25 Breathtaking Tent Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding

Wedding reception tent among palm trees

Photo by Sara Lobla

Universally admired for their durability, functionality, and overall uniqueness, tents can offer a plethora of playful design options to any outdoor wedding space. Whether white, clear, or colorful, these resilient structures make for a stylish addition to your cocktail hour, outdoor ceremony, or alfresco reception.

You can craft an inviting tented entry fit for a grand entrance, create softness with cascading drapery, bring the outdoors in with live plants and trees, or set the tone for your post-ceremony design with a collection of ceiling installations. An assortment of whimsical decor, creative lighting, and custom flooring will help distinguish your wedding canopy or tent from the rest.

Our experts recommend turning unsightly metal poles into stunning displays of lush greenery and lofty vines.

Ahead, some of the industry’s top vendors lend their expertise on ways to make your wedding tent even more memorable.

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Bring Focus to Your Head Table

A hanging floral display is perched above a head table.

Photo by Shannen Natasha of The Wedding Artists Co. and Norman & Blake

Conceptualizing a floral display that hangs horizontally above your head table (typically where the newly married couple is seated) is a unique way to create a focal point inside your tent. Francie Dorman and Britt Cole, cofounders of 42 North, crafted this striking installation using soft florals, chandeliers, and romantic drapery. “We played with the tent’s negative space elsewhere using layers of draping for a luxurious and intimate environment,” they said.

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Elect for a Canopy

Select a canopy to allow for plenty of sunlight to permeate the space.

Photo by Jana Dillon

Morgan Childs, founder and creative director of Moana Belle Events, suggests selecting a canopy to allow for plenty of sunlight to permeate throughout your space. “The open sides are great for integrating your surroundings into the design of your day while still creating shade with the overhead cover,” says Childs.

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Consider Draping

Integrate soft draping to the design of your tent.

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography

One way to add glamour to the construction of your tent—while eliminating the use of additional rentals—is to integrate soft draping. “Instead of chandeliers, use draping to add a special touch to an outdoor tent,” suggests Kaitlyn Hostetler, event planner and director of marketing for EVOKE. “The depth created by the design generates the perfect ambiance for an elegant outdoor event."

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Assemble a Level Foundation

Construct a solid surface for your tent's foundation.

Photo by Raquel Reis

When constructing a tent outside, the ground you are building on can be unpredictable. Kristin Doggett, owner and creative director at Bellafare, recommends creating a solid surface that you can rely on for your tent’s foundation. “A solid surface is always a good idea to ensure a level dance floor, to avoid heels from sinking into the ground, and to create an environment that feels comfortable and inviting as if you were indoors,” says Doggett.

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Anticipate Unforeseen Weather

Create an intimate tented space to protect from rain.

Photo by Norman & Blake

“A beautifully draped tent creates an intimate space while sheltering guests from the elements,” says Tina Reikes, owner of Bear Flag Farm, who promotes the use of a covered structure for an outdoor ceremony. For this wedding, the sides of the tent were left open to allow for a scenic view of the property.

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Draw the Eye Up

Free up table space with hanging installations.

Photo by Justin & Mary

Not only are hanging floral installations a major trend, but they are ideal for bringing the focus to the height of your tent. “A floral installation will draw your guests’ eyes upwards, allowing them to enjoy the full beauty of your tent,” says Carrie Wilcox, owner of Carrie Wilcox Floral Design. Elevated floral designs can also free up space on your table, enabling the elimination of a centerpiece altogether.

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Distinguish a Seating Area

Create a cozy lounge space.

Photo by O'Malley Photographers

“Create a living room in the middle of the tent to give purpose and focus near the dance floor,” suggests Aleah and Nick Valley, founders of Valley & Company Events. “Stage oversized comfy chairs, coffee tables, and pews as you would in your own home, and accent with chandeliers overhead to bring the indoors out." A cozy space will encourage guests to sit and chat all night, all while admiring the tent’s ambiance and decor.

