The Most Popular Summer Wedding Cake Flavors

Goodbye, vanilla! Summer brides and grooms, these tasty cakes are for you

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On your wedding day, you should have your cake and eat it, too—and that cake should be absolutely delicious. While vanilla, chocolate, and almond are tasty and popular choices, there's nothing better than bringing the season into your sweets.

If you’re tying the knot in the summer months, why not go with a seasonal flavor that's totally mouthwatering? Some of our favorite bakers have been experimenting with unique wedding cake flavors, creating these seasonal selections that are perfect for summer weddings. Think prosecco and rose, lavender and lemon, and carrot and orange blossom.

With vibrant flavors and the freshest seasonal ingredients, guests will definitely be coming back for seconds if you serve these beyond-delicious summer wedding cake flavors at your reception.

Ready to dig in? See 11 summer wedding cake flavors that will get you excited to cut the cake.

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Champagne and Strawberries

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“This combination is perfect for a sophisticated summer wedding,” says Zoë Clark, owner of Zoë Clark Cakes in Queensland, Australia. “We soak our champagne-infused butter cake in champagne syrup, then layer it with strawberry buttercream and a strawberry and champagne preserve.”

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Prosecco and Rose

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Give guests a taste of summer in the garden with this feminine combination. “A light textured cake is flavored with a subtle hint of Prosecco, then layered with delicate rose-scented buttercream,” Clark describes.

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Lemon Thyme Ginger Cake with Lemon Ganache, Fresh Berry Compote, and Cream Cheese Buttercream. (top, right)

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“This is a fresh pairing that hits all of the notes of summer,” says Katy Pierson of Katy Pierson Cake in Breckenridge, Colorado. “The tang of the lemon ganache, the sweetness of the berry compote, and the mouthfeel of the cream cheese buttercream makes this a perfect summer slice.”

Yellow Butter Cake with Fresh Strawberries and Strawberry Jam. (left)

If you love the sweet simplicity of strawberry shortcake, this one is for you. According to Pierson, “This flavor has all the feelings of a nostalgic summer and has been on the menu at Katy Pierson Cake since our first day of business!” She pairs her classic yellow butter cake with layers of sweet buttercream, fresh strawberries, and homemade strawberry jam.

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White Butter Cake with Fiori Di Siciiia Buttercream, Colorado Apricot Jam, and Pistachio Crunch. (above)

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This cake gives classic Colorado summer flavors an Italian flare. “Fiori Di Sicilia has mild notes of orange and vanilla,” Pierson describes. “It pairs quite nicely with salty pistachio crunch and tart apricot jam. It’s not overly sweet, but has a unique flavor that goes great with a glass of champagne!”

Lemon Raspberry Sponge Cake with Raspberry Buttercream and Lemon Curd

“This is by far the most popular flavor for wedding cakes at our shop!” says Jenna Hutchinson, co-owner and head decorator of Jenna Rae Cakes in Winnipeg, Canada. “We do our lemon raspberry sponge cake, layered with a fresh raspberry buttercream made with our homemade raspberry reduction, and a layer of freshly made lemon curd. This flavor is a favorite because it’s the perfect combination of sweet with the acidity from the lemon curd—perfect for that after-meal treat!”

Piña Colada Cake

Did you dream of a destination wedding but ended up staying closer to home? Hutchinson has you covered. “Our piña colada cake pairs our coconut sponge cake with layers of piña colada buttercream and sticky coconut. It will make your guests feel like they’re at the beach!”

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Carrot Blossom Cake. (above)

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“I’ve explored the endless possibilities of fresh ingredients, such as fruits and herbs, which can add incredible depth and flavor. I’m not shy about mixing different types of flavoring!” says Emily Lael Aumiller, owner and chef of Lael Cakes in Brooklyn, New York. “I add caraway seeds to carrot cake, then layer it with orange blossom ginger icing for freshness and an extra bit of spice.”

Lemon-Lavender Cake

Lemon cake, a wedding staple, can be taken to the next level with thyme and lavender. “I’ve found that when alternative ingredients are handled properly, it can elevate the dessert, creating a delicate texture and flavor profile that releases slowly as you eat it—like nothing you’ve ever tasted before,” says Aumiller. Her lemon-lavender cake pairs lemon thyme cake with lavender icing and juicy blueberries.

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Caramelized Bananas with Dulcey Chocolate and Passionfruit

Courtesy of [dbakers Sweet Studio]({: rel=nofollow}

This indulgent cake combines toasty caramel with tropical flavors. “We layer caramelized banana cake with passionfruit cream and dulcey Swiss meringue buttercream,” explains Giancarlo Guevara, co-founder of dbakers Sweet Studio in Miami, Florida. “Dulcey is a white chocolate that is toasted to give it a caramelized flavor. It’s bright but still indulgent, really the best of a summer dessert.”

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