50 Unique Men's Wedding Bands

Because his ring should be amazing, too.

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Unique men's wedding band and women's wedding ring

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Engagement rings tend to get all the glory when it comes to wedding jewelry, but men’s wedding bands should be equally considered. After all, this is the band he'll be sporting to symbolize a beautiful partnership for years to come.

“Men should shop for a band that reflects their unique ethos and style,” says jewelry designer Melissa Joy Manning. “A band is a daily reminder of your relationship and individuality. It should echo them accordingly.”

Meet the Expert

Melissa Joy Manning is a jewelry designer focused on socially responsible fine jewelry, with studios in New York and California.

When it comes to finding the perfect men’s wedding band, the options are just as vast as searching for the perfect women’s band. Gold, platinum, or silver men’s wedding bands are total classics, but there's also plenty of options for finishes from matte or polished styles to hammered or brushed looks.

According to Manning, gold remains the strongest and most requested seller in men’s bands, with almost a 50/50 split between white and yellow gold. There’s also consistent demand for thicker, flatter men’s bands when it comes to style. Other unique style options include marrying two metals together, incorporating hammering or finishing textures, or including hidden stones or engravings. “Unusual bands come in a range of styles,” says Manning. “A band can be designed as differently as the wearer desires. There really are no rules except for designing with an eye to longevity.” 

How to Choose a Unique Men’s Wedding Band

There is definitely no harm in thinking outside of the box when it comes to selecting a beautiful band. With so many options for metals, styles, and whether to incorporate an engraving or a little bling, the choices may seem endless. In the end, it’s all about finding the perfect fit for that left ring finger.

“We encourage our customers to find a ring that speaks to them—a token not only of their love but of their individual spirit,” says Manning. “A band should be as unique as the relationship they celebrate.”

But remember, choosing a band isn’t all about looks. It’s important to find something wearable as well. “A unique wedding band should be chosen based not only on style but on fit. A daily band should be as comfortable as it is momentous,” says Manning.

Whether you're searching for coordinating bands or for something utterly unique in style, read on for 50 of the coolest men’s wedding bands for every taste, from classic to artsy to modern.

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Manly Bands The Tyler Ring

manly bands ring

Courtesy of Manly Bands

Made of black zirconium, this men's wedding ring from Manly Bands is an immediate showstopper thanks to its hammered finish. Simple with a sense of style.

SHOP NOW: Manly Bands, $325

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Christian Bauer Gold and Palladium Men's Wedding Band

Mixed metal men's wedding band with diamond

1st Dibs

This band combines both 18K yellow gold and palladium for a mixed-metal look. With a unique cut design, paired with moveable pieces in the center and a round diamond in the middle, this band is truly one-of-a-kind.

SHOP NOW: 1st Dibs, $1,200 from $1,500

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A.Jaffe Morse Code Men's Diamond Ring

Men's wedding band with diamonds


This band is available in platinum, along with yellow, rose, or white gold. But what truly makes it unique is the way round and baguette diamonds are incorporated to spell "I love you" in morse code.

SHOP NOW: A.Jaffe, price upon request

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Allurez Carved Wedding Band in Palladium

Carved men's wedding band


This palladium ring is a classic, but with a twist. The band is polished and stylish, with a unique textured look.

SHOP NOW: Allurez, $2,051 from $4,101

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Bario Neal Milla Square Rims Band

Mixed metal men's wedding band

Bario Neal

Mixing metals is such a great way to incorporate a unique look to an otherwise classic ring style. This band features 14K yellow gold, paired with a platinum center, with a matte finish.

SHOP NOW: Bario Neal, from $349

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Après Jewelry The Phoenix Ring

Gold men's wedding band


Want something fairly classic, with an elevated look? This band is available in white, yellow, or rose gold, featuring a beveled edge to stray away from the flat ring look.

SHOP NOW: Après, $720

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Barbela The Boyfriend Band

Gold men's wedding band

Barbela Design

Go for a classically styled band, but add a brushed look. We love the simple texture added to this band, available in yellow, white, or rose gold.

