38 of the Prettiest Floral Wedding Cakes

From fresh blooms to handcrafted sugar flowers, there's a flower here for every kind of cake.

wedding cake with florals

Photo by Kyle John Photography; cake by Sweet Heather Anne

There are countless options to consider when it comes to choosing the design of your wedding cake. From selecting a multi-tiered cake to make a statement or choosing a smaller cake with just one tier to incorporating gold detailing or buttercream artistry, the possibilities are endless. But one wedding cake concept that will remain forever timeless? Florals.

A floral wedding cake has a spot at any reception, no matter the wedding style, and these stunning sweets can come in so many different forms. Whether you’re choosing to incorporate fresh florals, candied flowers, or intricate petals painted on with buttercream or fondant, they’re a gorgeous way to match your color palette and aesthetic while elevating the design of your wedding day treat.

Ready to find the perfect fit for your big day? Below, find 38 floral wedding cake ideas to inspire your own.

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Play With Pastels

textured wedding cake with white roses

Photo by Birds of a Feather; cake by Hotel Bel-Air

Sticking with a more subtle color palette? Plan your florals to match! Pair a few pastel roses with an otherwise white cake for a lovely look.

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Set the Scene

tall white wedding cake with white flowers

Photo by Charla Storey; cake by Shannon Star Cakes

There's no such thing as too many flowers! Set the scene with an incredible display of blooms on your cake table. Then, add a few to your cake to bring the design together.

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Go Organic

Pressed Flower Cake

Photo by Jenna Powers Photography; Cake by Desserts by Deena; Florals Design by Old Slate Farm

Instead of fresh flowers, consider using dried and pressed flowers in natural hues for a wild and whimsical look. We love how this two-tiered design exudes so much personality with plenty of texture.

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Choose Chamomile

wedding cake with chamomile flowers

Photo by Kaley from Kansas; cake by The Adelphi Hotel

Chamomile is entirely edible, making it the perfect flower to place on top of cakes. Plus, it's absolutely adorable with dainty petals. Add a few blooms, or decorate your whole cake for a fairytale-inspired design.

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Space Them Out

white wedding cake with flowers

Photo by AGP Collective

A few blooms dotted throughout a cake can make such a stunning statement. We love the way these vibrant flowers pop against a multi-tiered white cake.

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Embrace All-White

white wedding cake

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

Looking for a timeless design? With matching white flowers, this buttercream wedding cake is fit for any type of celebration—from casual to more formal weddings.

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Mix Flowers and Fruit

wedding cake

Photo by James + Schulze

Embrace the bounty of blooms and fresh fruits! We love the way this cascade of flowers, figs, and grapes compliments the textured buttercream on this cake.

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Choose Chocolate

Wedding Cake

Photo by Sasithon Photography

Think chocolate cake isn't for weddings? Think again! This chocolate naked cake was dressed up with a few blooms to match for a darling design.

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Make a Statement With Color

wedding cake with white and dark tones and flowers

photo by Alexandra Lee Photography; cake by Flourish Cake Design

Want to make a splash? Choose color, color, and more color. We love the look of this multi-tiered cake with a dark-hued base, paired with plenty of whimsical blooms.

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Create an Autumn Cascade

floral wedding cake with chocolate drip

Photo and cake by Ashley Cakes

A cascade down the side of a multi-tiered naked cake is nothing short of stunning. This cake embraces autumn hues for a flawless look, but the same concept could be used for any season.

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Press Plenty of Flowers

wedding cake with pressed flowers

Photo by Jacqueline Benét; cake by Morfey’s Cake

Pressed flowers on cakes are never going out of style. We love the look of this wedding day sweet, with plenty of petals and greenery in a variety of hues.

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Use a Textile as Inspiration

light blue wedding cake with painted flowers

Photo by Jenna Greenawalt; cake by Sweet Heather Anne

Let your cake artist showcase their incredible skills! A dress inspired the stunning design of this cake, providing the perfect fit for a glamorous coastal wedding.

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Embrace Texture

textured wedding cake with ruffled flowers

Photo by Jessica Mangia; cake by Qualcosa di Dolce

Don't be afraid to embrace texture! The ruffles of these flowers in this cascade were the perfect match for the textured two-tiered cake.

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Go Bold With a Colorful Cascade

wedding cake with purple flowers

Photo by Christine Brizendine of Dabble Me This; cake by Cake Chicago

Obsessed with your color palette? Put it front and center! The cascade of flowers down this sleek white cake definitely made a statement.

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Go Semi-Naked

naked wedding cake with pink flowers

Photo byJodee Debes Photography; cake by Monday Bakery & Cafe

A semi-naked cake paired with a few flowers is nothing short of romantic. We love the way the pink pops against the combination of chocolate cake and white buttercream.

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Match Your Dinner Plates

terracotta colored wedding cake

Photo by Joe + Kathrina; cake by Maison de la Fork

Looking for inspiration for a unique cake design? One couple asked their baker to match the dinner plates used at their reception! That included a stunning handpainted motif and a few blooms to make it pop.

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Opt for Ombre

tall wedding cake with flowers

Photo by KT Merry; cake by Made in Cake

Want to make a colorful floral statement? Let blooms shine with a variety of hues. This tall, sleek cake was the perfect backdrop for an ombre color palette.

