Target's Project 62 is Here—and We Want Everything

Target's new home collection is perfection

Updated 09/20/17
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When we first heard that Target was launching a new home brand (and we saw some sneak peek pics) we could barely stand the wait. Target’s home goods have gotten SO good, especially in the past few years, that the anticipation was killing us. And low and behold, we were not disappointed. With over 800 products (yeah, that’s right, we said EIGHT HUNDRED) there’s something for every part of your registry list—from lighting, to décor (vases, frames, artwork), to furniture (all SO affordable), you won’t feel like you’re burdening your guests by putting an armchair or a side table on your list.

The collection has a mid-century flair—which isn’t surprising considering the resurgence of the style in the past few years—with lots of dark wood, brass details, and the prettiest pale grays and muted blushes (a palette we will never ever get sick of). Despite the overall consistency of the collection, there’s enough variation between the products to appeal to a many different interior styles, and many different couples.

For the super modern couple, there are geometric wall hangings and caged lamp fixtures; for the more boho couple, there are rugs and ottomans reminiscent of kilim; and for the glam couple, there are faux fur throw pillows, gold accent lamps, and tables galore. Even though we love and want pretty much everything from Project 62, we painstakingly (perhaps an overstatement, but we digress) chose our 10 faves out of the hundreds available. Now, get ye to and check out the whole collection!

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Soriano Square Arm Channel Tufted Chair

Courtesy of Target

If you're going to have a pink chair in your apartment or house, let it be this one. With straight lines and brass feet, it almost reminds of us of something that should be in the tirelessly-Instagramed Sketch London. Soriano Square Arm Channel Tufted Chair, $249

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Amherst Mid-Century Modern Dining Table

Courtesy of Target

This classic and minimalistic mid-century modern-style table in a smooth oak finish is the perfect size for a breakfast nook or a teeny city apartment. Amherst Mid-Century Modern Dining Table, $199

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Geneva Glass Floor Lamp

Courtesy of Target

One of our favorite categories in this collection is the lighting—this brass and marble floor lamp is just SO GOOD and for under a hundred dollars, you won't do better (believe us, we've done our homework!). Geneva Glass Floor Lamp, $99

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Earthenware Case with White Etching

Courtesy of Target

We love that this vase feels both hand-crafted and modern at the same time. Plop some non-fussy greenery or smaller budded branches in it to take away some of the sweetness of the blush and make it feel even more contemporary. Earthenware Case with White Etching, $14.99

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Esters Wood Arm Chair Husk

Courtesy of Target

Roomy enough to curl up and read a book on a rainy day, this armchair looks like it came (in mint condition) from you local vintage shop. We can personally vouch for this guy—we've got two in our BRIDES lounge! Esters Wood Arm Chair Husk, $229.99

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Elevated planter

Courtesy of Target

Because lord knows your plants deserve the royal treatment. Dress up your leafy friends with this gilded, elevated stand. Elevated planter, $29.99

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Cocktail shaker

Courtesy of Target

We've never quite seen a shaker like this before, and we've seen a lotttt of shakers. Rose gold, acacia wood, modern—check, check, check. Now someone make us a Manhattan, stat! Cocktail shaker, $12.99

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Wood 16" Clock

Courtesy of Target

Sleek and mod, this brass and walnut clock will add a little bit of a masculine touch (in a good way) to any room without making it feel like a man cave. Wood 16" Clock, $24.99

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Antwerp Entertainment Stand

Courtesy of Target

Now THIS is an entertainment system we can get behind. It's also one of our favorite pieces in the entire collection—especially knowing how hard it is to find something attractive to house our TVs. 44" Antwerp Entertainment Stand, $259.99

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Cohasset Table Lamp

Courtesy of Target

Available in these mauve-y and blush tones or shades of blue, this hand-dipped ceramic lamp would be perfect as a pair, especially atop your nightstands. Cohasset Table Lamp, $54.99

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