85 of the Prettiest Floral Wedding Cakes

Pretty blooms are the perfect accessory for your reception confection

Updated 04/10/19

Photo by Kelly Anne Berry

Whether you prefer sugar or fresh flowers, pretty blooms are the perfect accessory for your reception confection—and these 87 wedding cakes with flowers are all the proof you'll need!

While guests might forget your first dance song or the color of your table runners, your friends and family will always remember what your wedding cake tasted and looked like. Wedding cakes with flowers and greenery are undeniable show-stoppers and one of the most popular big day desserts—for good reason, we might add!

Flower wedding cakes don't just have their beautiful looks going for them. Florals can add vibrancy to an otherwise simple cake at a relatively low expense. It allows the couple to skip pricier decorative techniques—like fondant or hand-cut details—in favor of floral adornments. And though sugar flowers cost more than fresh, the fake buds are still a cost-effective way to upgrade your wedding cake without bursting your budget. And the best part about going the faux-flower route is that the color and design options are endless.

Flower wedding cakes are so versatile that they can be adapted to fit almost any wedding theme. Go the rustic route with scattered buds and greenery at the cake's base. A confection with gold accents or intricate sugar flowers in between each layer befits a glamorous affair. A nearly naked flower wedding cake with a scattering of wildflowers is perfect for bohemian weddings. And more couples are also getting creative with watercolor prints and unexpected color combinations.

To get you feeling inspired, we found 85 beautiful wedding cakes with flowers for you to peruse. With countless options, including hand-painted, cascading, and overloaded-floral styles, it's impossible not to find a delicious confection you absolutely love.

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Keep it Petite

Tahitian vanilla wedding cake with bourbon caramel filling

Photo by Olivia Rae James

Proof you don't need towering tiers to make a stunning reception confection. All this petite wedding cake needed was three full and lush roses!

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Reminisce on Spring


Photo by Corbin Gurkin

The lilac and sunny yellow blooms on this wedding cake remind us of springtime garden parties.

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Add Seasonal Fruits

wedding cake

Photo by James + Schulze

In addition to garden-fresh flowers, this wedding cake is also decorated with a bounty of seasonal fruits.

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Spring Wedding Ready

Buttercream Cake with Flowers

Photo by Bashful Captures

With buttercream frosting and lush flowers and greenery, this confection is ready for a spring wedding.

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Utilize Watercolor

Photo by Nicole Berrett Photography

With watercolor floral illustrations, this wedding cake is totally dreamy.

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Add an Acrylic Topper


Photo by Ali Bailey

Lightly frosted and toting an acrylic topper, this confection also features roses in muted lavender hues.

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Use Pink Flowers

Wedding Cake

Photo by Kate Headley

This stunning confection is positively drowning in pretty pink flowers.

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Top with Berries

Strawberry Cake

Photo by Sarah Falugo

In addition to roses, this summery wedding cake is also topped with berries.

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Feature Pressed Flowers

Photo by Jenna Powers Photography; Cake by Desserts by Deena; Florals Design by Old Slate Farm

Instead of fresh flowers, this wedding cake featured dried and pressed flowers for a wild and whimsical look.

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Top with Lavender

Wedding Cake and Cupcakes

Photo by Mariel Hannah Photography

This pretty-in-pink wedding cake is topped with fragrant lavender.

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Use Dark-Hued Blooms

Wedding Cake with Dark Tones and Roses

Photo by Kelly Anne Berry

The dark-hued blooms on this floral wedding cake gives this confection a romantic, moody vibe.

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Rest on Blooms


Photo by Greer Gattuso

Not only is this floral wedding cake dripping in white flowers, but it's also resting on an entire garden's worth of blooms!

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Wrap in Vines

wedding cake

Photo by Laura Gordon; Cake by Favorite Cakes; Planning by Easton Events; Florals by Beehive Events

This beautiful dessert is wrapped in vines and dotted with flowers.

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Perfect for Spring

White wedding cake with flowers

Photo by Curtis Wiklund Photography

Doesn't this flower wedding cake just seem to scream springtime?!

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Gorgeous Greenery

small naked cake topped with flowers

Photo by Anna Roussos; Cake by Pavlov’s Lab; Planning by White Ribbon Boutique Events; Florals by Red Box Days

We love the organic feel of this petite wedding cake with white flowers and greenery.

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Serve Three Cakes

Photo by Christa Donald

Why have just one flower wedding cake when you can have three?

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Classic and Romantic

Wedding cake

Photo by O'Malley Photographers

This wedding cake with flowers is equal parts classic and romantic.

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Top with Roses

Wedding cake

Photo by For the Love of It

Here, a single-tiered wedding cake is topped with roses. We love all the texture in the buttercream!