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Channel a Boho Vibe

single tiered wedding cake with boho flowers

Photo by Kaylee Chelsea Photography; cake by MIHO

We love the clever use of blooms in neutral hues on top of this single-tiered sweet.

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Wow With Red

single tiered wedding cake with red flowers

Photo by Kurt Boomer; cake by Hey There, Cupcake! 

Don't be afraid to go bold with color, even on a smaller cake. The collection of vibrant red blooms on top of this semi-naked cake is absolutely stunning.

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Take It to the Tropics

wedding cake with tropical flowers

Photo by Madison Hope Photography; cake by Earth & Sugar

Tropical wedding? Incorporate palm leaves and fresh flowers! We love the combination of white blooms and greenery in this modern design.

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Match the Buttercream

pink wedding cake with flowers


Planning a cake with colored buttercream? Find a few blooms that match the same hue to make it pop and bring the cake to life.

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Include Edible Orchids

wedding cake with sugar flowers

Photo by Matoli Keely Photography; cake by Hey There, Cupcake!

We can't get over the stunning dusty mauve color of this three-tiered cake. But the edible orchids on top make it that much better.

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Try a Trio

trio of wedding cakes with flowers

Photo by Ninety Three Creative; cake by Gallery Pastry Shop

Love the look of single-tiered cakes but need more to feed a crowd? Bring multiple cakes into the mix and dress up the scene with plenty of fresh blooms to bring it all together!

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Feature Flowers With Fruit

wedding cake with fruit and flowers


Utilizing fruit to decorate a wedding cake brings a romantic vibe to the mix. To dress it up further, add a few complementary flowers for a stunning look.

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Showcase Orchids

wedding cake with orchids

PHOTO BY Ashlyn Cathey Photography; Cake by Lush Cakery

Orchids immediately evoke a feeling of elegance. For a sophisticated sweet, choose a white cake paired with a cascade of these pretty blooms.

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Celebrate With Sunflowers

sunflower wedding cake


Looking for something bright and sunny? Let sunflowers shine! Choose a naked cake with sunflowers and chamomile as the perfect fit for a rustic wedding.

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Commission a Masterpiece

wedding cake with painted flowers


Not all floral cakes include fresh blooms, and that's okay! The artistry on this cake is absolutely awe-inspiring. Not to mention the inspiring romantic color palette.

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Consider Cherry Blossoms

wedding cake with cherry blossoms


While not a wedding flower you think of often, cherry blossoms can provide beautiful inspiration. We love the sophisticated design of this multi-tiered cake with ruffles and white blossoms.

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Make It Beachy

beach wedding cake with pink flowers


Want a cake for a beach wedding without looking to something blue? Choose a white cake with tan, textured leaves. Add a bright pop of color with just a few blooms to complete the look.

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Go Bold With Black and Florals

black wedding cake with flowers


A black wedding cake is sure to be a showstopper. But to command even more attention? Ask your baker to add painted blooms, along with fresh flowers.

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Top With Hydrangeas

small wedding cake with blue flowers

PHOTO BY Laura Gordon Photography; PLANNING & FLOWERS BY Greenwood Events; CAKE BY Roaring Gap Club

Hydrangeas are such a dreamy summer flower, and they're perfect on a cake! This cake featured blue-purple hydrangeas along with dogwood flowers for a sweet look.

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Choose Sugar Flowers

wedding cake with red sugar flowers

Photo by Olivia Marshall Photography; Cake by Samantha Mayfair Cakes

Sugar flowers are crafted in a way that they look real! Consider several sugar flowers on top of your cake for a colorful, yet elegant, design.

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Play With Peonies

wedding cake with peonies

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Cake by Enjoy Cupcakes; Florals by Toast Santa Barbara

Peonies are actually edible, and they make the most stunning addition to any cake. Consider adding just one big peony on a single-tiered cake, or pair plenty of fresh blooms with a textured cake to make a statement.

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Make a Color Statement

wedding cake with bright flowers

Photo by The Present Perfect; cake by SugarFiend Bakeshop

Using florals allows you to really go bold and make a statement, thanks to plenty of color and tons of texture. This cascade made the cake look like it was actually growing out of the cake table.

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Mix Painted and Fresh Blooms

wedding cake with real and painted flowers

Photo by Ryan Ray Photography; cake by Nine Cakes

Use your wedding flowers to inspire your cake design, and mix and match between fresh and painted. We can't get over the artistry on this stunning elegant cake.

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Go for Gold Detailing

wedding cake with gold and flowers

Photo by Terri Baskin; cake by Fluffy Thoughts Cakes

Planning a glamorous wedding? Incorporate plenty of gold detailing, and finish with flowers. Just a few white and pink blooms were the perfect way to complete this look.

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Make It Grow

wedding cake with blooming flowers

Photo by Kyle John Photography; cake by Sweet Heather Anne

Want to bring your cake to life? Display your wedding day sweet outside, and incorporate sprouting blooms throughout for an incredible, nature-inspired design.

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Exude Elegance

pastel floral wedding cake

Photo by Molly carr photography; cake by La Maison Hardouin

You can use flowers in so many different ways on cakes, whether you're making a statement or showing restraint. Here, a simple white cake is enhanced with just a few pastel blooms for a lovely elegant look.

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