46 Alternatives to the Classic Wedding Cake

Flaunt your unique style with a wedding cake that is anything but traditional

Updated 07/23/15

Photo by Blair Schluter; Cake by Laurannae Baking Co.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: a traditional wedding cake will never go out of style. But why settle for a classic white confection when your wedding day should be an event that is uniquely yours? After all, you've customized every aspect of your day, starting with a meaningful ceremony and ending with a handpicked playlist of your favorite tunes. And yet when it comes to the wedding cake, couples often forgo personality in favor of tradition.

Whether you just aren't a fan of standard big-day cakes or are obsessed with a specific sweet treat, your wedding dessert is the perfect opportunity to share your tastes with your guests. Select a confection that says something about you, or at the very least, is something you'll actually look forward to eating at the end of the night.

Love donuts? Consider a huge stack of assorted artisanal flavors, so guests can pick and choose from your favorites! Did you dunk cookies in milk every day after school for your entire life? We found a clever stacked Oreo cookie cake you'll love. As a bonus, many of these alternative options areeasier on your budget when compared to a classic cake. Plus, they can be displayed at your reception all night long since they don't have to be formally cut or served.

Ready to consider a creative twist on the traditional wedding dessert? Then check out 49 of our favorite alternatives to the classic wedding cake!

Click through the slideshow to see all of our favorite nontraditional wedding dessert ideas!

Pictured Above: A two-tiered ice cream cake, created by Ample Hills Creamery, topped with a just married sign.

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Pumpkin Pie

Jenna Joseph Photography

A classic pumpkin pie topped with mini white pumpkin "Mrs. and Mr." toppers.

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Personalized Individual Cakes

Nancy Ray Photography

Individual wedding cakes topped with fresh raspberries and decorated with calligraphy names, created by Cakes by Chloe.

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New Orleans King Cake

Dark Roux Photography

A traditional four-tiered New Orleans king cake, created by Haydel's Bakery .

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Donut Tower

Unearthed Photography

A three-tiered donut tower decorated with zinc letters.

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Multi-Level Display

Angie Wilson Photography

A multi-level wedding cake display, created by My Mom's Pies.

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White Meringue Cake

Markit Photography

A white meringue cake decorated with sugar flowers, created by Hands on Sweets.

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Coconut Cupcakes

Elizabeth Fogarty Photography

A coconut cupcake tower topped with a one-tiered miniature cake.

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Assorted Pies

Heidi of Our Labor of Love

A tiered display of assorted wedding pies.

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Chocolate Croquembouche Cake

Ricky Stern Photography

A chocolate croquembouche cake decorated with elephant cake toppers.

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Assorted Donuts

From SF With Love

A three-tiered tower of assorted donuts created by A Spoonful of Sugar.

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Traditional Italian Wedding Cake

Rochelle Cheever

A traditional Italian wedding cake of millefoglie with mixed berries and currants, created by Cocoa Dolce.

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Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcake Tower

Paper Antler

A tower of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes created by Bloom Bake Shop.

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Frosted Donuts

Scott Patrick Myers Photography

A frosted donut tower decorated with gold pearls and "Love" signs, created by Harold's Doughnuts.

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Rice Krispy Wedding Cake

Heart + Sparrow

A two-tiered rice krispy wedding cake topped with bird cake toppers.

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Apple Cider Donuts

Cyrience Creative Studios

An apple cider donut tower decorated with orange roses, styled by Judy Kim.

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Pink and White Whoopie Pies

André Elhay Photography

A tiered display of pink-and-white whoopie pies.

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Frosted Donuts Tower

Khaki Bedford

A three-tiered tower of frosted donuts accented bunting banners, created by Dough.

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Cheese "Cake"

Ed Peers Photography

A rustic, eight-tiered cheese "cake" comprised of assorted flavors, created by The Cheese Shed.

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Pie Pops

Michele Beckwith Photography

Three-tiered stand filled with heart-shaped pie pops, created by Sweet Lauren Cakes.

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Homemade Pies

Josh Gruetzmacher Wedding Photography

Assorted homemade pies, topped with a retro-inspired bride and groom cake topper.