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Curate a Striking Entrance

Create an inviting entry with plenty of decor.

Photo by Leila Brewster Photography

Set the tone for your tent by crafting an entry worthy of a one-of-a-kind event. Caitlin Campbell, senior event coordinator and designer at True Event, recommends grabbing your guests’ attention with an entrance adorned in eye-catching decor. “We love when a couple wants to go bold with flowers or other decor options to get everyone’s attention,” she says.

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Create Height With Centerpieces

A long table with hanging greenery.

Photo by Elizabeth LaDuca

When utilizing a sailcloth tent, Lauren Emerson, owner of Lauren Emerson Events & Design, wants to remind couples to create height with the components of your tablescape. “Sailcloth tents have such beautiful high peaks that shouldn’t go unnoticed,” she says, suggesting that multiple levels of tall arrangements will ensure your design doesn’t fall flat.

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Consider a Clear Top

Tented structure with a clear top.

Photo by Kristin Moore Photo

Chelsey Morrison, owner of Gather Together Events, favors clear top tents to tie in aspects of the outdoors. “When you have a beautiful setting, there is no better way to feel connected to the landscape while still protecting your guests from the elements,” she says. One of her most favored benefits of translucent structures? The silhouettes created from surrounding trees and landscapes that can be seen at dusk.

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Strategize Cohesive Decor Elements

Tent poles covered in lush greenery.

Photo by Sarah Kate Photography

For an alfresco wedding, Emily Clarke, creative director of Emily Clarke Events, tied in magnolia trees throughout features of the reception and the tent’s overall design. “To complement the trees, we created a grand tent entryway with woven vines, magnolia leaves, and overflowing greenery. We then covered the interior tent poles in ivy. Finally, we hung large magnolia-leaf wreathes from the ceiling," she explains.

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Amplify Your Color Scheme

Velvet-covered trim outlining the top of a tent.

Photo by Harwell Photography

For this reception, hints of purple were integrated throughout facets of the event’s decor as well as within details of the structure itself. Alicia Fritz, founder of A Day in May Event Planning & Design, suggests incorporating subtle hints of color toward the top of your tent to help create a cohesive theme overall. “Depending on your day-of color palette," she says, "you can elevate your space and structure with varying tones, shades, and hues.”

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Bring the Outdoors In

Leafy trees sprinkled throughout a tented reception.

Photo by Jen Fariello

With your surroundings proving to be a significant influence on your overall theme and tented design, why not bring elements of nature into the interior of your day-of space? “We love to add natural components to our tented weddings by cutting saplings from the land and bringing the outside in,” says Sherry Spencer, partner at Southern Blooms, adding that this helps create a more intimate space by filling the high ceiling.

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Integrate Unexpected Sparkle

Twinkle lights hanging on a tented ceiling.

Photo by Bamber Photography

For a chic and playful way to incorporate shine to the inside of your tent, Victoria Love, owner of V. Love Events, recommends strands of assorted twinkle lights. “Let your guests feel as if they are dancing amongst the stars with twinkle lights overhead,” she says. The added feature will evoke romanticism and make for a soft ambiance.

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Make a Statement

A Sperry tent with a flower-adorned entry.

Photo by Katie Stoops Photography

For couples that want to set the tone for their wedding in a bold way, Eatherley Schultz, owner of Floressence Flowers, recommends renting a structure with an impressive presence. “This Sperry Tent made a serious statement,” says Schultz, referring to a past event that utilized this towering staple. “It was placed in the middle of a field and surrounded by the mountains of western North Carolina. A stunning tent supported by a stunning backdrop.”

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Adorn With Pendants

Fabric-wrapped pendants installed in a tented ceiling.

Photo by Ryan Phillips Photographer

“One of our favorite elements of a tent is that it allows us to do really beautiful overhead installations,” says Kelly Clark Leonard, owner and lead producer at Event of the Season. Various points of interest like pendants, chandeliers, and other decorative elements create thoughtful details throughout a reception space. At this particular fête, white fabric wrapped the tops of each pendant to correlate with the sophisticated design aesthetic.

