16 Uniquely-Shaped Engagement Rings for the Unconventional Bride

Three-stone engagement ring with gold band

Courtesy of Jemma Wynne

If a round, princess, oval, pear, cushion, or emerald-cut diamond does not appeal to you, chances are you’re an unconventional bride. With a taste level that often defies tradition, you’re drawn to engagement rings with a distinctive look such as cuts and settings that appear one-of-a-kind whether it’s a solitaire, cluster, or three-stone ring. Besides, there are plenty of brides who crave the classics, so choosing a rare engagement ring with a shield-cut diamond, geometric stone, or cluster of uniquely shaped gems will help you stand out in a sea of sparkle.

While a uniquely shaped engagement ring is all about an extreme wow factor, it’s not to say that every design necessitates a stone upwards of three carats. Sure, that would be #goals, but a range of sizes from half-carat diamonds and gemstones to one or two carats can be absolutely striking in a distinctive cut. Shield and portrait cuts—which are an angular alternative to pear and oval-shaped diamonds—are flatter but appear longer on the finger, giving the illusion of a bigger stone, especially with side baguettes or a pavé halo wrapping around. Unexpected shapes like a trapezoid, half-moon, or teardrop are especially exceptional and versatile—depending on your budget, you can opt for a bigger solitaire stone in one of these uncommon cuts, a two-stone ring with contrasting shapes (or stones!), or a cluster ring or band featuring a mix of smaller stones. Rest assured, even the smallest of stones are impactful whether you go for a diamond, gemstone, or a mix of both. Even antique rings like art deco and Edwardian styles come with uniquely shaped stones which is a perfect solution for the vintage bride craving something entirely unique.

Wherever you fall on the unconventional engagement ring spectrum, we culled 35 spectacular styles to inspire you from exceptional cuts to avant-garde shapes. For the bride eschewing tradition, these rings are perfect, no matter your budget.

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Bario Neal Lash Cluster Dyad Ring

Two-stone ring with gold band

Courtesy of Bario Neal

SHOP NOW: Bario Neal, from $1,190

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Jacquie Aiche Mini Baguette V Band

Baguette v-band engagement ring

Courtesy of Jacquie Aiche

SHOP NOW: Jacquie Aiche, $2,215

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Selin Kent Luna Ring

Gold engagement ring with half-moon shaped diamond

Courtesy of Selin Kent

SHOP NOW: Selin Kent, $2,750

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Xiao Wang Bridal Love Arrow Engagement Ring

Engagement ring with three different colored stones

Courtesy of Broken English Jewelry

SHOP NOW: Broken English Jewelry, $2,690

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Nora Kogan Pillar Ring

White and gold engagement band with triangular diamond

Courtesy of Nora Kogan

SHOP NOW: Nora Kogan, $2,940

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Apres Jewelry The Beatrix Ring Shield Cut

Gold split band ring with triangular diamond

Courtesy of Apres Jewelry

SHOP NOW: Apres Jewelry, $2,750

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Loriann Stevenson Gray Kite Diamond Slice Ring

Kite-shaped diamond ring

Courtesy of Loriann Stevenson Fine Jewelry 

SHOP NOW: Loriann Stevenson, $7,288

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Single Stone Jacey Shield Cut Diamond Ring

Diamond ring with gold band

Courtesy of Single Stone Rings

SHOP NOW: Single Stone Rings, $6,000

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Shahla Karimi Landmark Series Brooklyn Bridge Ring No.2

Gold ring with diamonds and center stone

Courtesy of Shahla Karimi

SHOP NOW: Shahla Karimi, $3,290

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Mark Broumand 2.69ct Fancy Vivid Yellow Trapezoid Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Yellow Trapezoid Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of 1st Dibs

SHOP NOW: 1st Dibs, $47,195

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Monique Péan MNRACD526P Two Antique Step Cut Trapezoidal White Diamond Ring

Ring with two antique step cut trapezoidal white diamonds are aligned to form an elongated hexagon that is bisected, surrounded by white diamond pavé

Courtesy of Monique Péan

SHOP NOW: Monique Péan, Price Upon Request

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Tomasz Donocik Stellar Engagement Ring

Rose Gold set with baguette-cut white diamonds and a square-cut central diamond

Courtesy of Tomasz Donacik

SHOP NOW: Tomasz Donocik, Price Upon Request

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Eli Halili Trapezoid Diamond Ring

trapezoid diamond ring with gold band

Courtesy of Eli Halili 

SHOP NOW: Eli Halili, 11,800

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Nikos Koulis Yesterday Collection White Gold Ring with White Diamond Baguettes and Rubellite

White Gold Ring with White Diamond Baguettes and Rubellite

Courtesy of Nikos Koulis

SHOP NOW: Nikos Koulis, Price Upon Request

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Jemma Wynne Bespoke Radiant Canary and Double Diamond Pear Open Ring

Canary and Double Diamond Pear Open Ring

Courtesy of Jemma Wynne

SHOP NOW: Jemma Wynne, Price Upon Request

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Azlee Lone Shield Diamond Ring

Gold band with center shield-shaped diamond

Courtesy of Azlee Jewelry

SHOP NOW: Azlee Jewelry, Price Upon Request

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