9 Pretty Wedding Cake Toppers You Can Buy Right Now

The perfect finishing touch to your glorious confection

Ahh, cake—the one component (if not the best) of the tiresome wedding planning process that gives you an excuse to indulge your inner sweet tooth. After you've made your final flavor decisions and left your pink champagne dessert or buttercream confection (or something of that nature...) in the hands of the baking pros, the challenge then falls on you and your partner to find the perfect cake topper for the ultimate photo-worthy finishing touch. Although hunting for this decorative detail is nowhere near as sweet (sadly no tasting this time around), a wedding cake topper will make your wedding cake feel all the more personalized and glamorous. And, not to worry, a cake accessory certainly won't detract from the dessert's design, whether it be ombré icing or a naked number.

We rounded up 9 wedding-worthy cake toppers fit to match any reception style. For the minimal couple, it's easy to keep it simple with a copper wire topper in the shape of your initials. Not to mention, there's no shortage of customizable cake accessories to cater to you and your S.O. If you prefer a dash of whimsy, you'll love the multicolored "Love" additive. Or, add just the right amount of glamour to an otherwise simple cake with a gold metallic peony configuration. Forget the cherry on top—these gorgeous cake additives will take your confection to the next level, minus the "pretty please."

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Arrow & Initials Cake Topper

Courtesy of Le Rustic Chic

SHOP NOW: Le Rustic Chic, starting at $19.99

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Personalized Ceramic Modern Wedding Cake Topper

Courtesy of Susabellas

SHOP NOW: Susabellas, $28.99

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Eucalyptus Cake Topper

Courtesy of Which Goose

SHOP NOW: Which Goose, starting at $38

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Couples Name Wedding Topper

Courtesy of All Her Glory

SHOP NOW: All Her Glory, starting at $17

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Last Name Cake Topper

Courtesy of Shop Bash and Co.

SHOP NOW: Shop Bash and Co., starting at $18.07

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Extra-Large Peony Wedding Cake Topper

Courtesy of Stylish Cake Decor

SHOP NOW: Stylish Cake Decor, $65

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Geometric Wedding Cake Topper

Photo by Dyanna LaMora

SHOP NOW: Z Create Design, $45

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LOVE Cake Topper

Courtesy of Meadowlark Bluebird

SHOP NOW: Meadowlark Bluebird, $12.95

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Geometric Heart Wedding Cake Topper

Courtesy of Shop Bash and Co.

SHOP NOW: Shop Bash and Co., starting at $15.79

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