32 Unique Engagement Ring Settings and Styles

From exceptional cuts to ornate settings to entirely avant-garde shapes, these rings are perfect for the bride eschewing tradition



The unconventional bride is perhaps the most exhilarating—her distinctive taste is incomparable to that of a timeless, bohemian, or modern bride, making her the ideal candidate for a spectacular and unique engagement ring that defies tradition. We find this to be one of the most thrilling facets of such a bride, wouldn’t you say?

Many brides appreciate the classics like ovals, pears, and emerald cuts, either simply as solitaires, with the extra adornment of a halo, or with the added glitz of side baguettes. And we’re all for it. For the bride with a slightly off-kilter aesthetic, however, this won’t do.

She embraces rare finds that wouldn’t be found in most jewelry cases, making it essential to home in on a design that’s entirely unexpected. This goes beyond opting for a colored gemstone or considering a one-off setting. It’s about an extreme wow factor, a fantastical creation grounded in innovative design and remarkable artistry.

A trillion-shaped sapphire dyad centered amid a yellow gold frame by Bario Neal could stand up. Perhaps an architectural and disruptive design of oval cut diamonds and pavé accents by Dauphin would do the trick? Spinelli Kilcollin’s three linked ring design would be a stunning choice, complete with micropavé white diamonds, pavé-set prongs, and a one carat center white diamond with 18k white gold connectors in 18K yellow and rose gold.

We know, such extraordinary style is a tall order. And seemingly pricey to boot. Truth be told, many rings of this nature are costly, but going for one-of-a-kind doesn’t have equate to bespoke or custom—inimitable designs like the above mentioned abound, and with the exact type of exceptionality an unconventional bride craves. For those who are more price conscious, going for a gemstone, a cluster silhouette, or contemporary shape comprised of smaller stones will help keep the cost down. Plus, they’re equally impactful, we promise.

Wherever you fall on the unconventional spectrum, we culled 32 spectacular and unexpected engagement rings to peruse. From exceptional cuts to ornate settings to entirely avant-garde shapes, these rings are perfect for the bride eschewing tradition. Get inspired ahead.

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Harry Winston Cluster Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Harry Winston

Pear and marquise shaped diamonds set in platinum.

SHOP NOW: Harry Winston, (price upon request)

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Bario Neal Trillion Dyad Ring

Courtesy of Bario Neal

Two white sapphires bezel set in 18k yellow gold.

SHOP NOW: Bario Neal, from $2,550

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Karma el Khalil Triangle Ring

Courtesy of Karma el Khalil

Topaz set in 18k yellow gold.

SHOP NOW: Karma el Khalil, (price upon request)

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Anita Ko Three-Stone Claw Ring

Courtesy of Anita Ko

Pear shaped and pavé diamonds in set rose gold.

SHOP NOW: Anita Ko, $10,300

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Eva Fehren "Rose Warrior" Ring

Courtesy of Eva Fehren

Custom cut kite shaped diamond and pavé accents in 18k rose gold.

SHOP NOW: Eva Fehren, (price upon request)

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Harry Kotlar "The Vault" Ring

Engagement ring

Courtesy of Harry Kotlar

Yellow diamond center stone framed by marquise diamonds set in platinum and 18k yellow.

SHOP NOW: Harry Kotlar, (price upon request)

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Celia Brown "Teeth" Pavé Ring

Courtesy of Celia Brown

Marquise cut diamonds on pavé band set in 18k yellow gold.

SHOP NOW: Celia Brown, (price upon request)

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Jacquie Aiche Teardrop Diamond Crown Ring

Courtesy of Jacque Aiche

Pavé teardrop ring with diamond center set in 14k rose gold.

SHOP NOW: Jacquie Aiche, $3,750

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Kavant & Sharart "Talay Wave" Ring

Courtesy of Kavant & Sharart

Diamonds set in 18k white gold.

SHOP NOW: Kavant & Sharart, $5,660

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Alezan by SK "Shanhan" Chevron Ring

Courtesy of Alezan by SK

Diamond baguettes set in chevron shape, encased in yellow gold.