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Dot with Pink Posies

Croquembouche Wedding Cake

Photo by Harwell Photography

How unique! For a French-inspired wedding, we love a Croquembouche wedding cake. This one is even dotted with pretty pink posies.

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Add Some Romance

wedding cake barely there icing with fresh flowers

Photo by Alicia Swedenborg

The rich, red flowers on this cake add a dose of romance to the dessert.

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Use Warm Hues

Two-Tiered Wedding Cake with Roses

Photo by Amber Vickery

At their Austin wedding, this couple served a gluten-free Mexican vanilla wedding cake with Italian cream and chocolate, complete with flowers in warm hues.

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Chocolate and Flowers

Wedding Cake

Photo by Sasithon Photography

Who doesn't love chocolate cake? Especially when it's covered in fresh flowers!

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Spring-Ready Color Palette

Wedding cake

Photo by The Nichols

White and green is a spring-ready color palette we can always get behind.

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Five Tiers of Florals

Couple kissing next to wedding cake

Photo by Kristin La Voie Photography

This five-tiered floral wedding cake is a true show-stopper!

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Add Some Buds

three-tier naked wedding cake with fresh flowers

Photo by Heather Waraksa

This three-tiered naked wedding cake features white buds and sprigs of greenery.

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Serve Doughnuts

Donut wedding cake

Photo by Kate Headley; Planning by Arney Walker Studio; Florals by White Magnolia Designs

Can't choose between cake and donuts? Why not have both? This couple had a single-tiered wedding cake with flowers to cut, and then served guests yummy glazed donuts.

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Stick with Autumnal Shades

wedding cake

Photo by Molly Peach

The rich, autumnal shades of the flowers on this wedding cake are beyond beautiful.

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Pop of Color

Photo by Caroline Petters of Katie Osgood Photography; Cake by Momofuku Milk Bar

At their New York wedding, this couple served a confetti cake from Momofuku Milk Bar, complete with magenta flowers.

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Complement Your Frosting

Wedding Cake

Photo by Katie Dessin Photography

The blush flowers that top this lemon Marion berry cake complement its pink frosting perfectly.

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Think Pink

Wedding cake

Photo by Kerry Jeanne Photography

We love the blush, bright pink, and white flowers that complete this white wedding cake.

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Use Sugar Flowers Instead

Pink Sugar Flower Cake

Photo by Jac and Thom

Sugar flowers can be just as beautiful as fresh flowers. (And they're definitely tastier!)

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Something Blue

Urban-Inspired Camp Wedding Cake

Photo by Judy Pak

Who ever said your something blue couldn't be your wedding cake?!

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Cascade of Ombré

Wedding Cake

Photo by Lauren Gabrielle

Ombré-hued flowers cascade down this five-tiered wedding cake.

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Trail of Flowers

two-tier wedding cake

Photo by Jenny Fu

The red flowers that trail along the two tiers of this wedding cake pack a serious punch.

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Dot with Garden Roses

Wedding Cake

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Cake by Magnolia Bakery; Planning by Twine Events

This white wedding cake is dotted with gorgeous garden roses.

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Layer with Flowers

four-tiered wedding cake with flowers

Photo by Rachel May Photography

Between each layer of this floral wedding cake lie lush white buds.

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Sprinkle with Greenery

Semi-Naked Wedding Cake

Photo by Ryan Ray Photography

This nearly naked wedding cake is sprinkled with greenery and few blush-hued blooms.

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Serve Tiers of Cheese

cheese wedding cake

Photo by Taylor Abeel

Instead of a traditional wedding cake, this couple served up tiers of cheese at their New York wedding! (They still decorated the layers with some fabulous florals though, of course!)

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Avoid Traditional Flowers

Naket wedding cake

Photo by Carlie Statsky

If you don't love the look of traditional flowers, why not decorate your reception dessert in trailing greenery?

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Add a Feminine Touch

Wedding cake with pink flowers

Photo by Norman + Blake

The coral charm peonies on this floral wedding cake give the dessert a feminine touch.

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Top with a Trio of Flowers

Ombre Single-Tier Wedding Cake

Photo by Cotton Weddings

Here, a single-tiered wedding cake is topped with a trio of flowers.

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Use Countless Flowers

cake cutting

Photo by Heather Durham Photography

At pro golfer Smylie Kaufman's wedding, this towering confection with countless cascading flowers was served.

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Add Some Dimension

Wedding cake

Photo by Kristin La Voie Photography

The black centers of the anemones that decorate this wedding cake add some dimension to the look.

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Feature a Geometric Pattern

Photo by Anna Delores Photography, Cake by Paper Cake Events

Black wedding cakes have a cool, chic feel to them. This one features a geometric pattern on its bottom tier and some pretty pink blooms.