SHOP NOW: Barbela Design, $620

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Blue Nile Brushed and Polished Comfort Fit Wedding Ring

Brushed men's wedding band

Blue Nile

Switch things up from the traditional gold band and go for tungsten. This band is available in black or white tungsten and pairs polished edges with a brushed center finish for a modern look.

SHOP NOW: Blue Nile, $295

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Markette Six Faceted Carbon Ring

Carbon men's wedding band

Markette Six

This band is made from forged carbon fiber to bring a beautiful marbled look into the design. Incorporating a textured, faceted design makes it all the more interesting.

SHOP NOW: Markette Six, $325

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Concierge Diamonds Inc. Men's Platinum Wedding Band With Brushed Finish

Brushed metal men's wedding band

1st Dibs

Go for a deep, dark charcoal color with this band. A wider design at 5MM, this band is stunning in a brushed platinum finish.

SHOP NOW: 1st Dibs, $1,400

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Mociun Men's Triangle Notch Band

Men's Triangle Notch Band


There's no shame in going for a classic design, but add a unique twist to it. We love the way this band features a tiny triangle notch in the band for an unusual design.

SHOP NOW: Mociun, $800

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Christian Bauer Rose Gold and Platinum Men's Band

Two tone men's wedding band

Marisa Perry

Make your two-toned band special with rose gold. This unique option pairs a platinum center with a glossy rose gold edge, with the option to order a wider style if desired.

SHOP NOW: Marisa Perry, price upon request

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Digby & Iona Flat Arrows Band

Arrow design men's wedding band

Digby & Iona

Get creative with a textured design. This band is available in recycled yellow, white, or rose gold, with an arrow motif all the way around.

SHOP NOW: Digby & Iona, $920

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Diamond Nexus Sinclair Wedding Band

Diamond men's wedding band

Diamond Nexus

Don't be afraid of a little bling when it comes to men's wedding bands. This band, available in white or yellow gold is paired with a segmented design with beveled edges and three princess-cut diamonds.

SHOP NOW: Diamond Nexus, $1,530

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Edwardian Yellow Gold Men’s Wedding Band

Textured men's wedding band

1st Dibs 

With an Egyptian vibe to it, this band is fit for a king. A beautifully beveled edge is paired with texturing throughout this yellow gold band for a unique design.

SHOP NOW: 1st Dibs, $775

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Gemvara Crevasse Ring

Diamond men's wedding band


Make a splash with a diamond band. This band is available in platinum, along with white, yellow, or rose gold. Stones shine in the center of the crevasse of this band, with the option to choose diamonds or even swap them for rubies or blue sapphires.

SHOP NOW: Gemvara, $2,990

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Helzberg Diamonds Men's Diamond Band in Tungsten

Men's wedding band with diamonds


This is such a lovely band to incorporate a bit of sparkle. The polished band is tungsten, with a sterling silver inlay featuring brilliant-cut diamonds for a bit of shine.

SHOP NOW: Helzberg, $999.99

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Kataoka Bias & Milgrain Men's Band

Textured men's wedding band


This unique band features a variety of texture throughout. With a choice of metals from platinum to gold, this hammered ring incorporates textured edges for a handcrafted milgrain look.

SHOP NOW: Kataoka, $2,480

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Marrow Fine Jewelry Tyson Men's Band With Birthstone

Square men's wedding band

Marrow Fine Jewelry

This is definitely the band if you're looking for a unique shape. Incorporating a flat top design, this band can also be customized with your partner's birthstone on the inside of the band.

SHOP NOW: Marrow Fine Jewelry, $995

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Marian Maurer Yellow Gold Costa Band

Gold men's wedding band

Love Adorned

Go for classic yellow gold, but incorporate a unique pattern. This band features a dotted motif on each edge, paired with a matte finish.

SHOP NOW: Love Adorned, $1,880

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Melissa Joy Manning Diamond Edge Band

Diamond men's wedding band

Melissa Joy Manning

Opt for a classic gold band, but add in a touch of sparkle. This hand-forged band features a hammered texture, with five diamonds set along the edge.

SHOP NOW: Melissa Joy Manning, $3,660

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Mociun Men’s Etched Lines Band

Textured men's wedding band


This band option offers so many choices for simple customization, including a choice of width and metal. Adding in simple etched lines throughout creates a unique look.