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Play Up the Exterior

The exterior of an alabaster tent.

Photo by KT Merry

To enhance the exterior of your structure, Heather Lowenthal, owner of Posh Parties, suggests adding a pop of color to the tent’s outer trim. “It’s important to pay attention to the exterior as much as you do the interior,” she says. Adding a pop of color to this all-white structure, the exterior was lined with draping that had a thick navy border to create a completed look.

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Customize a Dance Floor

A custom black and white dance floor.

Photo by Stone Crandall Photography

“In order for guests to properly groove to the sounds of an awesome band, a dance floor was a necessity,” says Katie Huebel, owner of WED. The classic color combination of this dance floor was a custom element requested by the bride and groom.

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Hide Unflattering Details

The exterior of an elevated structure.

Photo by Christian Oth Studio

Guests notice everything, so make sure the exterior of your tent is as breathtaking as the interior. “Don't forget to consider the structure of your tent and the materials needed to camouflage things you might not want your guests to see,” says Lynn Easton, founder and creative director of Easton Events.

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Work With Natural Tones

A rustic tent with greenery and natural wood

Photo by Perry Vaile

Ashley Culicchia Cash, owner and creative director of The Graceful Host, advises couples to look to their surroundings for design inspiration. “Incorporate natural tones into your color palette that mimic the landscape of your setting,” she says. Wooden details aided in outlining the rustic design scheme of this airy tented reception.

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Embellish Tables With Candlelight

A table adorned with various candles.

Photo by Alex Paul Photography

A flattering component that ornaments your tablescape as well as creates softness throughout the ambiance of your space, Melissa Davis, owner of Melissa Davis Designs, recommends adding candles—varying in height—throughout the layout of your table. “The amber glow from the candlelight will add charm to the atmosphere of your tent’s interior," she says.

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Allocate Space for Entertainment

A live band in concert.

Photo by Perry Vaile

While tables, dance floors, and various decor features will take up most of the space in your tent, it’s important to leave room for other day-of elements like your live band or other entertainment essentials. “With an intimate setting as a unique benefit to a tented space, sometimes leaving too little room for a large orchestra can result in cramped spaces and limited dance room,” says Jeremy Davis, bandleader for The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra. Talk with your planner or day-of coordinator to ensure plenty of entertainment space is allocated to avoid unnecessary overcrowding.

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Understand the Mechanics

The interior of a spacious tented space.

Photo by Christian Oth Studio

“Wedding tents should include everything that a regular venue has, such as flooring, power, air conditioning/heating units, generators, lighting, and portable bathrooms,” notes Jennifer Zabinski, president and founder of JZ Events. It’s also important to consider the functionality of your tent for vendors. “For example, ensure there are proper access points for vendors to load in and be sure to include a cook-tent if your wedding is in a remote location.”

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Play With Scale, Size, and Design

A wide-angle look at a canopy tent.

Photo by Katie Slater Photography

If hosting an intimate affair or an event suited for a larger guest list, choosing the right size for your tent is crucial to finalizing the layout for your reception or ceremony. Christen Ryan, founder of Ryan Designs, emphasizes the importance of diversification when it comes to tent sizes and their aesthetics. “Keep in mind that some tents have poles that take up space throughout the interior and to consider your surroundings when choosing decor pieces so that every aspect of your design relates to the overall vision," Ryan says.

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Light It Up

A tent illuminated at night.

Photo by Justin DeMutiis Photography

With weddings that stretch far into the night, it’s important to illuminate your tent enough so that guests don’t feel as if they can no longer be in the space. “Whether string lights, large bulbs, or lit installations, the integration of light in your tented design is crucial for events that will continue after the sun sets,” says Tracie Domino, founder and creative director of Tracie Domino Events.

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