54 Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year for Him, Her, and Them

Whether it's your 1st or 50th year of marriage, we rounded up the best gift ideas

Congrats on another year of marriage, and another year of celebrating (plus plenty of gift giving, obviously)! We rounded up the best wedding anniversary gifts by year, because, even though you are without a doubt the greatest gift of all, your spouse deserves a little something every year after you've said "I do" as a reminder of your undying love and gratitude. Whether it's your first year as husband and wife or you're shopping for the perfect sentimental gold gift for your parents' 50th, check out our assortment of present ideas on any budget.

Each wedding anniversary has traditional and modern gifts, as well as traditional flowers, colors, and gemstones. These longstanding conventions are represented within each year's present selections. Our picks also cater to every kind of couple, from the heartfelt types to the technology junkies to the cocktail lovers, so there's no shortage of unique milestone anniversary gifts by year.

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1st Anniversary

Elizabeth Cooney

For your first ever anniversary (woo hoo!), paper represents the traditional gift. The threads within paper symbolize the strength and connectivity of your blossoming relationship. Paper is also meant to reflect both durability and frailty, key components of your early marriage, and starting a new blank slate together. As the modern spin, couples gift each other clocks for their first anniversaries to represent eternal love (aww!). As for the rest of the anniversary's traditions, gold represents the standard 1st anniversary color, orange blossoms or pansies are the customary flowers, and pearls or peridot are the 1-year gemstones.

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Chalkboard Placemats

chalkboard placemat

Courtesy of Hester & Cook

Take paper to the next level with a cute chalkboard version. These 24 placemats will instantly spruce up your decor scheme. And, think of them as blank slates—you have unlimited message options to write for your spouse. Have fun with it!

Chalkboard Placemats, $29 for 24, available at Hester & Cook

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Mr. and Mrs. Plate and Fork Set

Courtesy of Mud Pie

Naturally, they need to enjoy the top of their wedding cake in style. Featuring a "Mr. and Mrs." plate with matching his and hers forks, this set will make their wedding dessert even more worthwhile.

Mud Pie Mr. & Mrs. Plate & Fork Set, $29.98, available at Amazon

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Cooking for Two Cookbook

Courtesy of America's Test Kitchen

Paper has never been so delicious—sharpen your cooking skills with 650 recipes designed specifically for couples. Reserve time for many future date nights in because you have a lot of new cuisines to create.

The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook, $29.95, available at Crate and Barrel

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Courtesy of Modcloth

Because you and your significant other match better than puzzle pieces, make your first anniversary full of fun and games by completing this sentimental jigsaw together.

Scenic Secret Puzzle in Desert, was $12, now $10.99, available at Sunnyside Gifts

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Front Page Reprint

Courtesy of The New York Times

Cherish your wedding with a front page framed printout of a copy of the newspaper from the same date and year (although your wedding was obviously the most monumental event of that day).

Front Page Reprint, from $60, The New York Times Store

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Love Letters

Courtesy of Chronicle Books

Paper may seem old-fashioned, but there's nothing quite as timeless and sentimental as a romantic love letter. Once you put pen to paper and handwrite your feelings for your sweetheart, safely store up to 12 love notes in decorative envelope slots within a hardcover booklet.

'Letters to My Love - A Paper Time Capsule' Book, $14.95, Chronicle Books

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5th Anniversary

Elizabeth Cooney

Cheers to making it halfway to a decade! For this next marriage anniversary milestone, couples traditionally gift each other wood (knock on it!). This reflects the strength and durability of your marriage. On the other hand, silverware represents the modern gift for 5th anniversaries. Despite sounding incredibly outdated, there's a sweet symbol behind it—all your shared meals and the bond you've formed over the past five years. Sapphire represents the traditional 5th anniversary gemstone, blue and pink are the customary colors, and daisies are the 5-year flower.

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Wooden Flatware Set

Courtesy of Laguiole

Cover two 5-year wedding anniversary traditions in one through a wooden silverware set. This is bound to give their original wedding registry cutlery set a fresh new feel.

Laguiole Olivewood Flatware Set, $249.95 for 20-piece, available at Williams Sonoma

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Wooden Pendant

Necklace with wood pendant

Courtesy of Mata Traders

If the key to her heart lies in new jewelry, she'll swoon over this simple wooden pendant. This gift also supports a worthy cause—Mata Traders helps women in India and Nepal escape poverty through creating handmade crafts.