SHOP NOW: Mociun, $700

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Holden Design Studio Hammered Wedding Band

Hammered men's wedding band

Octavia Elizabeth

Opting for a hammered finish is one of the simplest ways to make a band that much more special. This band is available in yellow, rose, or white gold, as well as platinum, to find the perfect metal to suit any style.

SHOP NOW: Octavia Elizabeth, $1,800

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Polly Wales Pinched Band

Textured men's wedding band

Catbird NYC

Going for a unique band doesn't have to be over-the-top. This one-of-a-kind pinched band is formed by hand, available in yellow or rose gold and in multiple widths.

SHOP NOW: Catbird NYC, $1,980

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Rachel Boston Engraved Lines Wedding Band

Engraved men's wedding band

Rachel Boston

This is the perfect way to marry a unique, but modern, design. Available in a variety of metal options, this band features hand-engraved lines all the way around the band.

SHOP NOW: Rachel Boston, price upon request

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Roman Malakov Rose Gold and Black Diamond Men's Wedding Band

Rose gold men's wedding band

Roman Malakov

This is such a beautiful option, featuring channel set black diamonds. The brushed rose gold contrasts perfectly with the black diamonds for a unique look.

SHOP NOW: Roman Malakov, $4,150

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Shahla Karimi Every Love Better Half Band

Two toned men's wedding band

Shahla Karimi

This gender-neutral option is so special. Half of the band features a polished finish, while the other half is matte. Available in a variety of metals, this is the perfect band to display your love for your partner.

SHOP NOW: Shahla Karimi, $890

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Todd Reed Green Jade and Sterling Silver Ring

Green jade men's band

 Todd Reed 

The exterior of your band doesn't have to be metal. Choose a sterling silver ring, paired with green jade, for a unique look.

SHOP NOW: Todd Reed, price upon request

If gold or platinum isn't for you, don't be afraid to make a bold choice. Check with your jeweler to see if colored gemstones or other materials can be incorporated into your band.

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Shane Co. Textured Cobalt and Meteorite Men's Band

Hammered men's wedding band

Shane Co.

Is there such a thing as too much texture? We don't think so. This band is crafted from cobalt and meteorite with a textured center and hammered edges.

SHOP NOW: Shane Co., $1,127

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Stone and Strand Gold Cigar Band

Cigar men's wedding band

Stone and Strand

This is a classic gold option, but with a twist. If a heavy band isn't your thing, opting for a cigar band might be the perfect choice. This 10K solid gold band is quite a bit lighter than other options, providing a simple, comfortable fit.

SHOP NOW: Stone and Strand, $198

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Tacori Mixed Finish Band

Textured men's wedding band


This is such a unique style crafted in white gold. The band features a brushed inlay, milgrain detailing, and it is even designed with a vented interior for breathability.

SHOP NOW: Tacori, $1,870

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Tiffany & Co. Classic Milgrain Wedding Band

Milgrain men's wedding band

Tiffany & Co.

This is such a great gender-neutral option. With platinum and 18K gold and milgrain detailing, this is a beautifully classic band.

SHOP NOW: Tiffany & Co., $2,300

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Vera Wang Love Collection Men's Four Stone Diamond Wedding Band

Diamond men's wedding band


This is the perfect design to add a little shine. Four diamonds are tucked into this white gold band for just a hint of sparkle.

SHOP NOW: Zales, $999.99

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Vrai The Flat Band

Flat men's wedding band

Vrai & Oro

Ditch those rounded edges if they're not for you. This style, available in multiple metal options, offers a sleek and modern look with a flat surface.

SHOP NOW: Vrai & Oro, $725

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Ada Diamonds Polydiamond Inlay Ring

Platinum men's wedding band

Ada Diamonds

Go for a unique, modern look. This band incorporates a polydiamond inlay, paired with a gold or platinum edge in a polished finish.

SHOP NOW: Ada Diamonds, $4,775

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Otem White Gold Tetra Ring

Men's wedding band


This white gold band definitely brings a unique design with its four-sided shape. But it's the small diamond set on the inside of the band that makes it truly special.

