7 Unique Champagne Ice Buckets for Every Bride

Because your bubbly deserves something pretty, too

Updated 09/13/17

Elizabeth Cooney

If you’re looking for an easy way to impress your friends with how, ahem, FANCY you are, look no further than ye olde ice bucket. Why, you may ask? Because only the most chi-chi and elite have a separate receptacle specifically for chilling their alcohol (mainly champagne, but we won’t judge your white wine), right? Perhaps not the first thing you’d put on your registry list (a necessity it is not), but endlessly useful, nonetheless. It’s the perfect accessory to style on your bar cart, if it’s on the larger side you can stash multiple bottles in it to chill (not just alcohol!) for a summer party, and it just kind of says: “I’m an adult who knows how to entertain” (even if you don’t really feel like said adult). Now there are many more options than just the traditional, silver-plated, ornate ice buckets of old—so if that isn’t your scene, don’t fret! We’ve rounded up some unique ice buckets for whatever your style so you can impress everyone at your next party!

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Sleek and modern per usual CB2 style, this copper bucket would look great at the end of a well styled holiday dinner table. Iris Individual Copper Ice Bucket, $14.95, CB2

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Want something a little edgier in which to stash your rosé? This marble bucket with skull handles does the trick. Don't save it for Halloween—it's chic of any time of year in our book. Thomas Fuchs Marble Ice Bucket, $650, Available at Barney's

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For the couple that has a monochromatic, minimalist apartment (imagine lots neutrals and natural materials) this white oak ice bucket is perfecto. Rift Cut White Oak Ice Bucket, $350, Food52

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Definitely on the unconventional end of the spectrum, this malachite bucket says to your guests: "This may seem like a low-key party now, but this is most likely going until 5am so pace yourself." Malachite Ice Bucket, $198, Jonathan Adler

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Big enough for your fancy French sodas and sparkling wine to have their own party in it (aka room for more than one bottle), trendy copper combined with a traditional shape and monogramming makes this bucket versatile for all your drink-chilling needs. Celebration Wine Bowl, $149, Mark and Graham

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For the couple who's style gears a little more towards the organic, this ice bucket from Canvas Home has a handmade, almost earthenware feeling while still feeling sophisticated with touches of gold. Dauville Ice Bucket in Gold, $80, Canvas Home

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Perhaps this is an odd comparison, but this ice bucket reminds us of the iridescence in a pool of gasoline! Funky and modern, you won't find any other champagne buckets quite as chill (see what we did there) as this one. Thomas Fuchs Blaze Barware Champagne Cooler, $330, Available at Barney's

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