Chevron Necklace Wood, $34, Mata Traders

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Wooden Bar Set

Four-piece wood and steel bar set

Courtesy of Wayfair

Indulge your cocktail connoisseur in a dapper four-piece wood bar set to top off his collection. Five o'clock can't come fast enough.

Tuscany Classics 4-Piece Wood Bar Tool Set, $48.99, available at Wayfair

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Wooden Headphones

Courtesy of Grado

Amplify your partner's go-to tunes with a durable pair of unique headphones. The wood gives this modern tech staple a cool, retro appeal. Plus, they fit comfortably over the entire ear—they're the ultimate noise-canceling dream come true.

GS2000e Wood Headphones, $1,395, Grado

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Leopard Clutch

Courtesy of Serpui Marie

From date night to the office, this totally ferocious clutch makes the perfect 5th anniversary wood gift for your favorite fashionista. It's deep enough to store all her small essentials.

Charlotte Leopard Clutch, $528, available at Anthropologie

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Catch Phrase Cheese Knife Set

Courtesy of Modcloth

No matter how you slice it, you cheddar believe any quirky party-hosting fanatics will consider these witty cheese knives a grate wood anniversary gift.

Celebratory Catch Phrase Cheese Knife Set, $25, available at Modcloth

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10th Anniversary

Elizabeth Cooney

Look out, world—you and your spouse have tackled ten whole years of marriage. The decade-long anniversary gift is traditionally tin or aluminum, which symbolize the strength and resilience of your marriage thus far. For the modern 10th anniversary gift, couples turn to a girl's best friend—diamonds! This rare gem reflects your 10-year marriage's love and durability. Not to mention they're really, really pretty. Silver and blue have been associated with 10th anniversaries, and the daffodil, which symbolizes happiness, serves as the traditional 10-year flower.

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Aluminum Wireless Speaker

Courtesy of Bose

No 21st-century household is fully complete without a wireless speaker. From outdoor adventures to impromptu at-home dance parties, this is the musical anniversary gift that will truly keep on giving.

SoundLink® Revolve+ Bluetooth® Speaker, $299.95, Bose

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Aluminum Trinket Box

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Help her organize her favorite gems, jewels, and other trinkets with a dainty aluminum box. She'll never lose a bobby pin or stud earring ever again. The decal also resembles the 10th-anniversary traditional flower, the daffodil.

Anthropologie Blossom Trinket Box, $38, available at Nordstrom

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Aluminum Portable Charger

Courtesy of Knomo

If he's obsessed with his gadgets but his phone always runs out of juice, come to the rescue with an aluminum portable charger. No matter where he jets off to, he'll never have to worry about battery life for his tech toys.

Knomo Portable Charger, $24.83, available at Amazon

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Aluminum Ice Bucket

Courtesy of Zodax

Ensure that wine, champagne, or any other beverage of choice always stays cooler than cool (ice cold!) and ready for immediate consumption.

Cado Ice Bucket & Ice Scoop, $138, available at Carlyle Avenue

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Diamond Ring

Gold ring with diamonds

Courtesy of Suzanne Kalan

Ten full years of marriage calls for an equally striking anniversary gift. Keep in line with the diamond tradition and give her wedding band a modern gold and baguette-cut diamond upgrade.

18K Gold Icon Eternity Band, $3,800, Suzanne Kalan

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Aluminum Water Bottle

Courtesy of Zazzle

If they're a fit fam, keep them hydrated during all their adventures with sleek aluminum water bottles, featuring their last name initial.

Monogrammed Water Bottles Aluminum Bottle Gray, $19.99, available at Zazzle

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15th Anniversary

Elizabeth Cooney

Fifteen years with your significant other have probably flown by in the blink of an eye. Celebrate this anniversary with the traditional gift—crystal. This symbolizes the clarity and sparkle in your marriage. This anniversary also marks the first year with a pricier traditional gift, which represents your shared sacrifices and assets throughout the past 15 years. Glass or a watch serve as the modern gifts, which embody your time together (past, present, and future). The 15-year anniversary actually has three traditional gemstones—ruby, garnet, and alexandrite. A rose represents the customary 15-year foliage, which is fitting since red has been deemed the traditional 15th anniversary color.

