10 Trendy Frames You Need for Your Wedding Photos

After the big day, display your fave photos in style


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It's your wedding day—you'll want to remember it forever in your home with some gorgeous frames that are worthy of the occasion. Whether it's a classic portrait of the two of you or some off-the-cuff, candid snapshots, these are memories that you're going to treasure. So why not put them front and center in your home?

Sometimes that means investing in a few higher-end pieces that are made with special materials like embossed leather, hand-carved wood, or sleek metal. Or, if you're looking for something a little more low key, you might want to go with a simple arrangement of matching frames in different shapes and sizes. Since these are photos you'll want to look at forever (which doesn't mean you can't swap them out for other faves from the event or from your honeymoon!), it's ok to splurge a little on at least one of them. Choose your showstopper scene (maybe that first kiss or ceremony exit) and give it all you've got with a frame to match the moment.

When it comes to displaying scenes from the wedding in your house, you can choose to go all-out and style out a "wedding wall" (why not keep the celebration going?), or you can go in a more subtle direction and mix in a few artistic wedding shots with other pieces in your gallery wall. The trick is to mix up the scale and the shots so it's not all just formal portraits, but there are a few casual, laid-back moments mixed in as well. If you want to display photos on a surface like a side table or mantle, this is your opportunity to show of the more stand-out, special frames, and style it out with books, decorative objects and other pretty accessories.

Here are 10 of our favorite stylish frames you can buy now!

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Float Frame

Artifact Uprising

Minimalist bolts (choose between matte black or shiny brass) hold together sheets of clear plexiglass that both protects your photo and gives it an airy, modern look.

SHOP NOW: Artifact Uprising, From $79

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Polished Brass Gallery Frames

West Elm

When you're displaying several key pics from your wedding, whether it's grandma's killer dance moves or some sweet newlywed moments, it's nice to have a mix of shapes and sizes on hand. These brass frames come with removable linen mats so you can adjust scale easily.

SHOP NOW: West Elm, $29–$199

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Mandalay Gold Bamboo Frame


Framebridge is a great one-stop-shop for all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles of frames, which makes it the perfect choice for showing off artwork and wedding photos in your gallery wall.

SHOP NOW: Framebridge, starts at $59

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Classic Shagreen Picture Frame


This luxe leather frame is embossed with a subtle stingray texture. The rich neutral tone works well in both traditional and modern settings.

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $275–$290

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Kate Spade Gold Hinged Frame


This classic frame adds a pop of shiny gold to any surface, and the double-photo hinged design means you can choose not one, but two fave photos.

SHOP NOW: Lenox, $85

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Ralph Lauren Classon Navy Frame


Sleek and sophisticated, this enamel-and-brass frame is a great gender-neutral option for showing off the moment you and your S.O. said your "I do's."

SHOP NOW: Amara, $225

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Georg Jensen Modern Frame


This stainless steel frame is held together by magnets, which makes swapping out photos super easy and seamless.

SHOP NOW: Bloomingdale's, $69

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Basket Weave Frame


This muted, lacquered wood frame is decorated with a subtle basket-weave pattern, making it a great neutral backdrop for either a black and white or a color photo.

SHOP NOW: Barneys New York, $115

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Antique Brass Metal Clad Frame

World Market

These gold frames (which also include white mats for a finished look) can be hung either vertically or horizontally on the wall, in addition to the option of using the easel-back on a table.

SHOP NOW: World Market, $25–30

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L'Objet Scales Picture Frame

Neiman Marcus

This handcrafted 24-carat gold-plated frame (we're obsessed with the carved fish scales!) will really make that special moment stand out.

SHOP NOW: L'Objet, $185

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