bride looking for something unique, she created an offset cake with tons of sugar flowers, as well as lots of movement from delicate white butterflies.

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Gold Nugget Cake

Ryan Johnson Photography

“Natural elements are the next big thing,” adds Biggers-Burnett. “Minerals and agates are really in, and I’ve been turning to my personal collection of crystals to replicate details as close to the real thing as possible.” This white and soft-blue cake, shot on Utah’s Salt Flats, includes edible gold leaf and faux gold nuggets.

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Organic Castle Cake

Connie Whitlock Photography

While the naked-cake trend isn’t going anywhere, Megan Clark, owner of Megan Joy Cakes in Vail, Colorado, is putting a spin on it. “I have clients who are alternating naked and fondant-covered tiers for contrast, then dressing the tiers with gum paste, florals, and fruit garnishes to customize the look,” she describes.

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Feather Cake

Courtesy of the Butter End

Intricate handmade details are what really set a cake apart. “This cake features over 1,200 individual sugar feathers, embossed with texture and artfully placed on each tier,” Bailey describes. Again, it proves that an all-white cake doesn’t have to be boring! “Dimension and movement keep cake designs visually captivating,” she says.

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