A Glossary of Wedding Flowers by Color

Use this guide to choose the best blooms for your wedding color palette

fall bridal bouquet

Photo by Jenny Naima Photography

Have you ever wondered if hydrangeas come in pink? (They do!) Are you curious as to whether or not you can find orchids year round? (You can!) Compiling your dream wedding bouquet is part inspiration, part knowledge, and we've got them both covered in this comprehensive guide to wedding flowers by color.

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Pale Violet to Electric Blue Flowers:

For your "something blue," look to the blue-hued blooms here.

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This flower is often used in large ceremony arrangements. It also comes in white, mauve, peach, and other blue shades.

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You need just a handful of these big, preppy blooms to create an abundant centerpiece. It also comes in white, green, blue, and assorted pinks.

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Blue Thistle

Despite its name, it's not prickly and makes an excellent boutonniere flower.

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Besides hydrangea, tweedia is the only flower that comes in this shade of sky blue. It also comes in white.

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An all-muscari bouquet is chic and ladylike. It also comes in purple and white.

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Water Lily

This aquatic flower is a good focal bloom for a tropical centerpiece. It also comes in white, blue, hot pink, and yellow.

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This graceful, star-shaped flower is ideal for a bride who wants an airy, garden-inspired bouquet. It comes in a handful of colors—from purple to magenta to a striped white—and is a great accent flower. It pairs well with sweet peas, garden roses, and peonies.

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This flower is hyper perfumey, so don't use it on your reception dinner tables. It also comes in pink, green, white, blue, peach, and soft yellow.

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This classic bloom is most affordable in spring—when they're available locally (ordering them in winter means they'll likely come from Holland). A springtime lilac is very fragrant, but isn't as hardy. It also comes in white and mauve.

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This artful flower photographs beautifully—even though it looks delicate, it's actually quite hardy.

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Bright Magenta to Deep Purple Flowers:

Why should you consider these pretty purple posies? Well, purple is the color of royalty—and what are brides if not royal?

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It looks sweet grouped into a colorful posy.

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Fancy a trailing bouquet? Use this flowering vine, which also comes in blue, purple, white, mauve, and blush.

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Phalaenopsis Orchid

This contemporary flower is available all year, comes in an array of colors, and is quite pricey. It's ideal for a bride who wants a formal, luxurious aesthetic. Nothing cascades better than an orchid—so if you want a tumbling, oversize teardrop bouquet, look no further.

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Blossoming Oregano

Are you a foodie? Tuck a spring into the napkin at each place setting.

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This flower is available year-round, and pairs well with everything under the sun. A rose can work in any genre. For example, it looks rustic with sunflowers and refined with lily of the valley.

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Sharry Baby Orchid

It often has a faint vanilla scent.

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This modern-looking flower also comes in white, blue, red, plum, and blush. FYI: The white anemone comes with either a green or black eye.

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Parrot Tulip

Perfect for a spring wedding, parrot tulips come in a huge range of colors, from the softest pink to the brightest coral to the deepest, darkest blackened eggplant.

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This inexpensive filler is widely available year-round. It also comes in dusty peach, dusty pink, white, and lavender.

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This is an accent flower for a stylish bouquet. It also comes in green, red, blush, orange, white, red-and-green, and red-and-white.

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On their own, anemones feel modern, festive, and cheerful. However, they can be temperamental because they respond to light. (They close naturally when it's dark, and open when it's bright.) The trick to keeping them open in a dim-lit ballroom is to put them in warm water. They'll open up fast.

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This flower is ideal for DIY centerpieces. It comes in many color combinations.

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Dendrobium Orchid

Arrange this orchid variety en masse for an extravagant centerpiece. It also comes in white, purple, green, and magenta.

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This field flower is great for a loose arrangement. It also comes in red, orange, white, yellow, pink, and lavender.

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Gray-Green to Crisp White Flowers:

You can't go wrong with classic white hues for your wedding day.

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The white-with-a-green-middle anemone is ideal if you're putting it in your bouquet. Anemones with black eyes can stain dresses because the center pollen easily dusts off.

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This flower also comes in blue. These hold up well in hot weather.

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This flower also comes in yellow, orange, and peach. The white variety is an elegant, unexpected choice for a black-tie reception.

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High-end flower shops often turn their noses at this common bloom. But in the hands of the right florist, mums can look quite lovely in centerpieces. And bonus: they're cheap!

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Work this blossom into a chignon for a retro-glam touch.

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This flower, which comes in two different shades of white and also in purple, does not hold up well without water, so it's best to keep it in your centerpieces.

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Brides love this flower's feminine fragrance, making it a popular bouquet choice.

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Calla Lily

Some mass-grown varieties of these flowers stay closed, so ask your florist for "big and open" stems.

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Ranunculuses come in every color except blue. It's one of the most versatile wedding flowers, available in a vast array of sizes, shapes, and price points.

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If you love flowering branches but are getting married in the summer (when cherry blossoms, apple, pear, and dogwood branches are no longer in season) spirea is a great alternative.

