15 Cool Vases for Your Home

Upgrade your decor with one of these decorative (and functional) beauties


Vases are a great way to add color, texture, and interesting shapes to your living space. Whether or not you're using them to display fresh or faux flowers and branches, or are just showing them off as decorative elements in your home, a good collection of vases are a must-have for your registry.

Stock up on vessels in a range of shapes and sizes so you'll be prepared for different types of flowers (large branches are going to need a very different kind of container than a bouquet of roses from the corner store). Smaller vases can be clustered on a bookshelf or displayed as part of a centerpiece on a dining room table. Large containers can be used to make bold statement in an entryway or in the corner of a room, whether they're left empty or filled with faux branches or sculptural faux leaves.

Bud vases are also good to have on hand for decking out a breakfast-in-bed tray or adding some color to unexpected areas like a bathroom shelf. Just make sure that you don't go overboard with tons of tiny vases that will add to your clutter (unless you have a dedicated storage space to stash them). It's better to have just a few statement vases that you love and want to use again and again. In general, a vase that's tapered at the top is more useful than a wide-mouthed one (you'll need fewer flowers to make the arrangement look polished). A single-stem vase, whether it's a tiny bud vase or a large scale bottleneck style, will make the flower display that much easier.

Here are a few of our favorites!

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Audra Bowl Vase

Urban Outfitters

This sculptural vase will make a bold decor statement an a room (with or without flowers!).

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $24

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Lenox Painted Indigo Drip Glaze Vase


Moody blue washes on this petite vase make it feel almost like a piece of shibori fabric or a Chinese brush painting.

SHOP NOW: Lenox, was $84, now $49.95

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Vintage-Inspired Brass Bud Vases

Food 52

These classic shapes are a must-have for a dressing up your bedside table or a bathroom with some simple, pretty blossoms.

SHOP NOW: Food 52, $80 for a set three

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ByKSCeramics Pastel Ceramic Bud Vase


This modern two-toned vase is all you need to display one spectacular bloom or a few small, delicate buds.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $33

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White Sprigs Terrcotta Vase


This spacious vase is perfect for a big arrangement of hydrangeas or other long-stemmed statement flower.

SHOP NOW: Terrain, $48

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Modern Ribbed Vase


This small, textured vase is the perfect shape (slightly tapered at the top versus a wide opening) for showing off a handful of fresh wildflowers or garden roses.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $15.99

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Blush Pink Glass Bottleneck Vase

World Market

Find a sunny corner to display this glass bottle—the pale pink tones catch light beautifully. It's also perfect for showing off a bold tropical leaf in a contrasting color.

SHOP NOW: World Market,

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Bottleneck Vases


These sleek, minimalist vases will transform a neglected corner of a room. The slender design is ideal for showing off delicate, wispy stems or can be simply left unadorned for a modern look.

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $600 for a set of three.

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MultiBey Rose Gold Mini Vase


This tiny guy (plus pretty blossom) will cheer up your workspace or vanity.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $12.98

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Canvas Home Morandi Vases

All Modern

Inspired by the Italian painter's organic still life paintings, these semi-matte vases will set the scene for a series of artful floral arrangements.

SHOP NOW: All Modern, $72.99 for a five piece set

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The Citizenry Wide Engobe Vase


This earthy-meets-modern vase is handcrafted out of terra cotta clay in a family-run workshop in Mexico City,

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $95

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Farmhouse Pottery Dipped Beehive Crock

Food 52

When not in use as a vase for flowers, these sturdy earthenware crocks are great for stashing cooking tools on your kitchen counter.

SHOP NOW: Food 52, $165-$325

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Hanging Terrarium Vase

World Market

These hanging glass globes can be filled with flowers or planted with mosses and succulents.

SHOP NOW: World Market, $11.48-$17.99

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Colorado Vase


The soft hues of these modern, textured vases were inspired by the colors of the desert in the American Southwest.

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $16-$32

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Bluestone Terra Cotta Vases

Joss and Main

These pretty weathered vases look like something you might have picked up from an antique market or vintage store.

SHOP NOW: Joss and Main, $33.99

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