10 Editor Picks From the New Target Home Line

Made by Design is full of fundamentals for building your registry

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Over the past few of years, Target has been producing some really fun new home decor collections that have made decorating affordably super easy. For example Opalhouse, the colorful, globally inspired line, made us want to grab five jewel-toned rugs and block printed everything. Or how about Project 62, with its mid-century modern inspired, minimalist vibe and the prettiest palette of muted pinks, metallics, and wood? And we love the modern farmhouse appeal of Chip and Joanna Gaines' collection, Hearth and Home with Magnolia.

So we were thrilled to learn of Target's new launch, Made by Design, which is full of registry basics you're definitely going to need for your first home together! The line, which launches today, is full of versatile pieces that have a refined and muted palette (so you don't get sick of them in a couple of years). Plus, most of the products are perfect for small spaces and ring in at under $30! Plus, the line is perfect for registries—everything is available year-round.

Here are 10 of our favorite products from the new Target line, Made by Design, for you to add to your registry ASAP!

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Cool Touch Pillow

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Do you sleep hot? This satisfyingly cool pillow (we've touched it, believe us, it's wonderful) is destined to be the pillow of your dreams (yes, sorry, we had to).

SHOP NOW: Target, $19

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Utility Cart

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Everyone needs at least one cart (if not more) of this sort in their home. Perfect for the bathroom (for towels and toiletries), a mini bar cart, or in the kitchen for plates or spices and dried goods!

SHOP NOW: Target, $30

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Serving Platter

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Yeah you read that right, this baby is EIGHT DOLLARS. And one thing we can say is, you'll never be sorry you have another serving platter laying around.

SHOP NOW: Target, $8

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Tie Rack

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For those of us tired of our partner's jumbled drawer of ties, heres an easy way to free up some dresser space.

SHOP NOW: Target, $7

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Kitchen Cabinet Over the Door Organizer

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Over-the-door-organizers aren't just for shoe racks! Organize your kitchen cabinets and make things a little more presentable under your sink.

SHOP NOW: Target, $15

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These suckers are softttt (again, we touched 'em so we know); plus they have a good sized fabric loop in the corner for easy hanging.

SHOP NOW: Target, $9

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Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

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While we're on the subject of organizing your kitchen cabinets, these baskets are very handy.

SHOP NOW: Target, $9

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Not all strainers were created equally, and this one is only $8 and has those good small holes so that your smaller pasta noodles don't wiggle their way out.

SHOP NOW: Target, $8

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Pan Organizer

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When you're sick of your pans all jumbled together in a weird messy pile, it's time to invest the $13 and get pan organizer (also good for baking sheets).

SHOP NOW: Target, $13

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Mixing Bowls

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Mixing bowls that easily pop in the fridge without all that messy foil to deal with thanks to their lids makes leftovers a breeze.

SHOP NOW: Target, $13

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