58 Summer Wedding Ideas We Can't Get Enough Of

Pull off an effortlessly cool warm-weather wedding.

Summer wedding reception table with wooden chairs, woven pendants, and bougainvillea floral arrangements on and above the table

Photo by Heather Waraksa

Trying to find summer wedding ideas to make your big day unforgettable? There are so many unique and elevated ways to enhance your warm-weather wedding, and we've curated dozens of ideas from real weddings to inspire you. From seasonal florals and light, fresh reception bites to décor ideas that fit with the season, there's no shortage of ways to infuse the best of summer into your celebration.

When it comes to planning a summer wedding, keep your guests in mind and remember that you'll be dealing with higher temperatures and UV rays. Creative signature cocktails—like popsicles in Prosecco, sangria stations, and Cosmos garnished with edible flowers—can help guests battle the heat and quench their thirst. You can also swap the traditional tiered wedding cake for ice cream to give guests a sweet, chilled treat at the reception. If you're the whimsical type, consider hiring an actual ice-cream truck to come to your wedding as a special surprise.

Once you've covered the food and drinks, it's time to move on to your summer wedding décor. Consider creating shaded areas for your guests with chic umbrellas above decorated outdoor lounges, or hang greenery and colorful blooms that'll capture your guests' attention. Don't forget to consider using string lights to add a beautiful glow to your celebration.

Want to more inspiration for your late June, July, August, or early September nuptials? Ahead, discover 58 summer wedding ideas that will make for a truly amazing day.

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Send Destination-Specific Invites

Pink, white, and green tropical invitation suite palm leaf motifs, a wood monogram tag, an anthurium, a bird of paradise, and a piece of coral,

Photo by Rebecca Yale

It all starts with the invites. Take inspiration from your warm-weather wedding destination and choose summery invitations that feature the same flora and fauna found at your venue.

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Make Welcome Beach Bags

Summer themed wedding welcome bags with a white hat, a printed fan, limoncello in a ceramic bottle, lemons, and treats in a monogrammed straw tote

Photo by Aaron Delesie

If you’re hosting your summer wedding in a remote location, it’s important to think of all the things guests may need in a pinch but might not be able to find. Put together a welcome bag filled with essentials like bottled water, sweet and savory snacks, Advil, Band-Aids, safety pins, sunscreen, and bug repellent.

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Gift Festive Favors

A hanging wall of straw fedora wedding favors and a crate of umbrellas next to straw bales

Photo by Adriana Morais Fotografia

Help your guests battle the heat waves by gifting them chic hats. For a fun touch, make the straw party favors a part of the event's summer-ready décor.

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Throw a Casual Pre-Party

guests at rehearsal dinner tables under palm trees with pink and yellow banners and string lights

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

Summer is all about letting the good times roll, so instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner, host a pool or beach welcome party. A barefoot celebration on the sand is the perfect way to get the weekend started.

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Host a Clam Bake

A place setting at an outdoor clam bake rehearsal dinner with an Americana theme and sunflowers

Photo by Kate Headley

Feel free to get creative with the food you serve at a summer rehearsal dinner. For example, this couple hosted a clam bake in honor of the groom's Maine roots. The event's printed materials featured catchy sayings with nods to the couple and the wedding setting.

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Embrace Al Fresco Dining

Outdoor wedding reception tables with hanging basket lanterns

Photo by Lisa Poggi

One of the major benefits of hosting a summer wedding is the warm weather. If the temperatures are mild enough, host your reception outdoors. After all, there's nothing like open-air dining during the summer.

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Take a Boat Ride

Bride in floral gown and groom in tuxedo riding on a boat on the Amalfi Coast

Photo by David Bastianoni Studio

Hosting a celebration on a lake or near the ocean? Organize time for you and your guests to get out on the water. You can keep it casual with a small excursion or host a pre-wedding party on a larger vessel.

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Create Custom Beach Towels

Custom "Santa Barbara" beach towel hanging over a chair by an outdoor pool

Photo by Kate Holstein

Leave custom beach towels in your guests' hotel rooms so they can use them at the pool or beach all weekend long. We love how this couple created a map of their wedding festivities for their favor design.

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Minimize Time in Direct Sun

Floral and greenery arches lit at base with lanterns leading to tented reception

Photo by Studio This Is

The last thing you want to do is ask guests to stand around in the sun for hours on end. While we suggest keeping the time between your ceremony and reception short at any time of year, it's especially essential when temperatures spike. You should also consider tenting your outdoor reception to keep out the harsh rays or a possible rain shower.

Time your wedding to take place during the cooler points of the day with a sunset ceremony and an evening reception.

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Have a Coconut Water Station

Coconut water station on gold shelf with sign "Coconuts For You" at an outdoor wedding reception

Photo by Jana Williams Photography

Keep your guests hydrated with a coconut water station. The tropical beverage will quench their thirst while the coconuts make for a pretty picture.