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Tiered Macaron Stand

Alixann Loosle Photography

A tiered macaron stand, created by caterer Thanksgiving Point.

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Bundt Cake

Amy Zumwalt Photography

A two-tiered, frosted bundt wedding cake with vintage-style bunting topper, created by Nothing Bundt Cakes.

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Stacked Oreo Cookie Wedding Cake

Cariad Photography

A three-tiered stacked Oreo cookie wedding cake, created by Viewpoint Catering.

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Four-Tiered Donut Tower

Woodnote Photography

A four-tiered donut tower with assorted flavors, created by Caitlan's Catering.

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Cupcake Tower

By the Robinsons

A chocolate and vanilla cupcake tower, created by Sweet n' Flour.

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Pancake Wedding Cake

Jessica Lorren Organic Photography

A three-tiered pancake wedding cake, "frosted" with syrup and topped with a bunting banner, created by Sarah Tucker Events.

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Sugar-Coated Croquembouche Cake

N. Barrett Photography

A sugar-coated croquembouche cake created by Layered Bake Shop.

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"Mille" Crepe Cake

Shawn Connel and Jack Jeffries of Christian Oth Studio

A three-tiered "Mille" crepe cake, created by Lady M Confections.

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Miniature Cupcakes

Deyla Huss Photography

A dessert tower filled with an assortment of eight different flavors of miniature cupcake, created by Wrightberry's Cakes and Cupcakes.

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Miniature Pies

Liz Banfield

A tiered assortment of miniature pies in flavors like ginger, peach, almond blueberry, and cranberry walnut, created by Wedding Cakes by Jim Smeal.

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Donuts With Heart Sprinkles

Erin Jean Photography

Tiered frosted donuts topped with heart sprinkles.

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Bundt Cake

Jess Barfield Photography

A two-tiered frosted bundt cake topped with a mini bride and groom topper, created by Nothing Bundt Cakes.

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Cake Pops

Courtesy of Sweet Lauren Cakes

A three-tiered cake pop stand, made up of flavors like spice cake, lemon, and red velvet, created by Sweet Lauren Cakes.

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Macaron Stand

Alyssa Marie Photography

A colorful tiered macaron stand, created by Cocoa Dolce.

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Savory Cheesecake

Rick + Anna Photography

A five-tiered savory cake made of assorted cheeses, created by Cabbage Patch Restaurant and Catering.

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Stacked Crepe Cake

N. Barrett Photography

A two-tiered stacked crepe cake, created by Layered Bake Shop.

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Assorted Frosted Donuts

Jessica Watson Photography

A three-tiered tower of assorted frosted donuts, created by Voodoo Doughnut.

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Miniature Bundt Cakes

Rachel Havel

A four-tiered tower filled with assorted miniature bundt cakes, in flavors like lemon, chocolate chip, and chocolate raspberry, created by Nothing Bundt Cakes.

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Assorted Cake Cups

Levi Stolove Photography

A tiered stack of cake cups in custom engraved rock glasses, including flavors like Boston cream pie, vanilla blueberry, red velvet, and chocolate peanut butter, from The Bee's Knees Baking Company.

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Donut Hole Dessert Tower

Woodnote Photography

A dessert tower filled with classic donut holes, created by Caitlan's Catering.

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Macaron Tower

Anneli Marinovich Photography

A colorful macaron tower, created by Anges de Sucre.

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Oversized Donut Cake

Stevens Ink Cinema

An oversized donut cake, topped with a retro-inspired bride and groom topper, created by Papa's Donut House.

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Wedding Pie

Steve Lee Photography

A simple wedding pie topped with a banner-style cake topper, created by Tiny Pies.

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Cookie Cake

Carmen and Ingo Photography

Three-tiered stacked cookie cake filled with frosting.

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Krispy Kreme Donut Tower

Kari Bellamy Photography

A tiered donut tower, compromised of assorted Krispy Kreme donuts, created by the bride's sister.

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Assorted Cake Pops

Michelle Walker Photography

A colorful display of assorted cake pops created by Sweet Lauren Cakes.

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