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Matching Watches

Courtesy of Fossil

Instantly become the most stylish couple in town with sleek his and hers watches that satisfy the 15th-anniversary tradition. This is the one time he won't mind coordinating. And, these can be considered a post-wedding "something blue."

His Chronograph and Her Multifunction Navy Leather Watch Gift Set, was $279, now $119.25, available at Fossil

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Crystal Watch

Silver watch with crystal accents

Courtesy of Swarovski

Or, if she wants her own unique accessory, honor your 15th anniversary with both crystals and clocks. This classy timepiece with crystal markers will be a welcome addition to her jewelry collection.

Swarovski Women's Swiss City Crystal Accent Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch 38mm, $147.98, available at World of Watches

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Eternity Roses

Courtesy of Venus ET Fleur

Your love is eternal, so satisfy the rose tradition with a more long-lasting rendition. These four Ecaudorean Eternity de Venus roses can last up to a year, and come in a box that's just as beautiful.

Eternity De Venus Le Petite Square Eternity Roses, $139, available at Neiman Marcus

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Crystal Glass Set

Courtesy of Waterford

Contribute to your S.O.'s bar essentials with a sophisticated crystal glass set, featuring two glasses and a decanter. Here's hoping they'll share the other glass with you for a celebratory drink, but it's so glorious they might want to keep it all to themselves.

Waterford Dungarvan Collection 3 Pc. Tumblers & Decanter Set, $350, available at Scully & Scully

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Crystal Numeral Charms

Courtesy of Anthropologie

She'll remember this anniversary for years to come with these dazzling little crystal charms. Pick out a "1" and "5," and she can attach them to her favorite necklace or bracelet.

Numeral Charm, $15, Anthropologie

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Cristal Rosé Champagne

Courtesy of Louis Roederer

Instead of crystal and roses, turn to the next best similar thing—aged Cristal Rosé champagne. You'll win major creativity points, and there's nothing more fitting than bubbly to toast to the last 15 years. Bottoms up!

Louis Roederer Champagne Brut Cristal Rosé 2000, $599.99, available at Arlington Wine and Liquor

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20th Anniversary

Elizabeth Cooney

Two whole decades of marriage call for massive celebration, and the 20-year anniversary customs fit in accordance with the splendor of this landmark achievement. The traditional gift is china, representing the beauty and delicate nature of your relationship. This also gives you the perfect excuse to update the kitchenware from your wedding registry a mere 20 years ago. For the modern spin, platinum symbolizes the strength of your marriage. Emerald serves as the traditional 20th anniversary gemstone, green or white have been associated with the 20-year anniversary, and daylillies are the typical flower because of their strong, but playful nature.

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Metal Ring Set

Courtesy of Freida Rothman

Your marriage is stronger than metal by this point, so treat her to a ring set made out of assorted hardware, including platinum. She can stack her favorites against her wedding band.

'Contemporary Deco' Stacking Rings, was $295, now $221.25, available at Nordstrom

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China Set With Platinum Border

Courtesy of Wedgwood

This 5-piece china set features a platinum border, so their kitchenware gets a distinctive new feel, and you can cross two anniversary traditions off your list.

Wedgwood Signet Platinum Collection, was $150, now $99.99, available at Macy's

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Chanel Platinum After Shave Lotion

Courtesy of Chanel

Platinum has never felt so...endearing. This after shave gel will keep your guy's skin as smooth and pleasant as your past 20 years of marriage have been.

Chanel Platinum Egoiste After Shave Lotion, $60, available at Chanel

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Platinum-Colored Laptop

Courtesy of Lenovo

There's no better time than the platinum anniversary to upgrade to a platinum-colored laptop. Although, this tech-savy gift is so cool it might induce future fights over who gets to use it next.

Lenovo Yoga C940, from $1,009.99, available at Lenovo

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Emerald Card Case

Green Gucci leather card case

Courtesy of Gucci

Since emerald represents the traditional 20th-anniversary gemstone, branch away from luxe jewelry for a more everyday-appropriate green-hued accessory.

Zumi Grainy Leather Card Case Wallet, $580, Gucci

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Black Diamond and Platinum Ring

Courtesy of Zoe

Prove she's still the apple of your eye through a black diamond and platinum ring. Contrary to popular belief, she can never have too many pretty jewels, and two decades of marriage calls for a special splurge.