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Keep the Menu Light and Fresh

Tuna tartare on silver spoons on white tray

Photo by Amy and Stuart Photography

There's a time and place for a heavy, decadent five-course meal, and your summer wedding is probably not it. Stick to lighter fare, like fish, chicken, a fresh salad, and seasonal vegetables.

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Have Watermelon Snacks

Basket with watermelon slices on skewers

Photo by Caroline Tran Photography

Everyone loves watermelon during the summertime. Have your caterer cut small pieces and attach them to sticks for easy eating. Make sure you have plenty of personalized cocktail napkins on hand so things don't get messy.

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Serve Prosecco With Popsicles

Glasses of wine with ice popsicles and fresh flowers in them

Photo by Christy Wilson Photography

Add a popsicle to each glass of Prosecco for the perfect summer drink. Make it photo-worthy by filling each pop with edible flowers.

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Sport Sunglasses

Bride in Berta reception dress and sunglasses on a boat in Lake Como

Photo by Claire Morris Photography

Sunglasses are the perfect summer wedding favor. You and your guests can use them during the ceremony and even take them home after the wedding is over.

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Carry a Cute Clutch

Bride in an orange two-piece set holding a pink Miami decorated clutch

Photo by Olivia Rae James

Embrace a summer wardrobe staple by having a custom clutch made for your big day. This design incorporates the couple's wedding venue and favorite locations.

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Choose Airy Fabrics for Everyone

A group of bridesmaids in mismatched dresses standing outdoors with the bride in the middle

Photo by Erich McVey

This summer wedding idea is a crucial one. When choosing your dress, suit, or bridal party's ensembles, stick to lighter, flowing fabrics that will help keep everyone cool.

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Customize Signature Cocktails

Tray of pink signature cocktails with cucumber garnish

Photo by Birds of a Feather Photography

When it comes to your signature cocktails, choose lighter spirits paired with refreshing flavors. We suggest focusing on cucumber, mint, or berries to create light, flavorful sips.

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Display a Spread

Appetizer table with fresh vegetables, tomato salad, cut pomegranates, bread, and sausage

Photo by Tailor James

When it's scorching hot outside, most people crave light, cool bites. Create an appetizer spread at cocktail hour of delicious cheeses, charcuterie, vegetables, and other treats for guests to graze.

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Provide Parasols

Guests at desert wedding ceremony holding parasols

Photo by SoCal Standard

Guests not only look sophisticated with a parasol in hand, but the delicate umbrellas also provide protection from harsh UV rays. Offer them to guests to use during the ceremony on a hot day.

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Consider Humidity-Proof Hairstyles

A bride with a braided updo hairstyle with a flower wearing bold orange earrings

Photo by Laurken Kendall

It's hard enough for most brides and bridesmaids to tame their hair into a perfect updo. Add in heat and humidity, and long curls or waves could end up disastrous. To fight frizz and excess moisture, those with long hair should try pulling part or all of their hair off their face and neck to stay cool and picture-perfect.

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Provide Fans

Woven fan with purple florals printed on it and a program on chair

Photo by Ross Harvey

Want guests to stay comfortable during your ceremony? Provide fans along with your programs or place one at each dinner place setting. It can even double as an escort card.

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Embrace a Flower Wall

Couple kissing in front of a flower wall with pampas, white flowers, and a neon sign

Photo by Julieta Amezcua

One surefire way to make a visual impression? A flower wall. Use one as your altar or add one to the reception space to give guests a photo-worthy backdrop.

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Opt for a Fresh Color Palette

Reception tables with light tan chairs, tan tablecloths, floral arrangements, candles, and a fabric installation above

Photo by Valorie Darling

For summer weddings, skip darker tones in favor of lighter, airier shadesx. We love neutral weddings or bold colors like bright yellow, coral, or blue. Figure out what works best in your space, but avoid heavy tones that make everything feel warmer than it already is.

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Include Some Shade

Outdoor beach seating under a canopy with hanging florals and a wood table

Photo by Paige Jones Photography

If you're throwing a summer wedding, you're probably hosting part of the day outdoors. Make sure to have shaded areas where guests can escape the heat. A tent for dinner or plenty of umbrella-covered seating can serve as escapes from the scorching sun.

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Make the Bar a Focal Point

Wooden bar with pink, yellow, and orange floral arrangements and greenery

Photo by Janine Licare Photography

Nothing says "cool" like an outdoor bar where guests can sip their drinks in the sunshine. You can decorate the bar with flowers and garlands of greenery or set it against a stunning backdrop.

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Make a Sweet Escape

Bride in long sleeve gown and groom in tuxedo celebrate in their white Jeep getaway car

Photo by Olivia Rae James

Once the ceremony is finished, pop in a getaway car for your new spouse and head off to your reception in style. Make sure the top is down so you can get some great photos and enjoy a nice breeze.