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This chic, playful blossom is tailor-made for a black-and-white-themed party.

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This elegant white bloom is often seen on the lapel of a tuxedo.

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Garden Rose

This classic flower comes in every color except blue. It's pricier than the average rose but more affordable than a peony.

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Phalaenopsis Orchid

In addition to the white version, this breed of orchid comes in lavender, fuchsia, blush, and yellow. Incorporate it into a cascading bouquet.

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This flower also comes in plum, green, light green, yellow-brown, and black. The dainty bloom is available only in spring.

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This stem also comes in blue and pink. Use it as filler if you want a hand-picked look.

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This quirky flower also comes in white, fuchsia, and salmon. It looks playful in a corsage.

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Ballerina Pink to Hot Fuchsia Flowers:

Pretty in pink! We love the feminine feel of all the pink blooms on this list.

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This flower blooms in the snow, making it a fitting choice for a winter nosegay. It also comes in burgundy, chartreuse, white, soft yellow, and cream.

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Garden Rose

If you hold your nose to a ruffly garden rose it actually smells like a rose—other types of roses aren't as fragrant.

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This tailored, perfect-looking flower makes a wonderful single-bloom boutonniere, or looks great en masse in a nosegay bouquet.

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The ranunculus doesn't have a very long stem, which is why some florists prefer to use them in bouquets or low centerpieces. It's the kind of flower that you want to see from up close.

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Queen Protea

This statement flower also comes in white. Planning on carrying a single flower down the aisle? Consider this showstopper.

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Icelandic Poppy

This graphic flower also comes in orange, peach, yellow, cream, and white. Artsy girls love its paper-thin petals and curvy stem.

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Spray Rose

Use this innocent, sweet-looking bud as a ringbearer's boutonniere. Cluster a few in silver julep cups, or do single-stems in stemless Champagne flutes.

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Oriental Lily

This flower also comes in hot pink, white, and yellow. Ask your florist to remove its pollen or it may stain your dress.

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Double Tulip

This flower is only available in winter and spring. "Double" implies that it has a fatter head size and more densely layered petals than other kinds of tulips.

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Cherry Blossom

This flowering branch also comes in white. It's available for springtime nuptials only.

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These flowers also come in white, lavender, blue, burgundy, and black. If you love wildflowers but are marrying in their off-season (generally winter and spring), it makes a great substitute.

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This popular wedding flower also comes in white, magenta, deep red, burgundy, and soft yellow. For the ultimate girly arrangement, splurge on an all-peony bouquet.

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This flower also comes in soft pink, lavender, white, and salmon. For pops of neon pink, use this farmer's market find in your bouquet.

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This rare, tropical flower is perfect in a gallery or loft setting.

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Sweet Pea

These small flowers come in magnificent colors, give off a very light fragrance, and add a lot of texture to a bouquet.

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This flower also comes in white, green, cream, mauve, lavender, purple, white with purple, and white with mauve. It's a ballroom-friendly filler.

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Garden Rose

A garden rose has a Victorian look and is perfect for a vintage-inspired garden wedding. They're great for bouquets as they're extraordinary even as they start to wilt.

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Classic brides are drawn to roses—they have a timeless elegance. Bonus: they're hardy, too!

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This is an affordable filler with a romantic vibe. It also comes in white.

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Mokara Orchid

This orchid variety also comes in orange, yellow, cream with pink dots, green, and lavender. It's the most budget-conscious orchid.

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These blooms have endless layers of teeny-tiny, paper-thin petals. They're exported from all around the world, and they're decently priced.

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Mix this berry with garden roses for an English-cottage look.

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This is a pretty, very affordable, informal, country flower that's readily available in the summer. They pair beautifully with dahlias.

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Chocolate Cosmos

These also come in deep burgundy. They smell like—you guessed it—chocolate.

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Black Queen Anne's Lace

This blossom also comes in white and green. It lends extra texture to a wildflower bouquet.

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Red to Burgundy Flowers:

Red is the color of romance and passion, making these ruby blooms perfect for weddings.

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Anemones' season starts in winter, making them a great pick for a holiday wedding.

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In the last year, succulents have become really popular with all brides, especially bohemians and West Coast girls. They're great for brides who don't like traditional greenery, and the tiny ones make great boutonnieres.

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Croton Leaf

This leaf also comes in orange, yellow, and green. This exuberant foliage is available all year long.

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Shown here with a fiddlehead fern, jasmine also comes in white. Use just a few sprigs and your bouquet will smell divine.

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Mini Cymbidium

These make great boutonnieres as they're not foofy, they hold up really well without water, and they have no fragrance.

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This long-stemmed flower, which also comes in pink, is striking in tall arrangements.

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Gerbera Daisy

This flirty, youthful flower is for a playful bride on a shoestring budget. It comes in very fun colors (including pastels) and gives off no scent.

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Some people would say that the ranunculus is the most popular flower in the wedding blogosphere. It's everywhere! For good reason: they're pretty, the price is right, and they're readily available.