Zoe Black Diamond & Oxidized Platinum Ring, $8,740, available at Barneys

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25th Anniversary

Elizabeth Cooney

Halfway to the golden year! The 25-year mark has been denoted as the silver anniversary, and rightfully so. Representing both the traditional and modern gifts, silver represents the brilliance and shine of your marriage. Spending a quarter of a century with your love definitely calls for a metal as valuable as silver. The traditional flower for the 25th anniversary is the iris, and the color is (you guessed it) silver. Although it's not a gemstone, silver has also been associated with the 25-year anniversary gem, along with tsavorite and green garnet.

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Silver Cufflink Set

Courtesy of TATEOSSIAN

No matter his style, every gentleman should always have formalwear gear at the ready in case the situation arises. Help him amp up for when he needs to suit up with an interchangeable silver cufflink set.

TATEOSSIAN Montecarlo Interchangeable Sterling Silver Cufflink Set, $585, available at MR PORTER

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Silver Jewelry Box

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

If you've gifted her with new jewels throughout the years, treat her to a full-size jewelry box to store all her favorites in one place. You can even engrave the top with her monogram for an extra personalized touch.

Engravable Silver-Plated Jewelry Boxes, was $99, now $79, available at Pottery Barn

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Silver Tie

Courtesy of Brooks Brothers

If shiny silver isn't his thing, stay in line with the tradition through a classy silver neck accessory. He'll be so excited to tie this on.

Formal Satin Slim Tie, $165, available at Brooks Brothers

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Silver Frame

Silver picture frame

Courtesy of Asprey

A happy home can never have too many picture frames, especially when they're sterling silver and filled with photos of the lovebirds on their wedding day.

Sterling Silver 6" X 4" Frame, $365, Asprey

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Silver Money Clip

Silver money clip with monogrammed initials

Courtesy of Mark & Graham

He's already the richest man in the world for scoring you, but help him store his other riches with a personalized money clip.

Silver Double Money Clip, from $49, available at Mark & Graham

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Silver Tray

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Commemorate the notorious silver anniversary year accordingly with a vintage-inspired tray, perfect for all their hosting needs. The silver adds such a gorgeous finish that they won't be able to wait to bust this piece out.

Antique Silver Oval Tray, $129, available at Pottery Barn

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30th Anniversary

Elizabeth Cooney

Thirty years and thriving! For this anniversary, pearl represents the traditional gift. This pure gem symbolizes innocence and honesty, not to mention perfect round pearls are a rarity, just like your significant other. As the modern gift, revert back to the 10th anniversary—diamonds round two! Pearl also unsurprisingly reflects the 30-year gemstone, and the lily is the traditional flower.

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Love Crossbody Bag

Courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff

Fittingly titled the "Love Crossbody," your bride will fall head over heels for this go-to bag, complete with pearl-illusion embellishments and a short gold chain strap.

Love Crossbody, $345, Rebecca Minkoff

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White Trousers

Courtesy of Incotex

Put a masculine spin on pearls with a trusty pair of trousers that will suit his style. He'll be the most well-dressed groom thanks to this gift.

Incotex M-Body Modern-Fit Stretch-Cotton Trousers, $395, available at Barneys

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Pearlescent Curtain Tieback

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Who knew pearl could also be remedied into home decor!? Gift this precious gemstone in the form of a chic pearlescent tieback for their curtains.

Pearlescent Serpentine Tieback, $38, available at Anthropologie

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Mother-of-Pearl Collar Stays

Courtesy of Dunhill

Another anniversary, another opportunity for a fancy date night. Keep your date looking dapper with a set of mother-of-pearl collar stays. Unstable collars, no more!

Dunhill Mother-Of-Pearl Collar Stays, $75, available at MR PORTER

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Pearl Pendant

Courtesy of Macy's

A simple pearl pendant is a jewelry staple that she can wear on the daily, and she'll be reminded of the past 30 marvelous years whenever she sports it.

Honora Cultured Freshwater Pearl (8.5mm) 18" Pendant Necklace in 14k Gold, $400, available at Macy's

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Wine Pearls

Four stainless steel wine pearls

Courtesy of Amazon

Step aside, real pearls—wine pearls are an absolute necessity for vino lovers. These four little stainless steel gizmos do the same job as an ice bucket—just freeze them and plop into your wine glass to enjoy your favorite red or white at the perfect temp. Pure. Genius.