SHOP NOW: Alezan by SK, $10,289.16

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Repossi "Serti sur Vide" Ring

Courtesy of Repossi

Pear shaped diamonds set in white gold.

SHOP NOW: Repossi, (price upon request)

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Digby & Iona "Double Kira" Ring

Courtesy of Digby & Iona

Two trillion diamonds set in 14k yellow recycled gold.

SHOP NOW: Digby & Iona, $3,450

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Jade Trau "Rae" Wrap Ring

Courtesy of Forevermark

Oval diamond with pavé band set in white gold, by Jade Trau.

SHOP NOW: Forevermark, from $13,600

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Hueb "Plisse" Ring

Courtesy of Hueb

Diamonds set in 18k yellow gold.

SHOP NOW: Hueb, (price upon request)

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Wwake Old European Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Wwake

Diamonds set in 14k yellow gold.

SHOP NOW: Wwake, $14,690

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Bliss Lau "Mirage" Ring

Courtesy of Bliss Lau

Black spinel with diamond pavé flanks, set in recycled white gold.

SHOP NOW: Bliss Lau, $4,910

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Gismondi Il Viaggio Collection "Dune" Ring

Courtesy of Gismondi 1754

Yellow asscher cut diamond center stone with marquise diamonds, set in 18k white gold.

SHOP NOW: Gismondi 1754, (price upon request)

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Azlee "Glow" Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Azlee Jewelry

Baguette and princess cut diamonds set in 18k white gold.

SHOP NOW: Azlee, $2,900

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The One I Love Georgian Diamond Disk Ring

Courtesy of The One I Love NYC

Mine cut diamonds set in 18k gold and sterling silver.

SHOP NOW: The One I Love NYC, $3,950

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Swati Dhanak "Feature Shards" Ring

Courtesy of Swati Dhanak

Diamonds set in 18k white gold.

SHOP NOW: Swati Dhanak, $2,590

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Kat Kim "Emerald Sunset" Pavé Ring

Courtesy of Kat Kim

Emerald cut diamond and pavé band, set in 18k yellow gold.

SHOP NOW: Kat Kim, $14,000

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Ilana Ariel Diamond Pear Short Ring

Courtesy of Ilana Ariel

Diamonds set in 14k yellow gold.

SHOP NOW: Ilana Ariel, $5,300

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Graziela Diamond Affinity Ring

Courtesy of Graziela

Diamonds set in 18k white gold.

SHOP NOW: Graziela, $4,650

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Jane Taylor "Petite Cloud Swing" Ring

Courtesy of Jane Taylor

Diamonds set in platinum.

SHOP NOW: Jane Taylor, $13,675

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Spinelli Kilcollin "Artemis" Ring

Courtesy of Spinelli Kilcollin

Diamond center stone with pave bands set in 18k rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

SHOP NOW: Spinelli Kilcollin, (price upon request)

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Kwiat "Ashoka" Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Kwiat

Diamonds set in platinum.

SHOP NOW: Kwiat, (price upon request)

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Anne Sisteron "Double Spear" Ring

Courtesy of Anne Sisteron

Courtesy of Anne Sisteron 

Diamonds set in 14k yellow gold.

SHOP NOW: Anne Sisteron, $1,540

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Mark Broumand Yellow Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Mark Broumand

Pear shaped diamond surrounded by a swirl of baguette and round diamonds, set in platinum.

SHOP NOW: Mark Broumand, $19,995

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Après Jewelry "The Nova" Ring

Courtesy of Après Jewelry

Marquise cut diamond with pavè band and x-shaped pavè halo.

SHOP NOW: Après Jewelry, $2,260

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Leo Ingwer 'Samara' Ring

Courtesy of Leo Ingwer

Marquise center stone with diamond halo and braided band.

SHOP NOW: Leo Ingwer, (price upon request)

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Dauphin "Disruptive" Ring

Courtesy of Dauphin

Oval cut and pavé diamonds set in 18K white gold.

SHOP NOW: Dauphin, (price upon request)

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Misahara "Garden of Eden" Ring

Courtesy of Misahara

Diamond center stone with diamond and emerald set interwoven bands, in 18k rose gold setting.

SHOP NOW: Misahara, (price upon request)

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