55 Unique Men's Wedding Bands and Rings From Classic to Modern

Because his ring should be as amazing as yours

Courtesy of Vrai & Oro

Engagement rings tend to get all the glory when it comes to wedding jewelry, but men’s wedding bands should be equally considered. These days, certain men are even opting for engagement rings which is all the more reason to make sure his wedding band is as stylish and significant as yours!

Simple gold, platinum, or silver men’s wedding bands are total classics and to this day, are some of the most popular wedding band styles for husbands-to-be. From matte to polished, flat to rounded, hammered to brushed, a modest metal band can feel refined and comfortable on his finger—yes, even if he’s not a jewelry person. Whether he’s for a slim, medium, or thick silhouette, a simple band is timeless and something he won’t feel uncomfortable in (okay, maybe he’ll need a month or so to get totally used to it).

If your man tends towards classic pieces but is willing to embrace a little more design, a faceted, braided, or stepped-edge wedding band is a sleek next step. For more of a unique and detailed look, contrasting finishes, a unique inlay, two-tone metal accents, etching, or vintage-style rings with subtle imprinting will stand out sans a showy result. If he wants to level up from platinum, silver, white, or yellow gold, a titanium, steel, black, or a mixed-metal design will create more of a stand out wedding band look.

Your husband-to-be may be unabashed by jewelry. In this case, a wedding band with diamonds or gemstones is definitely the answer. No harm in a little bling for the boys! A single stone or three small gems side-by-side is an elegant statement while eternity baguettes or a modern design edged with black or white diamonds is a touch more extraordinary.

Whether you want your guy’s wedding band to coordinate with yours or be utterly unique to his style, ahead, scroll 62 of the coolest men’s wedding bands for every taste, from classic to artsy to modern.

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18 Karat and Palladium Mens Wedding Band

Courtesy of 1st Dibs

SHOP NOW: 1st Dibs, $1,500

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A.Jaffe I Love You - Morse Code, Men's Diamond Ring

Courtesy of A.Jaffe

SHOP NOW: A.Jaffe,

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Adel Chefridi Men's Stepping Stone Band

Courtesy of Chefridi

SHOP NOW: Chefridi, $2,875

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Allurez Carved Wedding Band in Palladium For Men (7mm)

Courtesy of Allurez

SHOP NOW: Allurez, $855

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Anna Sheffield Yellow Gold & Black Diamonds Ring

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

SHOP NOW: Anna Sheffield, $2,650

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Après Jewelry The Phoenix Ring

Courtesy of Après

SHOP NOW: Après, $640

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Azlee Custom Men's Band

Courtesy of Azlee Jewelry

(bottom left)

SHOP NOW: Azlee Jewelry, Price Upon Request

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Courtesy of Ashley Zhang

Ashley Zhang Unisex Wedding Band

SHOP NOW: Ashley Zhang, $530

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Bario Neal Milla Square Rims Band

Courtesy of Bario Neal

SHOP NOW: Bario Neal, Priced from $370

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Barbela The Boyfriend Band

Courtesy of Barbella Design

SHOP NOW: Barbella Design, $500

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Blue Nile Brushed and Polished Comfort Fit Wedding Ring

Courtesy of Blue Nile

SHOP NOW: Blue Nile, $295

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Boudov Unisex Brushed Band

Courtesy of Boudov

SHOP NOW: Boudov, $1,150

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Brilliant Earth 18K White Gold Byron Wedding Ring

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

SHOP NOW: Brilliant Earth, $1,150

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Carbon6 Faceted Carbon Ring

Courtesy of Markette Six

SHOP NOW: Markette Six, $325

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Ceremony Alder I Full Round Band

Courtesy of Ceremony

SHOP NOW: Ceremony, $490

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Charles & Colvard Satin Finish Center with Smooth Beveled Edges 6.0mm Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold

Courtesy of Charles & Colvard

SHOP NOW: Charles & Colvard, $729

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Concierge Diamonds Inc. Men's Platinum Wedding Band with Brushed Finish

Courtesy of 1st Dibs

SHOP NOW: 1st Dibs, $1,400

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Cartier Trinity Wedding Band

Courtesy of Cartier

SHOP NOW: Cartier, $1,290

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Christian Bauer Two Tone 18k Rose Gold and Platinum Mens Band

Courtesy of Marisa Perry

SHOP NOW: Marisa Perry, $2,080

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De Beers Stepped Edge Band

Courtesy of De Beers

SHOP NOW: De Beers, $2,000

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Digby & Iona Flat Arrows Band

Courtesy of Digby & Iona

SHOP NOW: Digby & Iona, $920

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Diamond Nexus Sinclair Wedding Band

