These Wedding Registry Picks May Not Be Sexy, but They’re Totally Necessary

Okay, the Dyson is still pretty sexy.

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Whenever I talk to Zola couples going through the registry process, I find that they have some preconceived notions of what makes a registry gift...registry-appropriate. They’re usually picturing something in the middle of the sexy-to-boring spectrum, like a crystal decanter or a bone china salad plate. As a wedding registry expert, I’m here to tell the world: Register for what you really need! And if what you need is a bunch of boring-but-comfy towels and extra trash bins, go forth and be proud.

From trash bins and ironing boards to compost kits and bathroom accessories, these are some of my personal favorite gifts that may not be the most attractive...but oooh, are they useful.

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Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Vacuum

Courtesy of Dyson

Getting this out of the way: You probably-definitely need a new vacuum. This is the mack daddy of all models, and you’ll never ever look back.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $400

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Hello Basics Aubrey Wash Cloth, Set of 6

Courtesy of Hello Basics

You know those moments when you’re thinking, Wow, I should’ve really scrubbed this makeup off better? Extra washcloths solve that problem. Go for high quantities of good quality.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $25

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Wireworks Mezza Toilet Brush

Courtesy of Wireworks

Stop whatever you’re doing and throw out the brush you bought at the drugstore back when you first moved in. Then get a new brush that’s as chic as they come.

SHOP NOW: Zola, was $80, now $68

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Full Circle Home Fresh Air Countertop Compost Collector

Courtesy of Full Circle Home

Sure, collecting organic scraps is not the most glam concept in the world. But your plants, whether small and window-dwelling, or bountiful and garden-spanning, will thank you!

SHOP NOW: Zola, $36

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SimpleHuman Stainless Steel Rectangular Recycler

Courtesy of SimpleHuman

When I tell you that everyone I know has been converted to SimpleHuman trash cans, I mean it. They’re streamlined, strong, and have really good bags to go with.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $150

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Honey-Can-Do Retractable Iron Rest Ironing Board

Courtesy of Honey-Can-Do

If you don’t own an iron yet, start here. Then grab a REAL board so you don’t end up singeing your gorgeous new midcentury coffee table.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $60

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S’well 40 oz. Teakwood Roamer Bottle

Courtesy of S’well

While a 40 tends to connote malt liquor, this one’s for water. Keep it at work and wash it with these babies—and stay happy, healthy, and hydrated.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $55

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Crate and Barrel Aspect Charging Station with Power

Courtesy of Crate And Barrel

Finally, what’s more unseemly than the giant tangle of wires next to your bed and couch? This station, while large, is very much in charge of keeping the chaos under control. Namaste.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $150

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