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This glossy-leafed branch blossoms in winter and spring only. It also comes in pink, soft pink, and white.

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This winter flower is expensive, but you get a lot of look for your buck. It's ideal for a holiday-inspired wedding in a loft or gallery.

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For an ultra-modern centerpiece, arrange all red ranunculus en masse.

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Gloriosa Lily

This flower also comes in yellow and orange-and-yellow. Some have long, delicate stems with bright, curly leaves.

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Coral to Orange Flowers:

Summer wedding season is the ideal time of year to showcase these poppy posies.

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This sturdy bloom also comes in white, lavender, yellow, and mauve. It looks more expensive than it actually is—and is available year-round.

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This ultra heat resistant plant also comes in hot pink.

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This lightly perfumed bloom also comes in white, yellow, and lavender. It often appears in traditional bouquets.

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This flowering branch also comes in white and blush. It is available in only winter and spring.

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Pincusion Protea

Offset the quirkiness of this flower, which also comes in yellow, by pairing it with roses.

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Unlike other fruits, this tiny citrus won't weigh down or pull apart your bouquet.

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Mini Calla Lily

This petite flower also comes in white, cream, blush, pink, lavender, burgundy, and black. It's the perfect size for a boutonniere.

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Mini Gerbera Daisy

This happy flower comes in every color except blue and purple. It appeals to minimalists and bohemians alike.

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Spray Rose

This flower comes in every color except blue. This diminutive bloom is ideal for boutonnieres and hair wreaths.

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Garden Rose

The garden rose is the bridal flower du jour, along with the ubiquitous ranunculus.

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Ruffled Tulip

These come in wonderful colors, and on their own they look modern. The ruffled tulip is for someone who's drawn to a flower with a big presence.

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These would look beautiful in a rustic chic bouquet with sprigs of wheat.

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This flower also comes in red. Looking for something stark and sculptural? Voilà.

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Parrot French Tulip

This is the largest and most artful member of the tulip family.

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This flower also comes in white, chartreuse, and variations of red. For a contemporary centerpiece, arrange this flower without foliage or filler.

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These are very cost effective and come in beautiful colors. Rule of thumb: Don't mix them with other flowers, and they'll look even chicer.

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Sweet Pea

This feminine flower comes in every color except yellow and blue. It adds delicate texture to a fluffy bouquet.

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This silky bud also comes in green, cream, mauve, burgundy, and brown. This flower works equally well at a beach party and an urban soirée.

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Yellow to Peach to Pink Flowers:

For springtime celebrations, we especially love these stunningly sunny flowers.

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This flower comes in every color except blue. This popular flower can be tricky to find in spring and winter.

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Double Tulip

This bloom comes in every color except blue. It gives you the same soft, full look as a peony at about a third of the price.

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A sunny, happy, low-key flower for a free-spirited bride. It's affordable and available winter through spring.

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Lady's Slipper Orchid

This variety also comes in green, chartreuse, burgundy, and white. Use this to create an unusual statement bouquet.

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Mini Cymbidium

This flower also comes in green, white, cream, mauve, burgundy, peach, and brown. Put a few in your hair for a summertime celebration.

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The ultimate chameleon flower, it transcends all genres—from romantic, to traditional, to modern.

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Florida Beauty

This tropical speckled leaf has graphic appeal.

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It's pretty much wiltproof and looks great dried.

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Oncidium Orchid

Getting married in the tropics? Weave these into garlands or floral arches.

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Also known as billy balls, they look darling in bud vases or as bouquet accents.

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Witch Hazel

This blooming branch, which also comes in orange, makes for deliciously scented centerpieces.

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This iconic bloom also comes in yellow-and-black, burgundy, and cream. Cluster a few together for a sunny arrangement.

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It's a good ingredient for an aromatic bouquet.

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White to Green Flowers:

Go green! These floral options will bring a natural vibe to your celebration.

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Snake Grass

This stalk also comes in dark green. Loop it around the blooms of a modern bouquet.

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This plant also comes in gray and pink-gray. It's a fragrant filler for classic arrangements.

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Lotus Pod

This also comes in brown (dried). Use it to inject exotic flavor into any arrangement.

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This coral-like plant also comes in green. It adds whimsy to a boutonniere.

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Fiddlehead Fern

It's a go-to for woodland-wedding boutonnieres.

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Anthurium Leaf

This forest-green leaf has destination wedding written all over it.

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Bird's Nest Fern

It's perfect for a summery, super-colorful centerpiece.

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Dusty Miller

This gray foliage is a chic choice if green clashes with your palette.

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The wedding-flower classic comes in every color except blue. It's the widely available, totally affordable flower of love.

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This unusual-looking flower also comes in cream and orange. Want to keep your bouquet forever? Proteas are easy to preserve.

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Seen here in the green version, this also comes in white. For an English-countryside vibe, match this lime pom-pom with peonies or garden roses.

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This is a cost-effective flower that looks fabulous in a modern setting.

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High quality carnations are so ruffly and silky, they look like they're made of fabric. Gorgeous, romantic, and best of all—cheap!

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