9 Travel Friendly Tech Accessories You Need This Summer

These handy tools will keep all your digital essentials protected, organized, and ready to go

Updated 06/13/18

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It's almost summer, and chances are you've got some day trips, weekend jaunts, and summer vacations planned now that temps are rising and the beach is calling. You may even have a very special trip (aka your honeymoon) on the calendar! The last thing you want when you're traveling is to find out that you left your phone charger at home, or that your headphones are at the bottom of your bag, tangled up with all your gear (not to mention swimming around with old receipts, lip gloss, and other detritus of daily life). When you pack your bag, whether it's for a short haul to a city beach on the train or a longer trip abroad, you'll want to make sure you've got all your tech items well organized, protected from the elements, and easy to find.

The best thing do do when packing for a trip is to have cubes and compartments for keeping things organized. Keep your pouch of things that you'll definitely want nearby (earphones, phone charger, etc.) well edited and easy to access in your carry-on. Stash away the less essential, albeit fun, items (mini-speaker, travel adapters, etc.) in a another case that you put in your checked luggage. Many of the cute zippered pouches and cubes out there have compartments, which means there is a dedicated space for everything. And if you know there's a special sleeve just for earbuds and nothing else, chances are you won't leave those guys behind.

Here are nine super travel-friendly tech accessories to keep you moving this summer!

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Cord Wrap/Cable Organizer


This handmade leather carrying case rolls up into a neat bundle, so it doesn't take up a ton of space in your tote or carry on. The interior features slots for up to three cords and two chargers.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $49.99

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Leather Cord Keeper


These simple snaps (choose from six different hues) are a genius way to keep earbuds and other cords tangle-free.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $3.99

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Commute Clutch

Mark and Graham

This clever pouch can be used as an organizer in a larger travel bag and all-in-one clutch. It even has slots for credit cards and cash if you want to go completely wallet-free.

SHOP NOW: Mark and Graham, $129

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Buncha Flowers iPhone Case

Urban Outfitters

You change out your shoes for summer, so why not your phone case? This pretty guy is made with real pressed flowers and protects your prized smartphone while you're running around.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $28

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Ban.do Palm Retractable Charging Cord

Make life simple and just keep your charger on your keychain, ready to go whenever your phone needs some extra juice.

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $30

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Flight 001 Blue Seat Pack Organizer

Container Store

This slightly roomier zippered bag has enough room to stash a travel blanket for your carry on or a portable speaker for your outdoor beach jam.

SHOP NOW: Container Store, $37.99

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Italian Leather Laptop Sleeve


This super chic leather cover protects your laptop and looks fancy enough to bring to your next business meeting in addition to that trip to Europe this summer.

SHOP NOW: Cuyana, $125

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MojiPower Heart Portable Power Bank

Urban Outfitters

This tiny power bank packs a punch. Its small size means that you can take it everywhere and it's powerful enough to keep your phone charged for hours on end.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $28

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JOTO Universal Waterproof Case


Going for a spin on a sailboat or a ride down a river in a kayak? You're definitely going to want to protect your phone with a waterproof case. This one features a clear covering that you can easily access for pictures and a strap to keep it secure.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $7.49

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