SHOP NOW: Otem, from $700

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Simon G. Textured Men's Ring

Textured floral gold men's band

 Simon G.

Who says you can't opt for a floral design? With a textured pattern and a white gold interior, this band uniquely shines.

SHOP NOW: Simon G., $2,464

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Melissa Joy Manning Half Dome Diamond Band

Men's band with diamonds

 Melissa Joy Manning

There's no shame in opting for a whole lot of sparkle. This classic gold band features 18 flush-set white diamonds for a splash of shine.

SHOP NOW: Melissa Joy Manning, $2,940

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Fraser Hamilton Gold Textured and Faceted Band

Textured men's wedding band

 Tomfoolery London

Opt for a textured and faceted design, but take it one step further with this unique look. Crafted from yellow gold, the angular lines incorporated into this brushed band are truly special.

SHOP NOW: Tomfoolery London, price upon request

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Todd Pownell Diamond Fissure Band

Diamond fissure gold band

Art + Soul

This band is truly unique from the inside out. An oxidized sterling silver band is wrapped with textured yellow gold and designed to feature a fissure pattern of diamonds for a rustic look.

SHOP NOW: Art + Soul, $1,630

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Bliss Lau Fused Ring

Men's wedding band with diamond

Bliss Lau

Add a little bling to your ring, but opt for a sleek black diamond. This handmade band is available in a variety of metals with a squared bottom for extra comfort.

SHOP NOW: Bliss Lau, $2,705

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Montica Jewelry Coupled Simplicity Diamond Band

Men's wedding band with diamonds

Montica Jewelry

Available in platinum, as well as white, yellow, or rose gold, this band sparkles in all the right places. Designed with cut and polished diamonds in the center, this unique band is bursting with light.

SHOP NOW: Montica Jewelry, $2,750

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Anna Sheffield Yellow Gold and Black Diamonds Ring

Gold men's wedding band with diamonds

Anna Sheffield

Choose from yellow, white, or rose gold for this band, with beautifully contrasting black diamonds incorporated into the design. A custom engraving can be added as well to make this band extra special.

SHOP NOW: Anna Sheffield, $2,650

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Lauren B Jewelry Comfort-Fit Diamond Wedding Ring

gold diamond men's band

 Lauren B Jewelry

We love the way this design pairs texture and shine. With edge-set diamonds, the sides of this band shine, with a unique swirled texture pattern on the band to make the diamonds sparkle that much more.

SHOP NOW: Lauren B Jewelry, $4,395

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Reinstein Ross Regular Braid Band

Braided men's wedding band

Reinstein Ross

Opt for plenty of texture with a braided look. This wide band is available in a variety of gold options, with three braided elements in the center.

SHOP NOW: Reinstein Ross, $4,400

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Brushed Soft Square Rose Gold Band With Champagne Diamond

Rose gold men's band

 Anna Sheffield

This is the perfect band to just slightly stray away from those typical rounded edges. The brushed soft square band features one champagne diamond for a unique look.

SHOP NOW: Anna Sheffield, $1,100

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Todd Reed Raw Cube Diamond Band

Raw diamond men's band

 Todd Reed 

Sparkly diamonds aren't the only option. If you want to incorporate stones, raw diamonds may be the perfect choice, all set in palladium for a rustic look.

SHOP NOW: Todd Reed, price upon request

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Mociun Men's Abacus Channel Band

Channel men's wedding band


Certainly, adding diamonds to a channel-set design can be absolutely unique, but we love the idea of letting the metal do all of the work. Available in gold or platinum, this band is a unique, yet modern, choice.

SHOP NOW: Mociun, $3,450

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Todd Pownell Thin Row Wavy Diamond Band

Rose gold men's wedding band

Art + Soul 

A wavy texture can create a truly unique look. This band incorporates thin rows of rose gold in a wavy design, paired with stunning white diamonds throughout.

SHOP NOW: Art + Soul, $2,375

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Shield Band With Blue Enamel

Shield Band With Blue Enamel

Bario Neal

Who says you can't add a splash of color to your wedding band? This unique patterned band brings blue glass enamel into the mix for a unique design.

SHOP NOW: Bario Neal, from $500

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