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Autumn Inspiration

Wedding cake

Photo by Judy Pak

Wedding cakes with flowers aren't just for spring or summer. This one would look right at home at autumnal nuptials.

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Use Succulents

succulent wedding cake

Photo by Molly Peach

While not a traditional floral choice, succulents can serve as an ultra-cool wedding cake topper.

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For a Formal Affair

Wedding cake

Photo by Jenny Haas

This three-tiered white wedding with is clean and classic—perfect for a traditional or more formal affair.

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Keep Things Monochromatic

naked wedding cake

Photo by Wild Whim

Keep things monochromatic with white flowers.

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Use Shades of Pink and Coral

Photo by Rachael Osborn Photography; Cake by Frosted Pumpkin

This dessert is adorned with flowers in shades of pink and coral.

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Garlands of Greenery

Wedding cake

Photo by Pedro Vilela

Thin garlands of greenery and delicate posies was all this wedding cake needed!

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Add a Unique Touch

Wedding cake

Photo by Lacie Hansen Photography

The leafy greens on this floral wedding cake add a unique and seasonal touch.

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Use Creamsicle-Hued Flowers

Wedding Cake

Photo by Birds of a Feather Photography

The Creamsicle-hued flowers on this wedding cake are perfect for a summer wedding.

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Use Identical Flowers

white wedding cake

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

With matching white flowers, this buttercream wedding cake is fit for any type of celebration—from casual to more formal weddings.

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Make a Watercolor Motif

Five-Tiered Watercolor Floral Wedding Cake

Caroline Ross Photography; Cake by The Cake and the Giraffe

This five-tiered floral wedding cake features a watercolor motif and sugar flower accents.

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Use 3D Floral Accents

Colorful Two-Tiered Wedding Cake

Photo by Red Anchor Photo; Cake by Beverly's Bakery; Florals by Three Petals Design

This colorful two-tiered wedding cake is adorned with 3D floral accents.

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Top with Ranunculi

Two-Tiered Pink and Gold Wedding Cake

Bashful Captures; Cake by Sugar Suckle

Here, a two-tiered pink-and-gold wedding cake is topped with ranunculi and greenery.

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Add a Metallic Sheen

Two-Tiered White and Gold Wedding Cake

James & Jess Photography; Cake by Four Seasons Resort, the Biltmore Santa Barbara

With a metallic sheen, this two-tiered white-and-gold wedding cake is decorated with fresh flowers.

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Keep It Glamorous

White and Silver Wedding Cake with White Flowers

Photo by Jessie Schultz Photography; Cake by Cute Cakes; Florals by Organic Flora

How glamorous is this three-tiered metallic wedding cake decorated with white flowers?

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Cascade of Roses

Whiten Wedding Cake with Garden Roses

Photo by Jose Villa; Cake by Perfect Endings Bakery

A cascade of organic garden roses complete this four-tiered buttercream-frosted wedding cake.

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Cover with Fresh Flowers

Two-Tiered White Wedding Cake with Roses

Photo by Sawyer Baird Photography; Cake by Southern Inn Restaurant; Florals by Mallory Joyce Florals

Here, a two-tiered buttercream-frosted wedding cake is covered in fresh roses and greenery.

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Add Ombré Frills

Ruffled Ombré Wedding Cake

Photo by Kate Headley; Cake by Maggie Austin Cake (featured in Maggie Austin Cake: Artistry and Technique).

With a fun femininity, this ombré two-tiered wedding cake is decorated with delicate fondant frills, sugar peonies, ranunculi, and roses.

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Hand-Paint Your Cake

Hand-Painted Floral Wedding Cake

Photo by Live View Studios; Cake by Sugar Euphoria

With tons of artistic charm, this hand-painted floral wedding cake is topped with fresh flowers.

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Hand-Paint a Toile Design

Hand-Painted Toile-Inspired Wedding Cake

Photo by Molly + Co Photography; Cake by Kimberly Bailey of The Butter End Cakery

Who needs fresh flowers when you can have a hand-painted toile design?

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Mix Vibrant Colors

Vibrant Blue Wedding Cake with Red Flowers

Kurt Nething Photography; Cake by Sweet Art Bake Shop

For the couple who loves color, this vibrant blue buttercream-frosted wedding cake with cascading red flowers is the perfect choice.

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Add Bundles of Blooms

Glamorous Five-Tiered Wedding Cake

Photo by Caroline Tran; Cake by Cake Creamery; Florals by Celio's Designs

With bundles of blooms, everyone will be snapping photos of this wedding cake display.

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Add Romance with Sugar Flowers

Three-Tiered White Wedding with Blush Flowers

Photo by Krista Fox Photography; Cake by Bobbette & Belle

This romantic three-tiered wedding cake with sugar flowers is ideal for formal receptions.

