Unique Groom's Cakes

Surprise Your Groom With a Just-For-Him Dessert Tailored to His Taste

Courtesy of Pink Cake Box

Because the bride and groom met and fell in love with Italy, a pizza-themed groom's cake was a fitting choice (check out the adorable flavors listed on the box: "Saucy Sausage," "Cheesy Love," and "My Room or Mushroom.")

Cake design by Pink Cake Box

Janae Shields Photography

For the baseball lover in your life: an entirely edible baseball cap decorated with precisely piped stitching and hand-cut fondant details.

Cake design by Cake Coquette

Courtesy of Katy Zimmerman/The Happy Cake

Since the groom is an avid outdoorsman, cake designer Katy Zimmerman created a cozy campsite from fondant and gum paste—complete with a tent, campfire, and even s'mores—for the newlyweds.

Cake design by The Happy Cake

Garbo Productions

The bride surprised her groom, who grew up skiing in Aspen, with a carrot-cake rendering of his favorite ski runs.

Cake design by Take the Cake

Rachel Robertson Photography

Sushi lovers will appreciate a platter (made of cake and painted to resemble wood, naturally) of meticulously sculpted and painted gum paste rolls and nigiri, accompanied by sugar renditions of all the accouterments—a dollop of wasabi, pickled ginger, chopsticks, and a dish of soy sauce.

Cake design by Rick Reichart of cakelava

Courtesy of Sugar Couture

For a lifelong KISS fan, cake designer Penny Stankiewicz created an all-edible homage to the groom's favorite band—including a lunchbox, thermos, notebook, and even a childhood photo of him dressed in his KISS Halloween costume—all displayed on a grammar-school desk.

Cake design by Sugar Couture

Shelli Allen Photography

"Matthew surprised me with a whirlwind trip to Las Vegas last year," says Emily, the bride. "He proposed on a balcony overlooking the lake at the Bellagio." To commemorate the proposal, Emily surprised Matthew with a blackjack-themed groom's cake customized in the colors of their alma mater, Auburn University.

Cake design by Sonshine Wedding Cakes

Courtesy of Gateaux Inc.

An edible representation of the groom's favorite things: The Godfather films (the DVD is actually a solid piece of chocolate), good tequila (the bottle of Patrón is made of Rice Krispies Treats), and cigars (the humidor is handpainted to resemble wood and decorated with gold gum paste hardware).

Cake design by Gateaux Inc.

Jihan Cerda Photography

"My husband Willie proposed during a helicopter ride over the Golden Gate Bridge," says the bride, Rochelle. "He owns a construction business and had arranged for a sign to be placed near the bridge so that I'd see it as we flew over." Rochelle asked her cake designers to surprise the groom with a replica of the sign, so Lisa Restrepo and Donna Zell cut and welded a miniature trailer (with actual wheels!) and fashioned the sign from styrofoam and fondant (the message was comprised of tiny orange-colored fondant circles). The sign was displayed alongside several layer cakes baked in the groom's favorite flavor: almond hazelnut with Frangelico-flavored Italian meringue buttercream icing.

Cake design by Let's Do Cake!

Courtesy of Harmony Cakes

If your groom is a java junkie, surprise him with a supersize cup of his favorite coffee, done entirely in cake. This confection features two tiers of chocolate cake with mocha buttercream and raspberry preserves covered in fondant (we love the gum paste sugar packets!).

Cake design by Harmony Cakes

The Mill Photography Studio

The groom, a football player at the University of Texas at Austin, wanted a Longhorn-themed cake for the reception. The end result: a miniature football stadium (complete with customized signs!) filled with cake ball spectators.

Design by Objects of Confection

AmyMyself&I Photography

This bride surprised her groom, a budding beer brewer, with a cake resembling the cask from his home-brewing kit. The confection was made of sculpted Rice Krispies Treats (the groom wasn't a fan of cake) that were covered with fondant and airbrushed with edible paint for a smooth finish.

Cake design by Pink Outside the Box Cakes

Lace/Hanky Photography

This incredibly realistic cake version of the groom's favorite condiment is made with chocolate cake and Irish Cream filling.

Cake design by Gateaux Inc.

Studio222 Photography

An edible still life depicting significant items from the groom's life: his favorite leather chair and ottoman, his navy hat and naval magazines, a framed engagement portrait, and a Gordon setter dog—the same breed the bride and groom both had growing up.

Cake design by Party Flavors Custom Cakes

Courtesy of Sugar Couture

For a groom who is an avid photographer and world traveler, cake designer Penny Stankiewicz created a pop-up book featuring edible versions of favorite photos and gum paste renditions of city landmarks. "And there's a glass of scotch, which was made from poured sugar," says Penny, "since he's likely to be sipping a glass while editing his photos."

Cake design by Sugar Couture

Janae Shields Photography

This edible yacht, sculpted from cake and fondant, is for a groom who loves to sail (check out those teeny life preservers!).

Cake design by Cake Coquette

Sandy Yetter/Red Lotus Photography

A cake fit for a film buff: Guinness-infused chocolate cake tiers—shaped and stacked to resemble film reels—bear the titles of the groom's favorite black-and-white movies.

Cake design by Rania's Catering

Courtesy of Studio Cake

This bride surprised her groom—a professional photographer—with an edible replica of his beloved digital camera.

Cake design by Studio Cake

Susan Beth Photography

Video-game lovers will flip for a Pac-Man dessert table. Pac-Man and his ghost enemies (which are frosted sugar cookies) are displayed on a game board covered with fruit (Runts candies) and pac-dots (cake balls in white frosting). Additional cake balls, in flavors like red velvet, lemon, and pumpkin, are displayed on the side.

Design by Objects of Confection

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