All the Viral Wedding Photos the Internet Fell in Love With This Year

We're hitting rewind on the internet's favorite wedding shots from the year.

Couple kissing at sunset

Photo by Alexi Hubbell Photography

Despite the many ups and downs of 2018, there's one thing that still rings true: Love exists! Which means that weddings, a.k.a. celebrations of love, have remained 2018's beacons of hope and fun—especially some of the ones we've seen.

While every year brings 'I dos' to look forward to or memorable reception dance parties, 2018's weddings were filled with some extra special, extra hilarious, and just plain extra unique moments that the internet fell in love with (or collectively shed a tear over).

So, to celebrate, we've rounded up some of the most incredible viral wedding photos from 2018, and they do not disappoint. From a silly first-look to a heartwarming father-daughter reunion, these were some of the most beloved photos that captured the hearts of the internet that year. But more than anything, they proved that no matter where you are or whom you marry, weddings are pretty darn special.

(Drumroll please) And our winners are....

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This Unexpected First-Look

Photo by KevinChole Photography

When Heidi Zherelyev, a bride from Phoenix, was getting ready to walk down the aisle, she noticed her hubby wasn't exactly as cool and collected as she was. Her solution? Send her brother in her place for a first-look photo. Heidi's brother, Eric, slipped on an old wedding dress and met the groom where the couple was supposed to have their photo shoot. Not only did the groom lose his jitters, but the moment resulted in some pretty amazing photos.

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These Newlyweds Who Channeled Black Panther in Their Wedding Photo

Black Panther Bridal Party

Photo by Suzanne Delawar Studios

"Wakanda forever!" just took on whole a new meaning. Natalie and Michael Adeleye turned their wedding day photos into their very own Black Panther movie poster. With the help of their photographer, the two created an epic wedding mashup, which featured friends and family members, too. “His family is from Nigeria and my family is from here, so it just made sense,” Natalie told Brides, adding that her husband is a major Marvel fan. “It came out better than I imagined.”

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This Clown Who Snuck His Way Into a Couple's Wedding Photos

Bride and groom with clown

Photo by Pop of Color Images

Texas bride, Manda Alexander must have a great sense of humor, because her husband, Vince, pulled the ultimate wedding day prank on her. While the couple was posing for their wedding photos, Vince decided he would sneak his brother, who was dressed as a killer clown, into the background of one of the shots. According to the groom, the bride loved the horrifying surprise and was thrilled when he showed her on their first anniversary. Props to you, Manda.

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This Mouthwatering Waffle House Photo Shoot

Couple at waffle house

Photo by Genya O'Neall for VUE Photography

This couple proved that fast food restaurants actually can make a very tasteful wedding backdrop. Scott and Katherine Sheely discovered on their first date that they both had an affinity for the breakfast restaurant chain: Waffle House. The couple's love of the restaurant became a part of their relationship—so much so that they decided to feature a Waffle House food truck at their wedding reception and have their photo shoot at one of the locations. The result? Mouthwatering (and super romantic) wedding photos.

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This Bride and Groom Who Used a Raging Wildfire as Their Backdrop

Bride and groom with wildfire backdrop

Photo by Alexi Hubbell Photography

Sometimes there's nothing to do but rise from the ashes, and that's just what one couple did. When a wildfire broke out, threatening their original wedding venue, the bride and groom were forced to relocated to a relative's property miles away. But instead of letting the harrowing disaster ruin their big day, the two saw the beauty in the moment and shot their wedding day photos in front of the billowing smoke.

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These Grooms Who Dressed as Buzz and Woody at Their Disney-Themed Wedding

Buzz and Woody Wedding

Photo by Tiffany Brandt Photography

Grooms Garrett and Jason didn't just settle for a Disneyland honeymoon: The couple also incorporated all of their favorite Disney classics into their big day. The grooms said their 'I dos' dressed as Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story and asked their guests to come dressed as their favorite characters. The nuptials also included VHS inspired centerpieces on each table, and the couple had their first dance to "You've Got a Friend in Me." Needless to say, their love goes to infinity and beyond.

