The 10 Home Products We're Loving Right Now from Urban Outfitters

You won't believe how super chic these pieces are

Updated 04/10/18

Photo by Julia Robbs Photography, Styling by Elizabeth Maclennan

Ok, we're going to let you in on a little secret. Urban Outfitters is one of our hands-down favorite sources for some of the chicest and most well-designed home products out there. We tend to think of Urban as the destination for the college-age set (think cute tees, iPhone cases, and gift-type books), but each season they roll out tons of home decor pieces that feel very high end and totally blend in with a more grown-up decorating style.

The overall vibe of many of Urban Outfitter's pieces tends to skew more bohemian (a style which we happen to love), but there are lots of surprisingly modern (and expensive looking) items mixed in there as well. We love how seamlessly many of the styles can blend into a room (tip: Look for items with a color palette that's slightly more muted or neutral versus super poppy and bold). We guarantee that if you style up these pieces in your home, you're totally going to get some "where did you find that!?" exclamations from your house guests.

Here, a round up of some of our top picks (act fast before they sell out!):

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Marte Storage Cabinet

Urban Outfitters

This cabinet is the perfect addition to any room where you need a little extra storage space (hello, tiny closet-less apartment). The woven doors are perforated so air can flow through, and we love the laid-back California vibe it gives to a room.

$729 (SHOP NOW)

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Marte Ottoman

Urban Outfitters

Another great piece from the Marte collection (we swear, we love them all), this woven rattan ottoman gives a warm yet modern feel to a living space.

$299 (SHOP NOW)

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Garden Spring Floral Curtain

Urban Outfitters

These lightweight, sheer panels give a soft and breezy look to a window.

$49 (SHOP NOW)

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Celine Sconce

Urban Outfitters

Add some extra light to your reading area with these modern copper-accented sconces.

$79 (SHOP NOW)

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Leather Butterfly Chair Cover

Urban Outfitters

We love a buttery leather chair as much as the next person, but most of the time we get total sticker shock when we see the price. This more affordable version (that only looks better with age!) folds up for easy storage.

$189 (SHOP NOW)

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Emery Gold Bar Stool

Urban Outfitters

We're legit obsessed with this two-toned lacquered stool.

$229 (SHOP NOW)

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Faye Jacquard Fringe Duvet Cover

Urban Outfitters

The subtle white-on-white pattern on this duvet feels like a elevated boho blanket and is the perfect blank canvas for mixing in colorful accent pillows.

$89–129 (BUY NOW)

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Fera Folk Textured Tapestry

Urban Outfitters

OK, we know you're thinking that a tapestry is a throwback to dorm-room days, but mixed in with the rest of your decor it can become something entirely different. Drape over the back of a sofa or use as a pretty printed tablecloth (we even know one decorator who turns tapestries into throw pillows).

$59 (SHOP NOW)

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Morris Nightstand

Urban Outfitters

This modern bedside table (which would also look great next to a sofa) sports clean lines and soft leather accents. Need we say more?

$198 (SHOP NOW)

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Ingrid Beddoes Sea Bliss Art Print

Urban Outfitters

Urban is also a great source for affordable framed artwork (especially if you want something oversized that still works within your budget).

$39–$199 (SHOP NOW)

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