Wine Pearls, $17.99, available at Amazon

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40th Anniversary

Elizabeth Cooney

You're well on your way to half a century together with this anniversary milestone. For the 40-year anniversary, it's all ruby everything. From the traditional and modern gifts to the gemstone and color, ruby is the name of the game to celebrate the big 40th. Nasturtium represents the traditional flower, which is the only non-ruby custom for this wedding anniversary. The redder, the better for these gifts!

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Ruby Cuff

Courtesy of Lafonn

For a subtle taste of ruby to emphasize your passionate 40 years of marriage, turn to a simple statement cuff. The sterling silver band features two rubies surrounded by pavé simulated diamonds...because it doesn't hurt to throw diamonds in there, as well.

Lassaire Simulated Diamond Cuff, $280, Lafonn

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Red Slippers

Courtesy of Gucci

We're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy—these aren't your run of the mill ruby slippers. This Gucci classic gets a modern revamp with a ruby suede finish, ensuring he always puts his best forward in style. And, yes, he is cool enough to pull these off.

Gucci Kanye Bit Loafer, $480, available at Nordstrom

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Red Vintage Hardcovers

Courtesy of Booth & Williams

For the bookworm couple, contribute to their in-home library with a series of ruby red vintage hardcovers, featuring classics from the likes of Lord Byron and E. E. Cummings.

Modern Library Gift Set, $159, available at One Kings Lane

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Diamonds & Rubies Fragrance Set

Courtesy of Elizabeth Taylor

Treat her to another diamond and ruby combo, but this time in fragrance form. This classic scent has been around since 1993, so you know that means it's a popular pick.

Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds & Rubies Eau De Toilette Spray, $16.90, available at Amazon

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Red Wine

Courtesy of Kosta Browne

Think outside the box with ruby red and use this anniversary as an opportunity to indulge in your favorite dark red wine. Because your marriage has aged just as well.

Kosta Browne Gap's Crown Vineyard Pinot Noir 2012, $149.97, available at Wine.com

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50th Anniversary

Elizabeth Cooney

Congrats—you've finally reached the long-awaited golden year, which is certainly no easy feat and should be celebrated accordingly. Just like the 25th anniversary (which probably seems like ages ago), gold represents the traditional and modern gifts, as well as the traditional color and gemstone for the 50th anniversary. Gold obviously symbolizes beauty, and also strength because of its anti-corrosive properties. Violets serve as the 50-year flower. You're marriage has been as good as gold for the past 50 years, so make sure your gift reflects the sentiment.

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Gold Rimmed Champagne Flutes

Courtesy of Cathy's Concepts

Ring in the golden year with matching vintage-looking champagne flutes, adorned with their initials and, of course, a gold rim. Cheers to the big 5-0!

Set of 2 Gold Rim Monogram Champagne Flutes, $36, Cathy's Concepts

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Gold Glasses Frames

Courtesy of Cutler and Gross

If his vision has faded over the years (most likely due to his blinding love for you), modernize his frames in honor of your 50th anniversary.

Square-Frame Gold-Plated Optical Glasses, $545, Cutler and Gross

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Monogrammed Gold Pendant

Courtesy of Emily & Ashley

Emphasize the beauty and durability of your long-lasting marriage with an equally resistant and heartfelt gold pendant. Personalized with her monogram and encased with four small diamonds, this is one necklace that will make a regular appearance in her wardrobe.

Modern M'Onogrammable Charm With Four Diamonds, $1,230, available at Moda Operandi

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Gold Pen and Pencil Set

Courtesy of Thom Browne

Handwriting utensils have never been this sleek. Take his written correspondences to sophisticated new heights with a gold pen and pencil set encased in a leather sleeve.

Thom Browne Gold-Tone Pen And Pencil Set, $400, available at MR PORTER

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Gold Love Code Charm Necklace

Courtesy of lulu dk

For another gold token of love for your sweetheart, turn to this cool necklace, which is engraved with the word "love." But, she can only fully read the message when she spins the charm.

Love Love Code Charm Necklace, $68, Lulu DK

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Gold Emblematic Picture Frame

Courtesy of Malden International Designs

Courtesy of Malden International Designs

For the sentimental couple, or maybe as a sweet gift to your doting parents, this ceramic frame features a gold anniversary emblem, perfect for their 50th year of marriage.

Malden International Designs Glazed Ceramic With Gold Accents 50th Anniversary Picture Frame, $19.99, available at Amazon

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