These Will Be the Most Popular Wedding Hairstyles in 2019

Experts predict that these will be the top 'dos of the year

Updated 12/20/18

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Just like trending wedding decor, wedding hairstyles also change with each passing year. (Need proof? Just take a look at your mom's wedding photos, feathered bangs and all.) What's the next big trend in tresses, you wonder? We tapped top wedding hairstylists for their predictions on the most popular wedding hairstyles in 2019.

"Wedding hairstyles in 2019 will be all about texture, texture, texture," says wedding hair and makeup artist Claire Balest. "Bridal hair is trending more and more towards cool girl styles and increasingly farther away from fixed curls and a heavily sprayed look. Natural and a bit undone is the new chic." Sign us up!

From Meghan Markle messy buns to hair done up with eye-catching accessories, these will be the styles that 2019 brides will be clamoring to wear down the aisle. And the good news is, none of the 'dos below will look quite as dated when your kids see your album years down the road. (Sorry, mom.)

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Tousled, Soft Waves

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"Brides are opting for more effortless looks, as if they just woke up looking like that," says Brittany Lo, founder and CEO of Beautini. "Waves were huge in 2018 and are continuing to stay for 2019," she predicts. "It doesn’t look like the bride spent hours getting ready and the softness photographs beautifully." Beautini even created this romantic style for Marchesa's runway show.

For 2019 brides looking to replicate this 'do, Lo emphasizes letting the curls set throughout the morning for a style that lasts the whole the day. "If the bride’s hair doesn’t hold curls well, then I recommend having hair extensions to give it more grip," she also suggests. And with this simple and effortless look, accessories are your best friend when it comes to adding a unique touch. "Hair accessories help give the hair more dimension and photograph beautifully," explains Lo.

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Classic, Chic Buns

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"The chic bun is making a comeback!" Lo also notes. "For our über-sophisticated, high-fashion brides, we are getting requests for a clean, chic bun that has minimal volume and allows the makeup and dress to do the talking." If you want to try this with your tresses, Lo recommends that "it’s important to use smoothing products initially versus a ton of hairspray, as you do not want the hair to look hard and crunchy."

A major plus of this minimalist look? It allows brides to be more adventurous with their dresses and other aspects of their bridal style. But when it comes to deciding on a 'do, Lo suggests that brides reflect on how they normally style their hair on a daily basis and for special occasions. "If she never opts to wear her hair up for any of these occasions, chances are that she ultimately will not feel like herself in an updo. If she finds herself always throwing her hair in a ponytail because she plays with her hair too much, then this is a sign that she should choose a look with her hair out of her face."

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Messy Updos

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"Brides are loving the perfectly messy look (thank you, Meghan Markle!)," says wedding hair and makeup artist Claire Balest. "We will be seeing a lot of more simple styles in 2019. Think: very textured ponytails and messy buns."

If you're planning on wearing this royalty-approved style, Balest says to first ensure that your stylist cuts your hair with the look in mind. "If the loose pieces around your face are too long," she warns, "they likely won’t wear well through the whole evening." Then on the big day, Balest says to start with a texturizing product before styling. "Spray it at the roots of your hair and through the mid lengths to add volume and texture," she explains. "Some of my favorite products for this are Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($46, available at Dermstore) and Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray ($26, available at Sephora). These will add texture and hold to a style and help to maintain that not perfectly fixed look."

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Cool Girl Braids

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"Bridal braids are another way to add cool girl style to your bridal look and they continue to grow increasingly more popular," notes Balest. "Whether you prefer modern and romantic or boho chic, finding your own style of braid can elevate a simple look." Balest's favorites braided style? "I adore the look of a braid that has been gently pulled out to make it appear softer and lived in."

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Loose Chignons with Unique Accessories

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Balest also predicts that loose chignons, elevated with eye-catching hair accessories, will also be trending in 2019. "A great hair accessory is the modern alternative to a veil, or even an amazing addition to one," she says. "They are the easiest and coolest way to elevate any style. Lelet NY is a modern luxury hair accessory company that makes the most incredible combs, barrettes, halos and crowns. We just can’t get away from all things royal, and who doesn’t want to pass up the chance to wear an actual crown?" Balest adds, "Headbands and bows are other striking ways to elevate a simple style to something remarkable and wearable, and all will be making a showing in 2019."

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Simple and Messy

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"This past year was a major hair moment for brides as more and more brides looked to easier, looser, and less traditional styles for their big day—we have a certain newly-minted duchess to thank for that!" Karma artist Victor Palermo also notes. "Luckily, this trend isn’t going anywhere, and in fact, we’ll see variations of these looks and more in 2019."

"This messy-hair-don’t-care look is effortlessly chic and surprisingly low-maintenance," he says. "Worn up or down, it holds up beautifully in temperamental or humid weather and brides won’t have to worry about loose ends hours later as that just adds to the final look!"

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"Maybe we have Ariana Grande to thank for this, but more and more brides are requesting sleek ponytails for their big day," observes Palermo. "Worn high or low at the nape of the neck, these daring brides like the simple yet sophisticated look a ponytail brings. And better yet, it doesn’t matter what your hair looks like currently because by simply adding in strategic extensions, brides can achieve the length and fullness they desire."

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Long, Soft, and Minimal

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Flawlessly flowing locks are also in, according to Palermo. "This polished yet soft look has delicate movement with expertly placed waves and is the best choice for brides who want a timeless look that isn’t a traditional updo," he says. "We’ll be seeing a lot of this trend in the new year!"

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