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Mix Flowers and Greenery

Three-Tiered White Wedding Cake with Glowers and Greenery

Photo by Emily March Photography; Cake by Sugar Euphoria

This three-tiered wedding cake is decorated with fresh flowers and trailing greenery.

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A Rustic Look

Photo by Allen Tsai Photography; Cake by Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery

Ideal for more rustic celebrations, this buttercream-frosted wedding cake is adorned with orange-hued cascading flowers.

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Make a Flower Wall

Three-Tiered White Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers

Photo by Leila Brewster Photography; Cake by d'Elissious Cake Studio; Florals by Lauryl Lane

The perfect backdrop to a wedding cake with flowers? A flower wall, of course!

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Use Sunset Shades

White Wedding Cake with Orange Roses

Photo by Allen Tsai Photography; Cake by Annie's Culinary Creations

We love the sunset shades of the flowers adorning this four-tiered wedding cake.

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Add Punchy Pink Flowers

Three-Tiered White Wedding Cake with Pink Roses

Photo by Lisa Renault Photographie; Cake by Rustique; Florals by O.xide Design

How pretty are the punchy pink flowers that top this white wedding cake?

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Use Organic Flowers

Rustic White Wedding Cake with Pink Flowers

Photo by Laurie Bailey Photography; Cake by The Butter End Cakery; Florals by La Petite Gardenia

This rustic buttercream-frosted wedding cake is decorated with organic pink flowers and greenery.

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Decorate with a Floral Wreath

White Wedding Cake with Floral Wreath

Photo by Melanie Gabrielle Photography; Cake by Earth and Sugar

Instead of topping this wedding cake with traditional buds, this confection is decorated with a floral wreath.

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Mix Flowers and Fruit

Five-Tiered White Wedding Cake with Flowers and Fruit

Photo by O'Malley Photographers; Cake by The Sweet Side

This five-tiered white wedding cake is decorated with fresh flowers, greenery, and fruit.

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Add Some Candy Accents

Three-Tiered White Wedding Cake with Candy Accents

Photo by Jake + Heather; Cake by Sugar Euphoria

With a light wash of blue, this three-tiered wedding cake is topped with fresh flowers and candy accents.

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Keep It Traditional

Three-Tiered White Wedding Cake with Flowers

Photo by Tim Souza Photography; Cake by Maria Sohail Cakes

Perfect for a traditional wedding, this white three-tiered wedding cake is adorned with white sugar flowers.

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Add Monochromatic Sugar Flowers

White Four-Tiered Wedding Cake

Photo by Callie Hobbs Photography; Cake by Cakeheads Bakery

Go monochromatic with this white four-tiered wedding cake decorated with white sugar flowers.

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Naked Cake with Hydrangeas

Rustic and Whimsical Naked Wedding Cake

Photo by Everbay Co.; Cake by PunkRockCakes

This naked wedding cake with hydrangeas and roses has a fresh and romantic feel to it.

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Place In Front of Balloons

Two-Tiered Naked Wedding Cake with Red Flowers

Photo by Jessie Schultz Photography; Cake by Sweet & Saucy Shop; Florals by Ruffle Effect

Those balloons say it all when it comes to this two-tiered naked wedding cake with fresh flowers and greenery.

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Keep It Feminine

Two-Tiered Naked Wedding Cake with Flowers

Photo by Kate Olson Photo; Cake by Ava Bakes Cakes

Feminine and impossibly pretty, this two-tiered naked wedding cake is decorated with roses and greenery.

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Serve a Simple Cake

Three-Tiered Naked Wedding Cake with White Flowers

Photo by Veronica Lola Photography; Cake by Seed to Sprout

We love the simplicity of this three-tiered naked wedding cake decorated with white flowers and greenery.

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Two Is Better Than One

One-Tiered White Wedding Cakes

Photo by Sawyer Baird Photography; Cake by JCT. Kitchen & Bar; Florals by Adaptation Floral Design

These twin floral wedding cakes prove that two desserts are always better than one!

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Experiment with Shapes

Contemporary Rectangular-Tiered Wedding Cakes

Photo by Andre Maier Photography; Cakes by Kimberly Bailey from The Butter End Cakery

These contemporary rectangular-tiered wedding cakes feature cascading organic florals.

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Ready For Summer

White Wedding Cake with Flamingo Cake Topper

Photo by Jessica Bordner Photography; Cake by Earth and Sugar

With fresh flowers and flamingo cake toppers, this confection is ready for a summer wedding.

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Choose Onyx Fondant

Black Four-Tiered Wedding Cake with Flowers

Photo by Stewart Uy Photography; Cake by Vanilla Bake Shop

With chic onyx fondant, this four-tiered wedding cake features a floral pattern and handmade sugar flowers.

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