Wedding Bouquets by Style

Brooklyn-based floral designer Amy Merrick creates wedding bouquets for six female archetypes

Updated 05/04/12

This content originally appeared as "The Muses" in Brides magazine. Prices and other information in this story were accurate at press time, but are subject to change. Please confirm details with individual designers and vendors.

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The Bouquet: Round pastel wedding bouquet of ranunculus, anemones, and sweet peas, $250

The Muse: "Audrey Hepburn. A feminine girl in a strapless ball gown," explains Merrick. "She's classic but modern—which is why I chose black-centered anemones and an organic shape instead of a beach ball of roses."

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The Bouquet: Architectural jewel-toned wedding bouquet of quince branches, tulips, "Rex" begonia leaves, and ferns, $125

The Muse: "This is for a bride wearing a sequined or fringed dress, throwing a cocktail party at a great bar or art gallery. I was picturing Debbie Harry off of Andy Warhol's 1980 silkscreen. Someone really rock-and-roll."

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The Bouquet: Crescent-shaped, all-white wedding bouquetof garden roses, gardenias, "Honeymoon" tulips, stephanotises, hyacinths, tweedia, and lilies of the valley, $300

The Muse: "A bride who loves vintage—I imagined Rita Hayworth in the early forties, with her hair down, finger-waved, sultry. This is for the bride who has refashioned her grandmother's wedding dress, and is doing a church wedding with a reception at a chic old-school hotel or restaurant."

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The Bouquet: Cascading tonal bouquet of lilacs, ranunculus, magnolias, clematises, and anemones, $300

The Muse: "The queen of the fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream. It's for a woman throwing a fancy garden party, wearing a sheath with interesting texture."

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The Bouquet: Lime nosegays of "Lady's Slipper" orchids, fiddlehead ferns, calla leaves, ranunculus, lady's mantle, narcissuses, lisianthus, and viburnum, $75 each

The Muse: "Twiggy. These posies are bright, graphic, and petite—like her. They're ideal for a bride in a mod minidress, having a courthouse ceremony with a few bridesmaids—each holding a slightly different bouquet."

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The Bouquet: Freeform wedding bouquet of Queen Anne's lace, poppies, chamomile, and mimosas, $100

The Muse: "A relaxed bride wearing a gauzy vintage dress from the seventies. The wedding would be outside, the reception in a beautiful barn. The great Joni Mitchell comes to mind right away."

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