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Display Statement Signage

Custom acrylic signature cocktail signs with pressed florals

Photo by Justin Lee

One of our favorite summer wedding ideas is pressed flower details. Take note of these statement acrylic signs, which served as the signature cocktail menu along with pretty floral accents.

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Get Creative With Appetizers

A plate of small passed appetizers like burgers and tacos at a wedding

Photo by Mallory Dawn Photography

Guests will thank you for these summer-inspired passed appetizers. Think of everything you enjoy munching on in your backyard when June, July, and August roll around: burgers, hot dogs, tacos, and other barbecue favorites. Then, leave it to your caterer to elevate the noshes for cocktail hour.

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Mix Up Mini Margaritas

Tray of margaritas in mini Patron bottles with floral straws

Photo by Tim Willoughby

Who doesn't love a refreshing margarita when summertime rolls around? Serve adorable mini margaritas at your cocktail hour and guests will instantly be transported to the beach.

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Serve Frosé

Caterer holding a tray of Frosé drinks

Photo by Aaron Delesie

Clearly, we adore summer wedding cocktail ideas. Have your caterer or bartender stock up on everyone's favorite summer wine—rosé—to create this delicious, slushy beverage. These push-pop-style slushies couldn't be more clever.

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Have Bug Spray on Hand

Station at a wedding with flower petal bar and wooden crates with sunscreen and bug spray

Photo by Laura Murray Photography

On steamy summer days, it’s a thoughtful idea to provide wedding guests with bug spray to help protect them from pesky mosquitoes. Fill a wooden crate with a few bottles of repellant and display it at a table near the entrance to the wedding ceremony. Add a cute sign to ensure guests don't miss this crucial station.

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Decorate With Balloons

White balloons tied to lanterns beside a lake

Photo by Kate Headley

Balloons aren't just for children's birthday parties. They are also fun and playful summer wedding décor items. Stick to white balloons to keep the color palette clean and sophisticated or go all out with a rainbow of color.

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Source Local Oysters

A tray of local oysters with a sign and lemons

Photo by Tim Willoughby

Summer is all about seafood. If you're hosting your summer wedding seaside, try to source fresh, local oysters for guests to enjoy during cocktail hour.

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Party Poolside

Pool party with red and white striped umbrellas

Photo by Olivia Rae James

If you're planning a wedding at a resort or private residence, see if you can host your nuptials poolside. Nothing says summer wedding like a glistening blue pool.

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Throw in Some Pool Floats

custom signage in the pool that says "It's About Time" next to the ceremony setup on the grass

Photo by Norman & Blake

Have we convinced you to throw a poolside bash? Throw some pool floats in the water for a playful take on décor.

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Play Games

Wedding guests playing corn hole with monogrammed boards

Photo by Sydney Noelle Photography

Give your guests fun activities to do besides dancing. Backyard summer weddings practically beg for a cornhole, croquet, or other lawn-game setups.

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Make a Memorable Guest Book

A guest signing a surfboard at a wedding

Photo by Tim Willoughby

Instead of a traditional guest book, have your family and friends sign something a little more on-theme to the season like a surfboard. Hang it on a wall of your home after the big day so you can enjoy it way past your wedding date.

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Set Up a Refreshments Station

White cart with welcome cocktails, water with citrus, and floral arrangements of pink roses and baby's breath

Photo by Amber Gress Photography

Help guests beat the heat upon arrival with a selection of tasty and hydrating beverages. In addition to cocktails, make sure to also offer water and zero-proof options for those who do not drink.

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Create a Cactus Escort Card Display

Colorful escort cards hung on cacti

Photo by Meg Smith Photography

Play up your destination by embracing the local fauna and using it to create an escort card display. This prickly idea works especially well for a summer destination wedding in Mexico.

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Sign Some Palms

Palm leaf wedding seating chart on wood

Photo by Harwell Photography

Palm leaf details are one of those summer wedding ideas that have withstood the test of time. They're fresh, bright, tropical, and can even work as a source of shade if you're especially crafty. We love how a creative couple used them as a seating chart.

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Make a Fun Installation

A hanging greenery installation with "Eat Drink Dance" neon sign above it

Photo by Les Anagnou Photographers; Design by Corfu Wedding Planner

If you haven't heard, palm leaves can be the ultimate destination wedding décor. Hang some up above the head table for a tropical touch.

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Decorate With Fresh Fruit

Fresh citrus centerpieces

Photo by Tida Svy

Our favorite summer wedding ideas tend to be bright, unexpected, and fresh. A great example? These citrus fruits, which can act as chic centerpieces and bring lots of color and texture to tables.

