These Award-Winning Wedding Photos Are Changing the Game

They'll make you laugh, cry, and everything in between

Updated 08/23/18

Rianne Honewoning

Take it from us: Finding a good photographer can make all the difference when it comes to reliving your wedding day memories. Luckily, there are countless shot-snapping specialists that can give you gorgeous photos, but according to the Fearless Awards, these select few photographers have really upped the wedding photo game.

Fearless Awards, a wedding photography site, recently released their latest selection of award-winning wedding photos. The website posted the three winning categories for the season, which include Real Moments, Art and Beauty, and Fun and Playful.

Each category is comprised of photos that manifest that theme: Real Moments focuses on "capturing authentic emotion, natural connections, and unscripted moments of the wedding day," which naturally result in some tear-jerking shots. Art and Beauty, on the other hand, focuses on the photographer's individual skill in creating non-traditional wedding photos through artistic editing. And as you can imagine, the Fun and Playful category is exactly what it sounds like: those perfect, laugh-out-loud shots that will bring you back to the moment years later.

The site is incredibly selective—only about two in every 100 submitted photos are awarded by the site's curators. In addition to showcasing some of the world's most jaw-dropping photos, the Fearless Awards also offer the contact information for each photographer so that anyone looking to go above and beyond on their wedding day can find their photographer of choice.

We selected 22 of our favorite shots from the three collections, and we think you'll agree that they don't disappoint.

Real Moments

Axel Drenth

Sven Soetens

Nele Watty

Paul Seiler

Henk van Lambalgen

Paul Woo

Guiseppe Genovese

Fun & Playful

Antonio Gitto

Christopher Jason Studios

Ben and Kelly Photography

Pedro Vilela

Taras Terletskyi


Pasquale Minniti

Rianne Honewoning

Art & Beauty

Matthew Long Photography

Scott Shaw

Hendra Lesmana

Shauna Benoit

Shay Azulay

Justin Brownell

Megan Allen

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