Courtesy of Diamond Nexus

SHOP NOW: Diamond Nexus, $1,315

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Courtesy of Digby & Iona

Edwardian Yellow Gold Men’s Wedding Band

SHOP NOW: 1st Dibs, $775

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Gemvara Crevasse Ring

SHOP NOW: Gemvara, $725

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Helzberg Diamonds Men's 1:2 Ct. Tw. Diamond Band in Tungsten & Sterling Silver, 8MM

Courtesy of Helzberg

SHOP NOW: Helzberg, $999.99

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Kataoka Bias & Milgrain Men's Band

Courtesy of Kataoka

SHOP NOW: Kataoka, $2,380

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Love Adorned Vintage Vintage Steel Ring with Gold Square

Courtesy of Love Adorned

SHOP NOW: Love Adorned, $320

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Lauren B Jewelry Comfort-Fit Diamond Wedding Ring

Courtesy of Lauren B Jewelry

SHOP NOW: Lauren B Jewelry, $1,057

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Marian Maurer Yellow Gold Plain Costa Band

Courtesy of Love Adorned

SHOP NOW: Love Adorned, $1,550

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Lauren Wolf Jewelry Thin Half Round Men's Ring

Courtesy of Lauren Wolf Jewelry

SHOP NOW: Lauren Wolf Jewelry, $975

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Marrow Tyson Men's Band

Courtesy of Marrow Fine Jewelry

SHOP NOW: Marrow Fine Jewelry, $1,375

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Megan Thorne Mens Imperial Band Ring - White Gold

Courtesy of Ylang

SHOP NOW: Ylang, $1,520

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McTeigue & McClelland Ref. No. 31187 Geometric Inlaid Band, Wrought Iron & 22Kt

Courtesy of MC2 Jewels

SHOP NOW: MC2 Jewels, Price Upon Request

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Melissa Joy Manning Diamond Edge 6mm Band

Melissa Joy Manning

SHOP NOW: Melissa Joy Manning, $3,660

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Mémoire Men's Platinum Diamond Wedding Band

Courtesy of Forevermark

SHOP NOW: Forevermark, Priced from $4,840

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Mociun Men’s Etched Lines Band 3mm

Courtesy of Otem

SHOP NOW: Otem, $700

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Moniqué Pean RCM501RY Ring

Courtesy of Moniqué Pean

SHOP NOW: Moniqué Pean, Price Upon Request

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Octavia Elizabeth Noah Wedding Band - Hammer

Courtesy of Octavia Elizabeth

SHOP NOW: Octavia Elizabeth, Price from $1,000

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Polly Wales Pinched Band

Courtesy of Catbird NYC

SHOP NOW: Catbird NYC, $1,980

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Reinstein Ross Regular Braid Band

Courtesy of Reinstein Ross

SHOP NOW: Reinstein Ross, Price Upon Request

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Rachel Boston Engraved Lines Wedding Band - 3MM

Courtesy of Rachel Boston

SHOP NOW: Rachel Boston, $881.50

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Roman Malakov Rose Gold and Diamond Men's Wedding Band

Courtesy of Roman Malakov

SHOP NOW: Roman Malakov, $4,150

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Shahla Karimi Every Love 4MM Better Half Band

Courtesy of Shahla Karimi

SHOP NOW: Shahla Karimi, $890

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Shane Co. Textured Cobalt and Meteorite Mens Ring with Hammered Edge (9mm)

Courtesy of Shane Co.

SHOP NOW: Shane Co., $1,100

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Stone And Strand Gold Cigar Band

Courtesy of Stone and Strand

SHOP NOW: Stone and Strand, $198

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Tacori Mixed Finish Band

Courtesy of Tacori

SHOP NOW: Tacori, $1,870

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Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Classic Milgrain Wedding Band Ring

Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

SHOP NOW: Tiffany & Co., $2,125

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Todd Reed Raw Cube Diamond Band

Courtesy of Alchemy Jewelers

SHOP NOW: Alchemy Jeweler, $1,705

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Vera Wang Love Collection Men's 1:20 CT. T.W. Diamond Four Stone Wedding Band in 14K White Gold

Courtesy of Zales

SHOP NOW: Zales, $783.30

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Vrai & Oro The 3 Flat Band, Starting

Courtesy of Vrai & Oro

SHOP NOW: Vrai & Oro, Starting at $631

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Tomasz Donocik The Band Ring in White Gold

Courtesy of Tomasz Donocik

SHOP NOW: Tomasz Donocik, approximately $4,636

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Ada Diamonds Polydiamond Inlay Ring

Courtesy of Ada Diamonds

SHOP NOW: Ada Diamonds, $3,725

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ILA Lucky Catch 4MM

Courtesy of ILA


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Otem Tetra Ring, 14K White Gold

Courtesy of Otem

SHOP NOW: Otem New York, Priced from $700

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Simon G. LG149 Men Ring, $1,716.png

Courtesy of Simon G.

SHOP NOW: Simon G., $1,716

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