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This Bride Who Surprised Her Parents by Changing into Her Mom’s Wedding Dress for the Father-Daughter Dance

Father-daughter dance

Photo by Ashley Elizabeth Photography

Father-daughter dances are emotional enough as it is, but one bride found the perfect way to leave her dad absolutely speechless. Right before the duo's big dance, the bride changed into her mother's wedding dress from 1979, shocking everyone. She and her father shared their first dance to Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely," and needless to say there wasn't a dry eye in the room.

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This Giraffe Who Photobombed These Newlyweds' Wedding Photos

Bride and groom with giraffe

Photo by Stephanie Norman

Luke and Tristan Karshagen had an unexpected guest in their wedding photos, resulting in a one-in-a-million photobomb. After tying the knot in South Africa, the two were joined by a giraffe for one sweet wedding photo. Their four-legged friend even tried to steal a kiss for himself.

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This Couple Whose Wedding Photos Were the Stuff of Target-Lovers' Dreams

Couple at target

Photo by Evan Rich Photography

And you thought you loved Target: After eloping on January 26 (with just eight guests in tow), Miami-based newlyweds Michael Delvalle and Isabella Sablan headed to their local Target to shoot some unforgettable wedding photos. The couple hit each major section of the store, and the bride even found a matching red and white bouquet for the shoot. We see your Target obsession, and raise you a love story.

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This Mystery Proposal in Yosemite National Park

Proposal at Yosemite

Photo by Matthew Dippel

If there's anything we can learn from this photo, it's the power of the internet. Photographer Matthew Dippel captured this romantic proposal at Taft Point in Yosemite National Park by complete accident. He then took to Twitter to find the couple in the picture, and 10 days (and thousands of retweets) later, he found the mystery couple. Sometimes, social media can be a magical thing.

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This Sweet Blindfolded Celebration

Photo by James Day

Australian bride, Stephanie Agnew's family went above and beyond to support her on her big day. Agnew lost her vision five years ago from a genetic eye disorder, but she didn't let that stand in the way of her perfect wedding. On her special day, her family and friends stood in solidarity with the bride by wearing blindfolds during the ceremony. Photographer James Day captured a heartwarming shot of guests experiencing the ceremony.

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This Little Girl Who Thought a Bride Was Cinderella

Photo by Nicole Wickins Photography

It's every bride's dream to look like a princess on her wedding day, and recent bride Olivia Spark lived that dream when she was literally mistaken for Disney royalty. While taking wedding photos at Akron Falls Park in New York, Spark was approached by young Layla Lester, who confused Olivia with Cinderella. Photographer Nicole Wickins captured the sweet moment on camera, in turn warming the hearts of social media users across the globe.

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This "Crazy in Love" Couple Who Channeled Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Couple with Mona Lisa

Photo by Suzanne Delawar Studios

Newlyweds Zakiyyah and John got in formation for their memorable wedding photo. The couple decided to re-create a scene from Bey and Jay's music video for “Apesh*t," a song from their joint album "Everything Is Love," which was released just days before the couple's wedding. The couple's outfits even perfectly matched Bey and Jay's color coordinated video look, giving us total déjà vu.

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This Father With Cancer Who Left the Hospital to Walk His Daughter Down the Aisle

Father walking daughter down the aisle

Photo by Dearheart Photos

Five months before her big day, bride Stephanie De Castro's father was rushed to the hospital where he learned he had a cancerous tumor. The diagnosis left the bride heartbroken, but she had already begun wedding preparations. A week before the wedding, doctors told De Castro's father he would need another surgery and attending his daughter's big day likely wouldn't be a possibility. But on the day of Stephanie's wedding, her father gave her the ultimate gift, surprising her by not only attending the big day but by walking her down the aisle. We're not crying, you're crying.

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