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Dine Under Hanging Flowers

Long wood reception table with wood chairs, hanging woven lanterns, and bougainvillea along beam

Photo by Heather Waraksa

Think outside the box when approaching summer florals. These hanging arrangements showcase the summer's bright hues at a dinner reception.

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Use Colorful Candles

Rainbow-hued taper candles in gold holders on reception table

Photo by Michelle Scott Photography

Summer is truly all about color and one way to add it to your tables is with candles. Whether standing alone or floating in water in the middle of the table, colored candles will add a vibrant splash of fun and create mood lighting when the sun goes down.

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Embrace Seasonal Blooms

Floral arrangement with yellow garden roses and smaller yellow florals in tan vessel on table

Photo by Samm Blake

Summer wedding flowers are not only drop-dead gorgeous, but they can also save you a bit of money. It's much easier for florists to source seasonal blooms, so your vendors and your wallet will thank you.

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Incorporate Summer Succulents

Potted succulent escort cards with blue, yellow, and pink painted accents

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

You'll want to talk to your florist about heat-resistant plants that won't wilt in high temperatures. Succulents are a statement-making option that can withstand even the steamiest of wedding days. Consider this idea of using potted succulents as escort cards. They can also double as favors for a sweet and sustainable touch.

Need a summer-ready flower? As a rule of thumb, hydrangeas will wither in the heat, while calla lilies, orchids, garden roses, and sunflowers can handle warmer weather.

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Set the Ambience With String Lights

Rehearsal dinner tables under twinkle lights

Photo by Rachel Pearlman Photography

It wouldn't be a list of summer wedding ideas without including twinkling string lights. After all, dinner under the stars is a summer tradition.

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Set Up a Cozy Lounge Area

Lounge furniture in wood with faux fur accents and a rug on the grass

Photo by Rachel Havel

Give guests a place to rest their feet from dancing by setting up a relaxing lounge area that fits within your color palette and theme. If it's outdoors, make sure to provide some blankets if the temperatures drop later in the night.

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Keep Your Tabletop Simple

Wood reception table with candle in hurricane, table sign, linen runner, and fresh arugula salad

Photo by Karen Hill Photography

If you're tying the knot outdoors, chances are good that the setting of your summer wedding is already gorgeous. Ensure that you don't take away from the beautiful natural backdrop by keeping your table décor simple with light, neutral linens.

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Hang Flower Garlands

Reception flower chandelier with wisteria and gold wind chimes

Photo by Christina McNeill

Flower garlands have such a fairy-tale feel about them. String them up at your summer wedding for a sweet look. To make them even more special, attach them to string lights so they twinkle when the sun goes down.

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Opt for a Summer-Friendly Dessert Station

Woman scooping ice cream at wedding welcome party

Photo by Lisa Poggi

Want to really wow your guests? Have your caterer create a summer-friendly dessert station with chilly treats like ice cream, popsicles, and fruit sorbet to help cool everyone down in between sessions on the dance floor. You can even offer alcohol-spiked shaved ice for an adult-friendly option.

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Keep the Cake Simple

Simple semi-naked wedding cake with white frosting and pink floral decorations

Photo by Annie McElwain

All a summer wedding cake really needs is a few beautiful flowers to top it off. We love how these brightly colored florals pop against a white semi-naked cake.

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Serve Pies

Two pies at a wedding

Photo by Stephanie Brazzle

Everyone loves pie come the Fourth of July, so why not serve it at your wedding? It's a great dessert idea if you want to provide guests an option other than cake.

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Set Up a Photo Booth

Photo booth van with "but first, photos" sign, baby's breath garlands, pampas grass, and a rug

Photo by I Heart My Groom

Photo booths are a long-standing wedding staple for a reason: They're fun and can capture life-long memories. Make yours summer-wedding appropriate by outfitting it in plenty of florals and summer hues.

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Light Up the Night

Pink neon sign that reads "Welcome to the Jungle"

Photo by Ana Hinojosa and Sergio Sandona

One of the biggest décor darlings for summer is a custom neon sign. Whether the sign says your names, a special slogan, or even your wedding hashtag, it gives your party an electric vibe. Plus, it’s the kind of decoration you can display in your home after the party is over.

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Send Everyone Off With Sparklers

Bride and groom leave under sparkler sendoff from guests

Photo by Tailor James

As your celebration comes to a close, light up the night with sparklers. You can't deny that they create stunning wedding exit photos.

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Host an After-Party

Two brides in feathers and in a tulle gown dance on pink couch in front of a neon sign

Photo by Ana Hinojosa

Don't let the party stop before you're ready. Set up a space with a DJ and late-night bites for an epic late-night soirée.

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Have a Silent Disco

bride dances with guests wearing headphones for a silent disco and bedazzled body jewelry

Photo by Janine Licare Photography

If your venue needs noise permit late at night, host a silent disco so you don't have to worry about dancing into the wee hours of the morning. After all, every good summer party goes late into the night!

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